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About Travel Fatigue And Its Signs

Travelling around the world may sound exciting because it allows you to experience many new things you may not get from other activities. However, travelling frequently can lead to travel fatigue. It is a condition where you feel lack of motivation to enjoy the trip. You no longer feel excited to visit iconic or famous landmarks, or that you want to stay in your hotel room all day. It is common to experience travel fatigue from time to time, especially if you have been travelling for long period. 

About Travel Fatigue And Its Signs

Find out the signs of travel fatigue

Some of seasoned travelers have experienced travel fatigue in which they no longer enjoy the trip. While in a group tour, they tend to do what others do out of obligation. It is pretty sad to travel with no motivation behind because then you won’t fully enjoy the moments. Here are several signs of travel fatigue you can recognize:

You just don’t care

The first sign is lack of care and motivation about the top sites everyone talk about or that you have been dreaming about. While your fellow travelers are excited to go inside the site, you don’t feel like doing it and instead looking for a cafe nearby where you can chill. 

Skip the moment and opportunity

Another sign of travel fatigue is when you don’t feel anything to skip an opportunity. For example, you have an opportunity to visit beautiful temple in Bali, but you go to a mini market instead to buy some drinks. In this situation, travelers usually feel the need to use every opportunity to make the most of their trip even if they have to hold their hunger for a little while longer.

Had enough of local foods

It is also common for long-term travelers to feel like they had enough of local foods. It maybe because they are currently suffered from travel fatigue. When this happens to you, you feel some kind of sickness looking at all authentic local foods even though you know they taste good. Instead, you prefer going to hunt for some pizzas. 

Cut your trip short

When experiencing travel fatigue, you feel like you can’t wait for the trip to end. You want to go back home as soon as possible even if it means you skip the main tour or destination. It may end up with you buying a last minute ticket to escape the rest of your trip schedule. 

Don’t care about budget anymore

If usually you are very tight with your budget, you may throw it out the window when experience travel fatigue. You no longer care if your budget will last your trip or not. You feel like you can’t take backpacking anymore so you spend more on unnecessary things during the trip. 

It is common for travelers to experience travel fatigue and it is usually not permanent. You can take  a break from travelling for awhile and trying to build more sparks before planning for another adventure.

Villa Development Bali & How to Build From Start as a Foreigner

The pandemic and travel restrictions have dealt a heavy blow to Bali. The small island has a population of 4.21 million and is almost entirely dependent on the tourism sector. However, the island of Bali has always been able to maintain its reputation as the world’s favorite tourist destination. Bali’s economy can always recover quickly no matter what disasters befall Indonesia’s social and economic dynamics. In 2021, the Bali villa development market will tell the same story as in 1998 when the economic crisis occurred. In 2017 there was an eruption of Mount Agung and Bali’s economy recovered 90% in just 3 months. 

Villa Development Bali & How to Build From Start as a Foreigner

Villa development Bali & recovery of Bali

It is clear that Bali offers very profitable investment potential for foreign investors. Villa development Bali is currently the prima donna for investors to get a fast ROI. The changing nature of office workers during the pandemic is one of the biggest driving factors for increasing the demand for luxury housing in Bali.

The opening of the door for domestic and foreign tourists is a signal that Bali’s economy is on its way to full recovery. This is an opportunity for investors to continue the process of building luxury villas and housing to welcome tourists. What are the stages of Bali villa development for foreign investors?

Villa construction Bali & a step by step guide

The process of villa development in Bali can be very complicated without professional guidance and assistance. Indonesia is a country full of complex land tenure regulations and investment requirements.

Build PT PMA

Foreign-owned companies are the only legal entities that allow foreigners to do business or own property. Of course, by fully complying with the laws and property regulations in Indonesia.

Identify the location

Even though Bali is a small island but land prices will vary from corner to corner. For popular and favorite areas for tourists such as Canggu and Seminyak, land prices are estimated to range from 600 million rupiahs to 1.5 billion rupiahs per square meter. For land in remote locations, it is estimated at 100-400 million rupiah per square meter.

It should be noted that Indonesia has many forms of land certificates and ownership. This should be a full concern for foreign investors in Bali. Generally, property agents will refer to rental and property rights.

