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Smart Tips For Best Trip Overseas


Travelling overseas can be quite scary for some people. You may also feel the mix between fear and excitement when having it for the first time. Travelling solo to foreign country can raise your level of anxiety. However, it is normal to feel that way. It doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the rest of the trip just because you feel terribly anxious int he beginning. As some tips from your friend who are experienced in travelling overseas. Or, you can watch some vlogs to stay excited and informed of the trip you are going to take.

Stay safe and happy during your trip overseas

Therefore, it is necessary to plan everything ahead so you can avoid unnecessary hassles such as forgetting your passport, wallet, or any other essentials. Beside planning and preparing big main essentials, you can also consider these travel hacks so your trip overseas will be safe, smooth, and exciting.

Bring universal power adaptor that you can for many types of electronics you are going to bring for the trip. You have to bring your phone, laptop, or other gadgets you find necessary. To pack and travel light, you can bring universal power adaptor to charge them. This type of power adaptor is easy to find and so affordable. Not to mention that it is relatively lightweight so it won’t add unnecessary weight to your luggage.

Carry your own reusable water bottle. In some countries, bottled waters are ridiculously expensive. You don’t want to save half of your budget for buying water. by packing your own bottle, you can refill it such as at the airport where there is always water fountain or drinking water station available. You can refill your bottle after passing through security check.

Download flight boarding app so you don’t have to keep checking the gate if it is the time to board or not. This can help you manage your time as well. If you know exactly when it not the time for you to move, you can relax in the bar while waiting without feeling anxious that you will miss your flight.

It is highly recommended to always have some money in your pocket. Do not put all your money in one place such as in your wallet. There is always a risk for your items to get lost during a trip. If you put everything in one place and get mugged, you will be left with nothing to save you. Carry at least one note in your in a conspicuous pocket for emergency purpose.

Put or attach something unique to your bag to make it easier for you to identify it. Having identical bag with other travelers is not uncommon. Thus, you can put a sticker or bright mark in noticeable place on your bag. So other travelers won’t mistaken it as theirs even if you have identical bags. Sometimes, switched bag happens accidently due to travelers experiencing severe fatigue from their travel. This simple trick can save you from this possible hassle.