Recommended Destinations To Distract You From Post-Breakup Blues


Lots of people say that time can heal any wound. It is true to some extent. However, what you probably need right now during your post-breakup is distance instead. Hence, it can be a good idea to explore various places to distract yourself from post-breakup blues. Of course, travelling won’t mend your broken heart. However, at least it gives you another form of happiness you can savor during your difficult times, making them more bearable. 

Grand Teton National Park sign beside US 191 North, with the Teton range at left under a crisp blue September sky

Places to go to get away from post-breakup blues

It is probably impossible to mend your broken heart in a day but that doesn’t mean you should wallow in sadness for a long period. You can slowly build your happiness again by visiting beautiful places that give you a peaceful atmosphere or fun adventures. And here are some of recommended places you might consider to distract your post-breakup blues:

San Francisco, California

The Golden City may be the answer to overcome your post-breakup blues. It has mild climate year-round so you can wander around it anytime. You can just start your day welcoming the sunrise and snap some pictures of it. Then, head to Palace of Fine Arts to explore beautiful artworks. You may also consider hopping on a sightseeing cruise or even watching the San Francisco Giant play at Oracle Park. Find more literary inspiration nearby City Lights where you can visit various bookstores. 

Barcelona, Spain

Going to Barcelona, Spain, can be a great idea to overcome your blues. There are so many beautiful places you can explore by foot in Barcelona. You can start off with the Gothic Quarter and El Born where you can see historical buildings flanking the endless alleyways. Indulge your appetite by visiting one of the best restaurants in these little paths. You can also enjoy architectural beauty by strolling between the city’s many Antoni Gaudi-designed buildings. 

Jackson, Wyoming

Go grab your backpack and have your adventure in Jackson, Wyoming. This is where you will get surrounded by wildlife and some of the most amazing scenery in the U.S. You can have variety of outdoor activities while also enjoying the leisure it provides. Enjoy robust dining and nightlife scene during your stay in Jackson. If you consider yourself an avid hiker, consider spending your entire trip alone with your thoughts in Grand Teton National Park. End you day by warming up from the chilly mountain at The Rose where you can find a bar scene with a mix of locals as well as visitors. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a popular travel destination and pretty versatile for any type of travel. There are many places recommended to help you find your peace. Choose your own adventure and pick your own destinations from mountains, beaches, temples, to waterfalls. Also, don’t forget to enjoy local delicacies that will bring out the happiness in you. Bali never sleeps that you can find your own fun even at night by exploring the beach or enjoy a drink or two in one of the bars or clubs nearby.

Why should go to Labuan Bajo to reach Komodo National Park?


Labuan Bajo is a hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia. For tourists who want to visit Komodo National Park, they may wonder, how to reach it? Labuan Bajo is one of the super-priority destinations developed in Indonesia. This destination is the gateway to Komodo National Park with its stunning natural beauty and a global icon of ancient animals. You can enjoy a row of exotic islands, and ancient animals on the island of Rinca and Komodo, all of which you can enjoy by starting your journey from Labuan Bajo.

Komodo national park - rinca island view

Gateway to Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park are inseparable entities. Both are interconnected so when in Labuan Bajo, it is necessary to visit Komodo National Park. To get to Komodo National Park, tourists must use a boat. While in Labuan Bajo, you can find many boat providers that will take you to enjoy island hopping. Get ready for price negotiations! 

The variety of boats is very diverse and if you are in Labuan Bajo, you can directly check the condition of the ship. There are positive and negative sides if you are looking for a boat to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo. The positive is that as mentioned above, you know firsthand the condition of the ship. The negative is that the price offered may be above the price if you are looking for a boat online.

If you are solo traveling and lucky, you can enjoy an open trip Labuan Bajo at a low price. Most Labuan Bajo open trip operators usually offer their packages online, if you have an empty slot, you can directly negotiate the price and join them. To fill the slots, it will be very possible for you to get the best price compared to online offers.

Even though you can get a sailing trip Labuan Bajo at a cheap price, you need to ask in detail about the facilities and destination destinations during the cruise. There will be many boats with different facilities and determine the comfort of your trip.

How long is the ideal Labuan Bajo trip?

If your time is limited, many travel providers offer 1-day trips. One day trip will be very tiring because you will visit several islands, swim, or snorkel in 1 day. The ideal sailing trip Labuan Bajo is 3 days 2 nights and stays on the boat.

The price for the Labuan Bajo liveaboard is definitely more expensive than 1-day trip budget. But you will really enjoy the cruise to reach remote islands that cannot be reached by standard boat. Labuan Bajo cruise 3D2N allows you to do trekking on Komodo island, as well as climb the evidence to see the amazing panorama on Padar island.

