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Learn More About Orphanage Tourism And Its Damaging Effects

You might have heard about orphanage tourism where travelers come and volunteer themselves to be involved in the the lives of children care during their visit. They also help to fund the orphanage  or help raising donations. The intention of this is so meaningful for the children because they deserve a better life. However, sometimes the reality is not as magical as that. There have been many cases reported how orphanage tourism is in reality a business operation where communities are exploited and damaged instead. 

So where do we go from here?

The concept of orphanage tourism is already good because it allows travelers to help the communities by volunteering through various activities. They can also experience the real lives of the orphan while travelling and exploring the world. Not to mention that the majority of travelers who volunteer are coming from wealthy family. They have genuine hope to help the children get better lives with their contribution especially in developing countries. However, there are also dark sides that everyone should see from this kind of tourism and how it can be damaging to the communities. 

Negative sides of orphanage tourism

The statistics show that the number of orphanages in some countries keep increasing each year while the number of orphaned children doesn’t. So what does that mean then? Isn’t orphanage is a shelter for orphaned children? 

There is a reality of manipulation and exploitation done by irresponsible people who are taking advantage of vulnerable communities. They know that many travelers are moved to help and donate money to the orphanage they visit. They recognize the good intentions while trying to make a good profit out of it. Many children aho are not even orphans are taken from their parents through a promise of a better life in the city. Both parents and children are promised good education and care and this is why they are willing to do what they are told to. 

Another negative side of orphanage tourism is easy access that travelers have to be in close contact with vulnerable children. Travelers are basically strangers to the children regardless of how good their intention is. Also, not all travelers have the children’s best interest at heart. Allowing them intimate access to children is dangerous and can be damaging to the children. 

Even if the travelers who visit have good intention to help taking care of the children, it is still not ideal for the children to be in constant change of care from an ever-changing group especially in the long term. The constant rotation may confuse the children who are basically vulnerable. It may create attachment disorder which can affect their life in the long run. 

Seeing how orphanage tourism can be beneficial and damaging at the same time might put everyone, especially travelers who are only meant to help, in a major dilemma. And it is time for everyone to find better alternatives about ending orphanage tourism while still giving the best support to he children.

Scuba Diving Komodo, Experience live on board and Day Trip

How can you do scuba diving Komodo on a budget? The Komodo National Park is located in Indonesia, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. While the Komodo Islands are famed for their resident Komodo Dragons, visitors are flocking to the islands for another reason: to see the incredible underwater life that surrounds them.

What better way to discover this diving paradise than on a Komodo diving liveaboard for a few days? However, the costs of these Komodo liveaboards frequently outstrip backpacker budgets. Is it, then, truly worth it?

Best time to do Scuba diving Komodo

The Komodo Islands are breathtaking! The Komodo Islands are yours to explore, from snorkelers to divers, young and old. Nothing compares to the natural splendor and pristine islands that make up Komodo National Park.

With over 30 dive sites to select from, it’s a scuba diver’s paradise. Day trips leave from the coastal town of Labuan Bajo in Flores, Indonesia, to visit these sites, which are strewn throughout the vast park.

Dive with manta rays, sharks, eels, and turtles in the Komodo Islands is a favorite activity.

December to March: The rainy season between December and March is the time of year to avoid diving the Komodo Islands. The wet season is harsh, with heavy rainstorms occurring practically every day. During this time, day trips and Komodo diving liveaboards will continue to function, although it will be quite unpleasant. The wet season, on the other hand, is the optimum time to watch manta rays!

April to June: After the rainy season, this is one of the greatest times to go diving in Komodo National Park, with warm sunny days, clear skies, superb visibility, and lush green islands.

July to August: The peak diving season begins in July, which means a lot of people and a lot of liveaboards all around the area. In August, I went on a four-day Komodo diving liveaboard, and it was really busy. However, the weather was ideal, visibility was superb, and I was able to see manta rays!

September to November: There will be less crowds and more underwater action starting in September! From September onwards, expect to see a lot of Mantas and possibly even whale sharks. It’s one of the greatest times to go diving in the Komodo Islands since the conditions are ideal.