Appoint a project manager

Villa construction requires a lot of time and capital. Reliable and reliable construction management is very important in the construction process which must be completed within a certain period of time with cost restrictions and quality requirements.

Appoint an architect

Choosing an architect Bali who is suitable for your specific design requirements will necessitate not only extensive knowledge of the local market but also a thorough understanding of the specific style design you desire. 

Applying for a building permit

An Izin Mendirikan Bangunan, or IMB, is a legal permit that allows for the construction of buildings in Indonesia. Before applying for one, you should investigate the spatial planning and land zoning regulations in the area where your building will be constructed. This is because certain lands or zones only permit specific building uses. The IMB permit is being phased out and will be replaced by PBG and SLF permits under the new Omnibus Laws, which are overhauling and regulating Indonesian legislation under President Joko Widodo’s administration.

The Bali villa development process does require a lot of preparation. Finding a project manager, architect, Bali contractor, and preparing a building permit will be very complicated. One-stop-shop Bali construction company will make it very easy for investors to carry out the villa development process in one shelter. Is it possible to find a one-stop-shop Bali construction company

Misleading Myths About Solo Travel

Lots of experienced travelers suggest people to take solo travel at least once in lifetime. It is because there are so many valuable things to experience from travelling solo without any companion. However, not many people are brave enough to do it because of so many reasons. One of them being the myths that have been going around, making solo travel look to be terrifying thing to experience. However, solo travelling is not as daunting as people try to portray. 

Conceptual of solo traveling and vacation.

Most common solo travel myths

Any kind of travel carries its risk. Regardless of where your destination, you should always be mindful with your own safety and prioritize it. However, it doesn’t have to discourage you from experiencing the joy of solo travel.  For solo female travelers, the myths are even worse. Here are the most common myths about solo travel (as woman):

Solo travel is too dangerous to take

Any travel can be dangerous regardless of your destination. Hence, it is important to always take precaution to keep yourself safe. It is true that travelling solo may expose you to more danger because you are easier target when alone. The key is to trust your instinct and always surround yourself with people. Avoid shady places and choose safe path to get around. The world is dangerous indeed but not as dangerous as what we are led to believe.

Talking to strangers always end up bad

Many people said you are not supposed to talk to strangers when travelling alone because you will get kidnapped and sold in sex trade. While there is a risk of that, doesn’t mean you cannot travel safely as solo female traveler. In reality, it is impossible to not talk to strangers at all while travelling. Not everyone is out to kill you. There are more good people in the world than what the movie tried to portray. Use your common sense and follow your instinct when travelling by yourself.

Tour is better than travelling solo

Yes, joining tours can be fun since you can share the fun and experience with other people in the group tour. However, there is also so much joy of travelling solo. Not to mention that tours tend to be expensive than solo travel. Sometimes, a tour doesn’t match what you want to experience from a trip. Therefore, there is no better travel than another. It is a matter of personal preference. You can still get kidnapped during a tour as well if you don’t know how to carry yourself in foreign place. 

Solo travel only for young people

While it is true that young people tend to have more opportunity and energy to go solo travelling, it doesn’t limit older people to experience it. Solo travel doesn’t have any age or gender limit. Anyone can do it as they wish. Even if you are no longer a single, young person with no family to take care of, you can still have your solo travel and create your own adventure.

Eco-Friendly Construction, The Benefit & What Should Pay Attention

It is estimated that we will reach our peak capacity for oil consumption as a planet within the next 20 years. As global oil production declines, demand continues to rise, and this is no different in the construction industry. Currently, many tourist areas such as Bali have implemented an eco-friendly construction system to be implemented in the construction of resorts, hotels, or villas. There are numerous reasons for developers and construction companies in Bali to adopt sustainable values, the first of which ensures sustainability and longevity. 

Beautiful cozy living room with light island kitchen, bamboo blinds and high wooden ceiling. - eco-friendly construction

What is eco-friendly construction?

The term eco-friendly construction refers to the construction of a structure that is both beneficial to the environment and resource-efficient. This type of construction, also known as green building, is efficient in its use of local and renewable materials, as well as in the energy required to build it and the energy generated while inside it.

Eco-friendly construction arose in response to the realization that buildings frequently have a negative impact on our environment and natural resources.

What are the benefits of ecological construction?