The decision to enjoy a 1-day trip or 3D2N depends on your wishes. The cost of the sailing trip Labuan Bajo will be very cheap if you can negotiate directly or join an open trip and enjoy premium liveaboard facilities.

Things You Should Know Before Travelling As A Tourist

Things You Should Know Before Travelling As A Tourist

When you are travelling to a place that is different from your hometown, sometimes there is a sense of freedom. You think you can do anything because no one recognizes who you are so they won’t judge you. However, this is the kind of damaging way of thinking because just as much liberating travelling is, you still have to be mindful of cultural sensitivities that are different from your own. Hence, it is important to educate yourself about things that you should and should not do as a tourist or visitor. 

Be a respectful tourist who is always welcome back

Today, there is no reason for you to stay oblivious because information is everywhere. You can educate yourself about how to be a respectful tourist so you can do your best to avoid being an occasion of cross-cultural judgement. And here are things you should know before travelling as a tourist:

Do not treat wildlife like a pet

Sure the animals you encounter with during your trip to a national park are cute and adorable to look at. However, they are still wild creatures that relies on their instinct. Petting or feeding them are not allowed. It is not only dangerous for you but for the animals themselves. They may get hooked on human foods which are not healthy for them and can cause them to get sick instead. 

Always follow the rules

Always follow the rules

Each place may implement certain rules both for the locals or visitors. When you come as a visitors, you are considered outsider or guests. Hence, make sure to abide by rules such as dressing appropriately. Each culture has beliefs that are significant for them. Even if you don’t really understand the meaning or purpose, do not try to be argumentative or rebellious.

Always watch your language

If you don’t have time to learn local language prior the trip, always be careful with what you say even in your own language. Use your common sense and if you are not sure if certain words may offend the locals, choose another word that has no vague meaning. Also, pay attention to the volume of your voice when speaking. 

Heed danger sign

Lots of tourists have gotten involved in various accidents while travelling because they didn’t heed danger signs. They got accidents just because they wanted to take cool pictures to be uploaded on social media. Ignorant and impulsive behavior can be harmful for your safety. 

Try new things 

Travelling is when you can let yourself out of your comfort zone. You can do it by trying out local dishes for example. It may seem simple but trying out a thing that has been part of the local culture can also means you appreciate their culture. 

Be a good ambassador of your country

Travelling to another country should not make you forget of who you are. Hence, be considerate with your actions and words.  It is easy to judge an entire country based on the behavior of few people. 

Travelling with Family to Bali: Finding A Family Resort

What You Need to Know About Nusa Dua Family Resort

Before you had children, choosing a hotel was rather simple: as long as the location and cost were acceptable, you were go to go! Isn’t it true? If you travel to Bali pre-kids time, for example, you might be satisfied with just a good hotel and a good view from the balcony. Having kids alter everything. You will be looking for family resorts over just a regular hotel, whether it’s at the secluded Nusa Dua, the serene Sanur, or the trendy Seminyak. You will be looking for packages for parents and kids to save budget. 

Giving kids extra attention is always a good idea. But what services are necessary at a family-friendly hotel and resort? What should you spend money on and what can you get for less? In this article, we’ll see what to consider when choosing the best hotel and resort for our family and offer some advice in the hopes that it will help you choose the best one for your upcoming family vacation.

Looking for Resorts in Bali: Family-Friendly Resorts VS Family Resorts

Looking for Resorts in Bali: Family-Friendly Resorts VS Family Resorts

These two terms seem interchangeable, but they actually carry a different meaning. You are guaranteed to find both family-friendly resorts and family resorts in Bali, but what does each offer?

Family-Friendly Resort

Although it welcomes all kinds of guests, this kind of resort is especially kind to families. This can manifest as spacious rooms, discounted rates on children’s beds or additional amenities, or even just a friendly disposition toward children.

Family Resorts

Family resorts are designed exclusively for families and prioritize the needs of young guests. These are typically hotels where the only other guests are other families with children, and where the focus is mostly on providing amenities for children, such as kids’ restaurants, kids’ clubs, kids’ pools, welcome packages, etc.

A family resort typically does more than just welcome children; it puts them at the heart of the experience. The quality and range of the offer depend on the hotel. For travelling families, we always recommend Sanur, Nusa Dua and Benoa Bay than other regions like Kuta or Canggu. These area are amongst the coastline that house splendid white beaches with gentle waves. Not much of young travelers party in these regions, making it a friendlier environment for kids.