Komodo diving liveaboard or day tour

You can either take a day trip from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo Islands or join a Komodo liveaboard. Liveaboard diving is an unforgettable experience because you spend several days on a boat with rooms and a kitchen, diving during the day, and sleeping under the stars at night.

While Komodo diving liveaboards are not inexpensive, they provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Day Tour Komodo National Park Diving

The Komodo Islands encompass a huge territory! The distance and time it takes to reach to the top dive locations in Komodo National Park is one of the disadvantages of a day excursion.

The boat voyage alone from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo Islands can take over two hours, leaving you with a full day of travel to and from the park.

So, why would you choose a day tour over a liveaboard Komodo diving adventure?

Luxury liveaboard diving

Because the sites are all spread out over such a large distance, a diving liveaboard is without a doubt the greatest way to discover the underwater world of Komodo.

Another thing to consider is how popular Komodo National Park has gotten in recent years. As a result, dive spots have become overcrowded, with hundreds of snorkelers and divers in the water at any given moment.

Being on a diving liveaboard allows you to visit popular dive locations at different times of the day, or when the circumstances are best.

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How Early Should You Arrive At The Airport?

It has been such a common sight to see people sprinting to the departure gate. However, there are also many travelers who just lurk around the boarding area for hours because they are too anxious about being  late. In many travel tips, you may always hear people recommend others to get to the airport early. However, is it worth it to wait for hours before take off? What is the exact measurement of being early then? 

About coming early tot he airport for your flight

Being a little bit late or arrive too early are not a sin for flyers. However, it may cause various discomforts. When you get to the airport late, you feel anxious all the time. It may cause you to forget certain important things for your trip. Meanwhile, arriving too early makes you wait for too long before take off. It may make you feel exhausted even before the trip begins. So how early should you get to the airport then?

Every airport usually has their own regulations and recommendations for passengers. Hence, it is highly recommended that you at least read their guide prior your trip. Airlines may also apply different rules for the time their passengers checking in. hence, the ultimate thing to do is to read and understand the rule before your flight. Every country may have different regulation about this too. Not to mention that every country may have different mobility. In some countries, you may have to get to the airport two to three hours prior your flight due to severe traffic jam.

According to TSA or Transportation Security Administration, it is advised that you get to the airport two hours before your domestic flight. You need those two hours to park, shuttle transportation, check in, get through the security, etc. It is considered sufficient amount of time for you to do all those tasks without feeling in a hurry. If you prefer online check in, you may get to the airport one hour an a half prior your domestic flight. What if you have a TSA pre-check? You can get to the airport one hour earlier. 

You may also need to consider the time of your flight. If you book an early morning flight, the airport is relatively empty. Hence, you don’t have to wait in such a long line. If you have morning flight and you come two hours before the flight, then you might end up feeling bored during off-season. However, always get to the airport t least two hours prior your flight if you travel during peak-season. 

As for international flight, the TSA recommend you to get to the airport three hours prior your flight. There are many steps you need to get through in addition what you usually have for a domestic flight. For international flight, you have to go through double security checkpoints. Even during off-peak hours, the process can take long. Hence, three hours prior the flight is considered sufficient for you to go through all the process efficiently.

Unique Experience Luxury Yoga Retreat Live on Board

Diving is possible throughout the year, with lots of sunshine and warm water. There are liveaboards for all budgets that move with the monsoon seasons to discover the greatest dive locations and calm waters. Yoga has been practiced in Indonesia, and it is a wonderful place to unplug from the world of business and reconnect via yoga and meditation. Live onboard is very trendy to explore many islands, enjoy the beauty of the underwater, and have creative ideas to enjoy a luxury yoga retreat.

Unique Experience Luxury Yoga Retreat Live on Board

Luxury Yoga Retreat and Diving Tips

There are a few yoga and diving vacations out there, but one that is specifically crafted by a Yoga Instructor who is also an experienced Scuba Diving Instructor is definitely a little more unusual. This one-of-a-kind scuba and adventure luxury yoga Retreat is nestled in the magnificent Raja Ampat. An encounter with the ocean that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

This trip is unusual in that yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques will help you feel more at ease in the ocean. All the while, you’ll be escorted around Raja Ampat by specialists who can show you the finest of what the island has to offer, both in and out of the water.