Bali is focusing on the construction industry in its efforts to reduce pollution. They also regulate materials and heavy machinery, requiring builders to use eco-friendly construction equipment. Professionals who use sustainable building practices reap significant benefits. What are the ecological construction advantages?

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

One of the most noticeable benefits of using eco-friendly construction practices is that it reduces the carbon footprint. Building construction and operation account for 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Structures that are less sustainable have lower real estate values and higher maintenance costs.

Reduced emissions from residential and commercial buildings also reduce the negative health effects associated with air pollution. Breathing in this air raises the risk of cancer, stroke, heart attack, and other health problems for construction workers and residents. It also increases the risk of asthma attacks, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

Eco-friendly construction: Saving Money on Utility Bills

Using efficiency-enhancing systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has financial benefits as well. By hiring a builder to install smart appliances, homeowners can reduce their monthly utility costs. Smart thermostats, for example, significantly reduce a building’s reliance on fossil-fuel-derived electricity. To access real-time weather forecasts, the technology requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Home improvement professionals can also reduce utility costs by combining energy-efficient appliances with renewable energy sources. Individuals who reduce their reliance on the traditional energy grid significantly reduce their utility costs.

Improving Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resource conservation is another advantage of eco-friendly construction. Deconstruction can help home improvement professionals reduce material waste and limit exploitation. To reduce landfill waste, the sustainable building practice carefully removes various building components for reuse.

Meeting the Needs of Eco-Consumers

Sustainable building enhancements may also benefit home improvement workers by attracting more customers. Almost 35% of consumers only buy sustainable goods and services. Eco-consumers account for a sizable portion of the construction clientele. Eco-friendly construction practices are being adopted by builders in order to increase their industry competitiveness.

Project Profitability Enhancement

The advantage of eco-friendly construction is that it increases the profitability of projects. Efficient systems allow builders to do more in less time and meet the needs of more clients. Sustainable materials also reduce material costs, increasing the profit of a construction professional over time.

Minimizing waste production also reduces operational costs, improving project cost-efficiency. Increasing a construction company’s industry competitiveness also promotes consistent business. Having an advantage over competitors promotes financial stability.

Tips For Dealing With Vacation Travel Stress

Tips For Dealing With Holiday Travel Stress

The vacation season tend to be stressful because it is considered the busiest time of the year. Whether you are taking your family for a vacation or going home to visit them, holiday travel can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. It is such a draining moment for most travelers. Meanwhile, a vacation should start from the moment you leave house and you need to enjoy it without feeling stressed or drained. There are other more important things about holidays than just being stuck in the crowd for hours or days. Here are some useful tips to help you ease holiday travel stress:

Plan in advance

It is best to be more prepared with your travel plan so that you can avoid the most stressful moments. Consider downloading an app where you can plan your trip and being notified if there is any changes or surprises you should be expecting. Then, you can make some adjustment accordingly. 

Start early

Start early

It is best to start your vacation earlier before the peak of holiday travel hits. If it is not possible for you to do it, at least arrive at the airport earlier than others. The more you travel, the more you know that being early is better than being late in anyway. You know something can go wrong and it is always unpredictable. However, being early allows you to prevent from unnecessary hassles because you are all ready. 

Consider check-in online

Today, you can check in online and save time. You can print your boarding pass and upload it onto your phone. Hence, you can just bypass the long line at the check-in gate. You can even go to the security line directly if you just bring a carry-on bag. Online check-in allows you to more faster and more efficiently.

Be more prepared for the security

One of the most time-consuming moments at the airport is when you are st security gate. Hence, save time by being more prepared with your luggage. Prepare all situations regarding to the security rules. This way, you can avoid rummaging through your suitcase and carry-on. Be efficient when you are at security check as to not extend the waiting line even more. 

Consider care package for the flight

You can indulge yourself a little bit more especially when you are on holiday travel season. Bring your own care packages from home such as eye mask, Advil, earphone, chapstick, sweater, etc. You can even consider paying extra for a premium seat. Hence, you don’t have to deal with crowded space. Many flights even offer premium economy seats to make your flight a little bit more enjoyable. 

Enjoy your travel and get entertained

Try not to start your travel with negative thoughts. Instead, start it with a smile when leaving your house. Make the most of your travel by enjoying your time. Get entertained throughout the trip by reading books, watching movies, or listening to a podcast. Remember that you won’t be there forever, might as well make the most of the situation. 