What You Will Love at Family Resorts in Nusa Dua

Kids Stay and Eat for Free

The option of family hotels and resorts in Nusa Dua is endless; each with interesting family package. We know some family resorts in Nusa Dua that let children eat for completely free as long as you buy something for yourself. Some resorts charge extra for cots, and not all hotels let you bring your own bedding. Read the fine print and don’t just assume that adding a cot is free; make sure you have it in writing. The cost of this varies, but it can be unexpectedly hefty and add up quickly.

Room dimensions

When traveling with children, a room with plenty of space is essential. Look at the photographs and make sure there is enough area for all the beds and, preferably, and a changing station. it doesn’t have to be a full-on changing table, just a table you can readily access. Nobody want to be cramped in tiny room with active toddlers!

A Welcoming Pack for Kids

A Separate Room for Kids in Family Suite

It’s not necessary to provide a welcome kit for children, but if one is provided, it will go a long way in making them happy. Simple things are adorable, like rubber ducks, coloring pencils, notebooks and pens with hotel logos, etc. They typically serve as a reliable sign that a hotel is aware of children’s needs and welcomes their presence.

A Separate Room for Kids in Family Suite

While big rooms are great, a family suite with linked rooms is better. It make staying with kids a lot easier. It’s likely that your needs for lighting will alter if you share a room with children. When you want to read, they occasionally require complete darkness, and when you want to sleep, they demand a nightlight.

Making sure the accommodation can meet various needs is essential if you plan to remain for a long time.

Paying Attention To Detail On Specific Areas Of Your Business


It is common for businesses to have big pictures on what they want to become in few years. Setting big goals allows them to be more determined in making more effort. However, it sometimes make them forget about the little things that matter to their business’s growth. Sometimes, it is small mistake that make you crumble down. Hence, it is time for you to pay attention on small things as well. Being more detailed on your effort in growing business will benefit you is many ways. 

Paying Attention To Detail On Specific Areas Of Your Business

Important areas where you need to pay attention to detail

Focusing on attention to detail is a skill you and your employees should develop. Making attention to detail should become an essential part of your daily work. This way, you will be able to maintain effectiveness at higher level. And here are important areas where you need to pay attention to detail:

Work completion

In a matter of completing work, it is often that you or your employees loose focus which causes a lack of effectiveness. For example, you are not paying attention on information or timelines within a project. It causes you to loose valuable time and frustration because you are aware that the work must be completed regardless. Thus, it is important to understand how the project fits into the company goals. Provide information about the way individual roles impact the company. 


Encourage your employees to communicate effectively and paying attention to detail on it since it is the key to successful organization. Encourage them to share information with other members of the team accurately. Make sure everyone is aware of each role and hold accountable for each responsibilities. This way, keeping timeline updated will be no longer an issue. 

Customer experience

This area of your business need to be paid attention to detail. Encourage your employees in the department to pay attention to detail by looking beyond their view. Encourage them to think from the customer’s perspective so they know what the customers truly want and need. Encourage employees to be more detail at how they interact with customers. Create a culture that integrates customer experience with employee experience so your brand’s mission can be accomplished more effectively as well. 

Workplace environment

It is also important to pay attention to detail in workplace environment. Build a solid brand that matches the way you present your business. The example of putting attention to detail on workplace environment include the choice of color of the walls. It can also be about what artwork to add and how to display it better. Or, you can pay attention to what your employees need for better workplace.

Technology use

The use of technology is common at workplace. It is important to pay attention to detail on this area because with technology, your business can operate more effectively. Provide technology assists to stay better connected in business. Provide the best system so technology and people can work in close cooperation. This way, you can create more cohesive and efficient company. 

Sustainable Architecture Principles For A Better Life


The goal of sustainable architecture is to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and waste during the building, operation, and maintenance of a house. When designing and building sustainable architecture, many key principles are used to achieve that goal. Based on architectural drawings and a sustainability assessment using computer modeling, an energy-efficiency star rating of 10 can be generated. The greater the rating, the less energy is required to heat and cool the home.

Sustainable Architecture Principles For A Better Life

Key principles of sustainable architecture 

Designing Passively

The sun, wind, and shade are all free natural resources that can be used to illuminate, heat, and cool spaces. The passive design makes use of these resources by working with the site’s unique conditions and climate.

Houses are purposefully oriented for sun and wind movement, and the building envelope (walls, floor, roof, and windows) is meticulously designed to control where and when the sun, breeze, and shade enter the house throughout the day and seasons. A house built with a good passive design can be thermally comfortable all year round, depending on its location and site.

Energy efficiency

Heating and cooling are the two largest energy consumers in a home. By reducing the need for heating and cooling, a home’s energy consumption and thus its ongoing carbon emissions can be reduced. Passive design principles serve as the foundation for creating such an energy-efficient home: high-quality materials, products, and construction ensure that it is well ventilated, insulated, and airtight.