Increased air consumption

In the water, it’s a lot calmer.

Better fitness leads to safer diving.

Mindfulness, spirituality, and a sense of being more grounded are all things that can help you feel more grounded.

Yoga cruise Raja Ampat sessions per day, as well as two in-water activities for divers and snorkelers, will be held during the trip. The luxury yoga retreat sessions will take place onboard or on one of Raja Ampat’s beautiful beaches. The water activities will take place at various locations around Raja Ampat. Guests will have the opportunity to see majestic Manta Rays, sharks, turtles, and a variety of other amazing creatures.

Marine life is abundant and luscious everywhere you look in the waters. If diving isn’t your thing, snorkeling is another great way to see Raja Ampat’s amazing underwater wildlife. Despite the fact that snorkeling in Raja Ampat has never failed to disappoint, some snorkelers have their favorites. Cape Kri, Koh Island, Batu Lima, and Arbork Jetty are just a few of the popular Raja Ampat Papua snorkeling spots. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to unplugging.

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Building A Campfire During Your Summer Camp

Camping is one of the getaways you can do anytime with your loved ones, especially with those who love adventure and outdoor activities like yourself. There are many activities you can enjoy during your time venturing into the woods. Hiking, trekking, cycling, or simply building a camp to stargaze at night while enjoying burnt marshmallows. Also, you cannot forget the fun of building a campfire to warm you up during chilly nights into the wild. 

How to build a campfire safely during your vacation

Building a campfire is not only for when you camp since you can do it literally anytime. The most important thing is to build campfire safely so as not to hurt yourself and keep it going for long. And here are some tips of building campfire to consider:

Bring the necessities

If you plan on building a campfire during your little vacation, make sure to pack the necessities or at least know what items need to build a campfire. Some basic items to build a campfire include kindling, which is small pieces of woods that catch fire easily to help your larger logs catch fire. Then, of course you are going to need larger logs to make fire last longer. Then, you need something to lit up fire. It can be matches or lighter. You may also pack other alternatives you prefer. And the last is flammable items to light. Instead of using newspaper, might as well using cotton ball or recycled coffee ground. 

Learn more about method of building a campfire

There are many different methods of building a campfire you can learn. Everyone can actually build a fire even without the need to forego a formal training or such. However, there are some methods that can help you build a fire quickly and more efficiently. Regardless of the methods you use, make sure to always start small then build up to your larger materials. This is how you do it safely without the risk of injuring yourself in the process. 

Why your fire is not lasting long?

Some people are struggling to start a fire and some others are struggling to keep it alive. There must be reasons why your fire doesn’t last long. For example, it is probably because the bottom logs are burnt out and the fire gets cold. Hence, it is important to keep the logs close together while still making space for oxygen. Try aligning your log in parallel position to one another to conserve more heat. Most importantly, it is a must to opt for dry woods to catch fire easier and the fire last longer. 

Learn how to extinguish fire safely

During your summer camp, do not leave a campfire unattended. Fire is dangerous thing that can catch its surroundings so quickly causing serious problems. And the best way to extinguish fire is by blocking the oxygen. You may use sand or dirt if there is no water. Be careful when extinguishing the fire because if you do it poorly, it may roar back to life hours later.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Cruise, Embark Your Underwater Journey

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat is a scuba diving paradise. For scuba divers, there is no location quite like it, and it is at the top of most divers’ bucket lists! However, because it is notoriously expensive and difficult to access, Raja Ampat tours must be done properly. Raja Ampat liveaboard is a once-in-a-lifetime trip through a tropical archipelago at the center of the Coral Triangle.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Cruise, Embark Your Underwater Journey

Raja Ampat liveaboard diving

Let’s start with why you’ve come: to learn more about scuba diving in Raja. You’ve heard it’s one of the world’s best diving destinations, but is it really? Do you appreciate warm waters, manta rays, sharks, macro photography, enormous schools of fish, drift dives, and just about anything else? If this describes you, Raja Ampat is the place for you! It virtually has everything a recreational diver could possibly want.