5 Vacation Rental Design Ideas for Your Private Villa Sanur Bali

5 Vacation Rental Design Ideas for Your Private Villa Sanur Bali

Sanur is one of a charming coastal residence in southern Bali. It’s distinctively different than Kuta, Seminyak, or Canggu, given it’s total laidback and calm ambience. Sanur is dotted with restaurant, cafes, shopping boutique, and occasionally vegan establishment. It’s lovely neighbourhood and white sand beaches make it popular among travelers who seek for a peaceful holiday. To keep your private villa Sanur in top of the competition, you might want to consider decoration revamp. After all, today’s travelers loves vacation rental’s decoration as much as the experience. Aiming for a comfortable, cozy, and social-media-worthy is good. In this article, we are going to share some inspiring vacation rental design theme and how to apply it to your private villa!

Modern Minimalist Design

Modern Minimalist Design

One of the most influential design movements of the twentieth century was minimalism. It is currently the most effective, powerful, and influential design. It gives the house a modest appearance. Minimalist design, as the name implies, isn’t a lavish or lavish style, but it’s also not a lack of design and style. Minimalism maintained the trend of rejecting the past’s ostentatious and ornate designs. Because of its simplicity and modesty, it lends an elegant appearance to the design. The phrase minimalism refers to a design and architecture movement in which the number of items employed is reduced to the bare minimum. It’s merely to keep things basic and straightforward.

The minimalist style is gaining popularity in interior design and home décor these days due to the graceful use of simple elements that enhance the elegancy, modesty, and beauty of the home or building in architecture and interior design.

Space, objects, and lighting all play vital roles in minimalist design. Rather than being boring, its design is bold. It’s also practical and easy to remember. Strictness, austerity, and poverty were never inspirations for minimalist design. It is not a budget-friendly alternative because it is a wealthy, rich, stunning, lavish, and graceful style. It is pricey, as well as simple in shape and functionality, in order to minimize unnecessary frills and extras.

Coastal Design for Seaside Villa Sanur Bali

Coastal Design for Seaside Villa Sanur Bali

You cannot go wrong with coastal design. Especially in laid-back seaside area like Sanur. Designing the house with coastal theme will suite the ambience and create appealing charm to guests. Even for those who are seeking for villa Sanur monthly rental for a long term stay in Bali. 

Coastal style has always been popular. This is because homeowners want their homes to have an open, airy sense to them, as if they were on vacation. It’s designed to inspire a sense of being near water, bringing the relaxation, ease, and laid-back mood of waterfront living into everyday life. Overall, it’s preferable to keep things light. Color palettes are trending toward mild, earthy tones with pops of color, as well as keeping color palettes simple and experimenting with materials for added depth and feel to coastal living.

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A Mid Century Style

A Mid Century Style

Mid-Century Modern Interiors is a popular design style that dates back to the 1950s and 1960s. Many popular stores focus on creating affordable furniture that represents this style’s modern, clean lines, interesting shapes, and bold pops of color with an emphasis on bringing nature indoors. It creates a relaxed luxury vibes in your Bali villa.

The mid century style is great when it’s combined with eclectic interiors. Eclectic interiors give you the freedom to experiment with mixing antiques and ultra-modern, on-trend objects in one room. Eclectic style is defined by the mixing of styles within a space and the utilization of one-of-a-kind findings. As guests navigate through their Airbnb search feed of properties, this principle adds layers and character to the property that will not go ignored.

Cottage Core Design 

Cottage Core Design

Inspired by the rustic ambience of Sanur? You might try to incorporate the cottagecore design aesthetic to your private villa Sanur. Cottagecore, in terms of aesthetics, embraces the charm of the English countryside (thus its name), presenting an idealized portrayal of farm life – no matter where you are in the globe. Cottagecore isn’t just about home decor; it’s also about a way of life, which is frequently conveyed through flowy apparel and whimsical housewares.

It’s a chance to get away from our modern lives and romanticize timeless pleasures like gardening, enjoying a hot cup of tea, searching for mushrooms in the woods, and other seemingly insignificant hobbies that compel people to stop and think. Everything from freshly laid eggs to huge vegetable fields is tapped into the natural beauty of pastoral life in this popular style. The cottagecore aesthetic has a few constants that vary from person to person (or house to house): Key design components are dried flower bouquets, houseplants, mushroom trinkets, and string lights, in addition to a neutral color palette (whites, creams, and warm tones). From ruffled peasant skirts to flowered ceramic dishware sets, everything has a vintage appearance and feel, both in fashion and home decor.