Located in the northwest corner of Indonesian West Papua, at the confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, pristine coral reefs (home to 75% of all known corals) teem with so much marine life that scientists call it a “species factory.”

Raja Ampat cruise brings you to see an incredible diversity of marine life combined with some of the most unique birds in the world, including different Birds of Paradise. Raja Ampat is the indisputable centre of marine biodiversity and one of the world’s most diverse marine environments.

Best dive sites Raja Ampat

Best dive sites Raja Ampat

Mioskun Raja Ampat

This is a fantastic way to start your Raja Ampat liveaboard. It consists of a coral column that descends to a depth of 25 meters. Mioskun is ideal for beginners or intermediates as the currents are light but sometimes a bit strong. On the reef, you can usually expect to encounter a lot of yellow snappers, as well as Wobbegong sharks if you dive down a bit deeper. Seahorses, fusiliers, trevallies, groupers, gigantic clams, morays, and many other species can be found.

Blue Magic Papua diving site

One of the more well-known Raja Ampat dives, it is frequently combined with Mioskun as a second dive. A submerged pinnacle that begins at about 7 meters and drops to fewer than 30 meters. You may expect to see a variety of fish species and multiple cleaning stations, as well as enormous schools of fish and larger predator fish, sharks, and manta rays in season. This Central Raja Ampat dive spot also has a lot of Pygmy Seahorse.

Cape Kri

The global record for the most species referenced in a single dive is held by Cape Kri. The convergence of diverse currents at the island’s point has resulted in an astonishing diversity of fauna and flora – all types of sharks, numerous schools of fish, incredible coral diversity, macro specimens. Sometimes all you have to do is dive down, grab a rock, and take in the show! A dive at Cape Kri will never leave you dissatisfied!!

Tips On Taking Your Dogs For Camping

Tips On Taking Your Dogs For Camping

Camping is fun activity you can do anytime. During camping, you get to enjoy many simple things with more wonderful feelings and vibes such as star gazing, making a bonfire, or simply listen to the nature. While these kind of joys can be experienced from camping, what about your dog? Should you leave them behind and have the fun all to yourself? Or take them with you and having fun together? The second option sound much better, doesn’t it?

How to take your dog for camping safely

More preparation is needed if you plan on taking your dog for camping. You need to prepare their foods, sleeping arrangement, etc. Your dogs need different gear to keep they comfortable and safe during their outdoor trip. And here are some useful tips for you if you plan to take your dog for camping next time:

Opt for lightweight items

Even if your camp is located not too far from your home, you sill need to pack for some logistics including for your dogs. Hence, leave all those ceramic bowls behind and opt for lightweight ones instead. Lugging around heavy items will torture you during your hike or walk to the location. Pack waterproof and collapsible bowl for your dog that is very light but still durable. 

Bring a leash and ID tag

Consider the campsite’s rules and restrictions about pets

Even if you are sure you won’t encounter any other humans during the trip,  always bring your dog’s leash and ID tag. In fact, an outdoor trip means you need to leash your dog all the time for safety purpose not only for other people but especially for your dogs. Also, ID tag will help alot if your dogs unknowingly wander around to other camps. It easier for other campers to help your dogs get back to you. 

Consider the campsite’s rules and restrictions about pets

It is necessary to confirm if your campsite indeed allows pets. It is best to confirm it prior so you will be able to make another plan or find another campground that allows pets. Even if the campground allows pets to tag along, you have to follow the rules because it often comes with several pet restrictions. Some areas may be protected which won’t allow your pet to wander around. 

Be considerate of your fellow campers

Even if you plan on solo camping, you may still have other fellow campers on the site. Hence, always be mindful and considerate of the people around you especially when you bring a pet. Your dog may get aggressive or stressed due to unfamiliar environment and it may worry other campers. Make sure to have your dogs under control while making them as comfortable as possible with new surroundings.

Pack first-aid kit

Always pack first-aid kit with you especially if you plan on a long hike as well. Your dog may also get injured from various things such as thorns, barbed wire, porcupines, etc. Also, bring a dog-carrying harness just in case your dog becomes sick or injured. Hence, you can carry them to get out of the woods safely. 