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Bohemian Design 

Bohemian Design

The bohemian style is far from average. The bohemian style is characterized by artisanal and handcrafted products, as well as jungle chic.” Bohemian decor is still a little out there, but it’s still very fashionable. Boho and cosmopolitan designs are taking over stores, publications, and homes across the country, from fringe pillows to macramé wall hangings.

To bring a bohemian style to your private villa Sanur Bali, incorporate furnitures that are inspired or made from nature. Try things like woven baskets, hand-knit thick blankets, macramé planters and wall hangings, flora, cactus, and huge leafy motifs. These natural and warm components create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This could be one of the reasons for the current rise in boho decor: people desire a warm, cozy place to unwind after a long, hard day at work.

Fun Things To Entertain Yourself On A Train

Travelling by train is one of the best ways for you to spend your holiday. However, having such a long ride on train can be boring for some travelers, especially those who are usually on the active side. Sitting for so long without doing any activity can make you feel more exhausted. Hence, it is also important that you prepare your own essentials for entertainment prior the train ride. 

Shot of a young woman using her digital tablet and listening to music while on a train journey

Type of entertaining activities to do during a train ride

A long train journey can get boring regardless how excited you were before. Every traveler may have different ways to get ride of their boredom. And if you are also looking for one, here are some ideas of fun things to do to entertain yourself during a long train journey:

Stay connected to your loved ones

To reduce boredom, you can stay connected with your families, friends, or lovers by texting, phone calling, or video calling. The time will just pass by when you are busy responding to all your messages. If you tend to be a work-oriented person. You can also respond to some emails on your inbox and once you arrive, your inbox might be empty. 

Get some laugh

You can also keep yourself entertained by having some laugh through comedy podcast, video, or performance. There is such a wide range of content you can choose to make you laugh or at least smile from time to time. You can open your Youtube o Netflix to scroll through various options. 

Enhance your skills

You can also spend your time on a long train journey by enhancing your skills. For example, learning a new language. It can be the language used by the people in your destination. O, you can just learn any new language you prefer. Or, you can try enhancing other skills such as drawing or coloring. Bring your own essentials such as pocket dictionary, podcast, or coloring books.

Read some more

For some people, they cannot read while travelling because they get dizzy or something. However, there are also people who enjoy reading while on a train ride or flight. And if you consider yourself in the latter category, might as well bring your own reading essentials be it book, e-book, comic, etc. 

Try meditation

A trip is also a great opportunity for you to practice meditation and mindfulness. You can practice during a long train ride. It might not be inefficient especially if your cabin is full of passengers who tend to be loud. However, this is why you can practice mindfulness and improve your ability to stay focused even around inefficient circumstances. 

Organize your gallery

Check your phone and see if your gallery is organized. You might have snapped so many pictures that some of them turned out not very good to look at. You can organize your gallery by sorting the photos by dates or occasion. Also, you can clean unwanted pictures from your gallery to make it look more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Trips To Labuan Bajo, Visiting A Village More Than A Port

Anyone who has visited Komodo National Park will know that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Labuan Bajo, a bustling port town on Flores’ northwestern tip, is best known as the starting point for visits to Komodo National Park. It is the location of Komodo Airport, which opened a new, modern terminal in 2015. Trips to Labuan Bajo are most commonly associated with liveaboard dive boats and leisurely cruises.

beautiful sunset at labuan bajo

Trips To Labuan Bajo, Visiting A Village More Than A Port 

Labuan Bajo has accommodations to suit all budgets. Ranging from private island beach bungalows to branded beachfront hotels, & homestays with a slew of new hotels set to open in 2022. Gua Rangko is a marine cave accessible by boat near Labuan Bajo. It is as beautiful as Capri’s famous Blue Grotto in the middle of the day when light floods through the hillside entrance and illuminates the turquoise waters below. 