Why Seminyak Private Villa Bali Makes Great Wedding Venue

Why Seminyak Private Villa Bali Makes Great Wedding Venue
image credit: Instagram @thebalibride

With the development of private villas in Bali it’s becoming more usual to not just vacation at rental houses, but also to hold weddings there! While there are definitely fewer rentals that can handle these gatherings, they do exist. Couples throw lovely and memorable parties at them. Because this is unknown ground for many, the prospect of doing a wedding in Seminyak villas might be daunting. There is a lot to learn about the process, but it is totally possible and a great planning adventure if you are dedicated to making it work. These are the reasons why hosting a wedding in a Seminyak private villa Bali is a good idea. 

A Complete Private Wedding in A Villa Seminyak Bali

The ability to have total and absolute solitude at a vacation rental wedding is a feature that regularly entices couples. This setting provides for a more private affair in a quiet location free of distractions or unwanted guests.

Creating An Intimate Wedding in A Homey Location 

Creating An Intimate Wedding in A Homey Location
image credit: Instagram @baliweddingforyou

Many engaged couples nowadays start considering vacation homes and villas in Seminyak Bali as wedding locations. A vacation home is a fantastic choice if you want to avoid getting married in a church and have a low-key wedding in solitude. There is something for everyone, from quaint cottages to huge rural homes.

A Seminyak private villa in Bali can also be used for wedding receptions and after-parties. The benefit of renting a vacation home for a wedding is the seclusion. You may also locate magnificent homes for far less than the cost of renting a place at an official wedding venue.

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A Safer Option for Wedding Party in the Middle of Pandemic

Few things are more joyful than a wedding that celebrates real love between two individuals. However, because to the present COVID-19 issue, special occasions and festivities across the board, including weddings, have been disrupted. A huge wedding with extended friends and family in an indoor venue is just not practical for couples whose weddings have been postponed due to the epidemic, or for those who got engaged during the quarantine. However, this does not imply that eloping at city hall is the only method to declare your love. Instead, try a vacation property for an intimate wedding with only your closest relatives and friends and a stunning setting.

A Super-tailored Wedding to Your Personality

Bringing Your Ideal Concept to Live
image credit: Instagram @planabali

Having your wedding at a rented property allows you a lot more leeway to make the occasion your own and tailor things to your desire. Consider a rental property wedding to be a completely blank slate on which you get to decide on almost every element of your special day. Traditional wedding locations do not always provide this, making rental property weddings particularly appealing. 

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Bringing Your Ideal Concept to Live in Seminyak Private Villa Bali

The concept of a private and perfectly tailored wedding in Seminyak villas is a desire for many couples. Having an event at this small sanctuary you’ve built for your big day seems opulent and nearly heavenly. That is undoubtedly a selling point for many couples when they have that choice with a wedding in a private villa. Sometimes couples want a really casual wedding that otherwise would be quite incompatible for big hall reception parties. Other couples might consider lots of kids involved in the wedding and prefer picnic-style catering for the party than a fancy sit-down dinner. 

Best Destinations For A Wellness Getaway

A wellness getaway aims to provide comfort, serene mood, tranquility, and joy. Many people decide to take a wellness getaway to relieve their stress from work or relationships. It can be helpful to have wellness getaway from time to time so you get to have time for finding your own peace away from the buzz of the city. 

Inspirations for best wellness getaway destinations

Although travelling abroad is not more limited due to the situation with the pandemic, you can use our recommendations for your inspiration to have next travel plan. This way, you can plan your wellness getaway more well-rounded. And here are some of the most recommended places to visit for a wellness getaway:

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This place is heaven on itself. It draws visitors with its mountain and endless ocean landscapes. You can enjoy many things during your visit here including authentic Mexican culture, vibrant art scenes, as well as wellness and health options. Many activities you can do to checklist your itinerary such as whale watching, eating Mexican foods, sailing to hidden beaches, or shopping some local crafts and arts. 