Labuan Bajo tour package will take you to Cunca Wulang’s cascades and natural water slides are photogenic fun for adults and kids alike. Bukit Cinta offers sunset island views, while Batu Cermin cave, just a 15-minute drive from town, has gleaming walls that reflect sunlight.

Labuan Bajo Cruise Further Out on Flores

Travelers with extra time should venture further afield in Flores. This long, slender island, more than twice the size of Bali, is a place where rich tribal cultures coexist with lush volcanic landscapes. 

The tribal village of Wae Rebo’s conical thatched huts are perched in the sky and can only be reached on foot. An ancient matrilineal culture survives in Luba and Bena, amidst megalithic tombs and the skulls of sacrificed buffalo.

Traditional rituals and sports, such as armed boxing, are still practiced in the island’s lush green highlands, where women still weave ikat cloths and Flores coffee thrives.

Further east, the volcano Kelimutu beckons, its summit crowned by three dramatic crater lakes that gleam like slicks of oil paint in vivid mineral colors that change depending on the composition of the waters

Every August, the Lio people of the lakeshore gather to leave offerings to their ancestors and to honor them with dance. If you do a Komodo trip during August, you can see a unique moment. 

Labuan Bajo Tour, Meet The Dragon

The Labuan Bajo sailing trip destination that you definitely visit is Komodo island. Komodo Island is about a two-hour boat ride from Labuan Bajo. Its most famous feature is its large population of Komodo dragons. According to local legend, the Komodo dragon is born alongside humans from the same mother. 

Despite their drooping jowls and sluggish demeanor, Komodo dragons are formidable predators. Male dragons can grow to be three meters long and use their powerful jaws and venom to take down prey as large as buffaloes.

Rangers lead visitors into their hunting grounds, armed only with a forked stick. They use in extreme cases to pinion the lizards’ tails. 

Treks on Komodo Island range from short walks to nearby buildings where lazy lizards congregate in search of food. Hikes into the surrounding forests where their more active cousins hunt deer, wild boar, and other game amid the sounds of rare birds.

The Coral Triangle & Meet The Mantas

Scuba divers have long regarded Komodo National Park as one of Indonesia’s premier diving destinations. It is located in the Coral Triangle, the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity, and is washed by turbulent currents that seed lush corals and attract large ocean-going creatures ranging from sharks to manta rays and even dolphins.

Labuan Bajo cruise flock to places like Batu Bolong, an oceanic pinnacle so rich in life. You can see a turtle on one side of you and a reef shark on the other, and Manta Alley. 

You don’t have to be a certified diver to enjoy Komodo’s underwater wonders. Snorkelers can explore pristine coral gardens on overnight, two-night, and even one-day cruises. You can go to Manjarite or Pink Rock, or you can drift along the reef on fast currents like the ones near Karang Makassar.

Snorkelers can go in search of manta rays at Manta Point. Where the creatures circle over coral outcrops so smaller fish can clean them, or sea turtles that graze on Komodo’s seagrass.

Island hopping around Komodo National Park

Island-hopping is one of the great joys of any Labuan Bajo tour package to Komodo National Park. Padar island offers stunning sunrise views over sculpted ridges and sinuous bays from its slender spine. Tourists can reach by hundreds of steps. 

Kelor Island, a tiny cone with a lovely white sand beach, offers 360-degree views of the Flores Sea’s volcanic outcrops.

Karang Makassar, a low-lying white sand atoll surrounded by pale turquoise waters, is also magical for the perfect selfie.

Pink beaches are well-known in Komodo National Park. Scarlet coral fragments color the pale sands along the waterlines of several islands, creating a natural rainbow of beige, pink, and turquoise.

Labuan Bajo tour anchor off Kalong Island, which consists of mangrove forests and is populated by flying foxes. At dusk, the bats of Komodo, Rinca, and even Flores swoop out in a cloud of smoke to search for fruit on Komodo, Rinca, and Flores. Your day will get a dramatic end to a spectacular day.

Less Obvious Destinations For Your Next Trip

There are many popular destinations around the world that have become a little bit of everyone’s bucket list. Hence, it is highly recommended that you start going further in looking for less obvious destinations instead. Aside from visiting less known and less obvious destinations, you also contribute to reduce carbon footprint because you avoid places full of crowds. You may also get another memorable, meaningful experience by paying a visit to some hidden gems. And here are several recommendations of less obvious destinations for your next trip:

Little Tsaatan boy in traditional deel posing with a baby reindeer. Khuvsgul, Mongolia.