Cayo Espanto, San Pedro, Belize

Cayo Espanto is a beautiful private island resort which is also family-friendly, located about three miles off of the coast of San Pedro, Belize. In this resort can be found seven villas where each one of them has a private dock and butler service. You need to be ready to get pampered during your stay in this resort. You will be provided with breakfast directly to your own private dock or pool. You can also ask for any dietary preferences and menu items that suit to your taste since the chef is incredibly amazing. Your personal butler will make sure to cater to all your need, making it a pleasant, customized experience for you. 

Stone Harbor, New Jersey

This destination is such a paradise and  made for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. There are many things to explore here including the shoreline, the marshes and basins, bird sanctuary, beaches, and more. Also, you can expand your exploration to a shopping district where you can find about 150 boutiques, specialty shops, as well as restaurants. For recommendation, you can consider booking a room at The Reeds at Shelter Haven. It is a luxury boutique property providing comfortable site to stay at during your getaway. This place provides you with the best sea views and pretty sunsets. 

Bali, Indonesia

Many people still misunderstood Bali as a country. It is more of an island located in Indonesia. This island is recommended to have a serene adventure. There are many destinations you can explore many sites including beaches, spas, and sacred temples. Not to mention that the foods in Bali is otherworldly. You can visit a beachfront restaurant to order some authentic local dishes while enjoying the view of the stunning sunset. This island is relatively safe but be mindful with culture differences and stay respectful. Just follow the rules while enjoying your trip and you won’t encounter any major problems.

Komodo Island Liveaboard And What Things To Do

The traditional phinisi boat is a comfortable and adventurous way to take a Komodo island liveaboard, Komodo national park, and surroundings. Komodo island liveaboard you can usually do one or several days from Labuan Bajo. A Komodo boat trip takes you to explore 4 large islands that are included in the Komodo National Park, starting from Rinca Island, Padar Island, Komodo Island, and Motang Island.

oracle komodo island liveaboard

Komodo island liveaboard: Diving, Trekking and Meet The Dragon

Komodo Island is the original habitat for rare ancient animals which are giant meat-eating lizards. The largest reptile in the world is 2-3 meters long and weighs 100-165 kg. They live in the open area, Padang, savanna, white sandy beaches, and tropical rain forests. What is unique about Komodo dragons is that their saliva contains many deadly bacteria.

Komodo Boat Trip – Trekking

Komodo sailing trip takes you to do many activities on the island of the world’s largest reptile habitat. Tourists can do trekking to climb Mount Ara as high as 538 meters above sea level. You will see horses, deer, various species of birds, snakes to monitor lizards, and Komodo dragons. Your trekking trip will pass through a water hole, which is a place to drink and rest for the dragons.

Your length of trekking is 1-8 kilometers, short, medium, long, and adventurous. If you choose long and adventure, you will explore beautiful forests, rivers, and hills. A short trekking trip ends at the top of the hills with an amazing view of the bay. The four trekking will pass through the water hole, and allow you to meet the Komodo dragon.

Your trekking trip must be accompanied by a ranger or Komodo dragon handler. Ranger will provide you with a stick with a forked end as a weapon to weaken Komodo dragons. If there is an emergency and the Komodo dragon approaches you quickly, the forked end of the stick is used to press the dragon’s neck. In a short time, the dragons will weaken and stop attacking.

Diving Komodo

The underwater panorama of Komodo National Park is very popular among diving lovers and has even become the best dive spot in the world. Underwater Komodo Island has about 386 types of coral reefs, 70 types of sponges, seaweed as a home for thousands of species of fish, green turtles, 6 species of whales, sharks, rays, 10 types of dolphins, and others.

The 3 best scuba diving Komodo sites, Samsia Rock, Toko Shop, and Crystal Rock. Batu Samsia is a favorite dive point, where divers can navigate a series of waterways and interact with turtles, sharks, and other small fish. Toko Toko dive point is at a depth of 7 meters below sea level. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of colorful coral reefs and fish swimming among the corals. Crystal Rock, a favorite dive, and at a depth of 5 meters, you can find frogfish, Barramundi Cod, Parrotfish, and other fish.  

Pink beach is a favorite Komodo diving point for divers and snorkeling lovers. Don’t go too far snorkeling or diving from the beach! The ocean currents are quite strong and have the potential to be hit by many passing ships.