Bolivia might not be at the top list of destinations on travelers’ bucket list. However, this place is really worth a visit for. It is overlooked in favor of Brazil, its neighbor, but I also has variety of charms to hypnotize visitors, especially those who are into adventure. Recommended destinations in Bolivia include the wild main city, La Paz, Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni salt lake, as well as patches of Amazon jungle. 


Albania might not be as popular to many other tourist destinations but it is such a special place to visit for a memorable trip. Its geographical point is also a little strange because it is pretty close to places such as Montenegro and Serbia. It is also not far from some of the Eastern European hubs. However, it has completely different feel. It is also relatively less developed so you can see many natural charms during a visit. There are stunning beaches, fun capital city Tirana, and many more to visit. 


Namibia is such a huge place full of wildlife but it still has relatively small occupants living in the entire country. You will get to see most of the areas are wide-open space such as barren hills and desert plains. You can also enjoy beautiful and diverse wildlife at Etosha National Park. And if you crave more for adventure tourism, you can join a tour in the town of Swakopmund. 


Mongolia is such an interesting place to visit and not really on everyone’s bucket list. You can take a trip here without dealing with too much crowd. Thus country has only one major city, Ulan Baator. However, it is nor your main destination if you visit Mongolia. Instead, go further to a place where nomadic families living in yurts of rolling green hills. This place is for those who seek for the real adventure and fun.


Tunisia is such an exotic place to visit and far less obvious. It offers wide selections of stunning Mediterranean beaches. In addition, you will also get to visit various Roman ruins that you might think only exist in Rome. This place is a bit mix of everything in the matter of its cultural background. Its cultural background was influenced by Arab, Moorish, European and African. 

There are other recommendations of less obvious destinations you can consider for your next trip such as PNG, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, and Iran. Determine your destinations based on your travel style and preference, as well as the type of experience you want to have.

Story Nusa Dua Beach Resort, Authentically Bali

Bali is one of the islands part of Indonesia that does not have mining products, limited agricultural land. The advantages of this one island are a natural beauty and very fascinating culture, which has been known, admired by the world. The fact is that the development of tourism in Bali has improved the standard of living of the Balinese people. The Nusa Dua Tourism area was born because of the objective need for quality rooms. Estimates of increasing domestic and world tourists from year to year have come true. The Nusa Dua project is a master plan for the development of Bali Tourism. The land in Nusa Dua is considered unproductive but has a beach with stunning white sand. Reflecting the characteristics of high-scale international standards for all planned facilities, Nusa Dua beach resort began to appear. Until now, Nusa Dua is a tourism area on an international scale. Many hotels & resorts have international marketing networks.

Aerial view taken by drone of the famous Nusa Dua resort hotel complex on the southern coast of Bali with white sand beach and clear blue lagoon

Nusa Dua Beach Resort, blending Balinese architecture and culture

The Tanjung Benoa area is part of tourism development to improve the living standards of the Balinese people. Tanjung Benoa can be said to be included in the Nusa Dua area which is a destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Not much different from the ITDC area, the Tanjung Benoa area offers its own charm with the availability of water sports. This area is an area that you must visit to enjoy banana boats, speed boats, and others.

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The waves at Tanjung Benoa are very calm and the waters are not deep. The combination of white sand and very calm sea waves makes Tanjung Benoa beach one of the best locations for beginner water sports activities. Types of favorite water sports rides in Tanjung Benoa such as; parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, rolling donut, snorkeling, and scuba diving. In addition, all Tanjung Benoa watersports activities are intended for beginners. Therefore, almost every day Tanjung Benoa beach is always crowded with tourist visits.

Of course, not everyone who comes to the Tanjung Benoa beach in Bali will play the Tanjung Benoa watersport activity. Some tourists choose to just watch or take a walk on the Tanjung Benoa beach while seeing the beautiful scenery of the beach.

Bali Benoa Holiday Inn is one of the Nusa Dua beach resorts that offers comfortable and luxurious facilities. Other additional facilities ranging from a spa, children’s playground and even a cooking class accompanied by a classy chef can be an activity during your stay. Rows of hotels and resorts in the Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa areas can be the perfect choice for you and your family vacation.