Based on architectural drawings and a sustainability assessment using computer modeling, an energy-efficiency star rating of 10 can be generated. The greater the rating, the less energy is required to heat and cool the home.

Carbon footprint over the life cycle

The goal of sustainable architecture is to design buildings with a low or zero carbon footprint throughout their life cycle, from construction to operation and maintenance.

The emissions associated with operating a building, such as energy for heating, cooling, cooking, and domestic hot water, are referred to as operational carbon. A building must be carbon neutral in both embodied and operational carbon to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint.


Reductionism is one method of lowering a building’s carbon footprint. Every square metre of house has environmental and financial consequences; thus, the need for every space, material, and product is questioned and considered. Redundancies are eliminated in a reductionist approach to reduce a house’s carbon footprint, energy consumption, and cost. By building less but better, a house can be easier and less expensive to build and run, as well as energy efficient and carbon neutral as possible.

Waste and material impact

Every material used contributes significantly to a building’s embodied carbon footprint, as greenhouse gas emissions are produced during the manufacturing, transportation, and installation of that material. There is also waste from the use and installation of new materials, as well as waste from demolition and renovation.

Sustainable architecture reduces the environmental impact and waste of materials by prioritizing recycled and recyclable materials, minimizing demolition, construction, and unnecessary material consumption, using locally sourced materials, and incorporating construction techniques that make a building easier to adapt, reuse, and eventually demolish.

Local environment

The overarching principle of sustainable architecture is respect for the environment. Sustainable houses have a low environmental impact and contribute to the local environment.

Affordability and budgeting

A sustainable house does not have to be expensive (although there is lots of valuable technology that presents an upfront investment). Prioritizing sustainability in the budget will result in a better, more economical, and energy efficient home that will save you more money over time.

All You Need To Know About Cycle Touring


For those who are not used to outdoor activities, cycle touring may sound intimidating. You may have your own imagination of how it would be like. However, cycle touring is not about having the most perfect travel. It is more about how to enjoy the journey while pedaling your way through it. It is almost impossible to join cycle touring without the crunchy. It is understandable if you feel any doubt when considering cycle touring. It can be physically draining if you are not ready but the experience might be worth more than you imagined. 

Common concerns regarding to cycle touring

Every individual may have different concerns when it comes to cycle touring, especially for those who are not really fond of outdoor activity that is typically exhausting. However, most people share similar concerns regarding to cycle touring, such as:

Will your butt hurt?

Your butt will definitely hurt if you keep pedaling for few days straight. However, what makes you concerned the most is probably whether or not your body is going to handle it. When you body is sued to leisure  walk and suddenly have to ride the vast distance through a bike trip, it probably feels overwhelmed. 

However, our bodies are less fragile than we think they are. You will get tired, grumpy, or sore after a long day of riding. However, you will get your excitement back after a big meal and good sleep. It is recommended to start with basic level of fitness. Also, the thing about cycling is that you get stronger and more coordinated each day. You will come home with better stamina and fitness. 

How can you have fun while cycle touring?

Cycle touring is not about covering as much ground as possible. If that is your only purpose, you will experience boredom for sure. Of course you will experience boredom for cycling through 70km of pine forests. However, the boredom will be outweighed by the excitement of riding through interesting places, meeting local people, and seeing the breathtaking views of the nature. Also, you may face unexpected challenges during the tour that make it more even more memorable. 

Is camp the only accommodation option?

This is another thing many first timers concerned about. Most cycle tourists camp along their route for convenience and to save money. The good thing about cycle touring is that you are carrying your home with you which means you will always find a place to sleep. It is a matter of personal preference whether you want to camp or splurge on accommodation. 

Is cycle touring dangerous?

During cycle tour, you are more vulnerable because you are on a bike and not going to be encased by glass or steel. Hence, there is high risk of injury as well. However, it is considered less dangerous because cycle touring takes you away from busy touristy places, professional thieves, and con artists that tend to lurk around tourist hot spots. Take necessary precautions, prioritize safety, and stay respectful to have safe cycle touring

Komodo Island Tour, When is The Best Time To Visit?


To get a pleasant experience when traveling to Labuan Bajo, the Komodo island tour can be the best choice. Komodo island trip operators offer a choice of boats and travel packages at various prices. There are 2 choices of travel packages offered by the operator, namely open trips and private trips. For photographer lovers and diving lovers, you can take a special package where the Komodo island boat tour operator will take you to special spots. On the trip to Komodo island not only saw my Komodo dragon but also witnessed the enchanting natural beauty.

Komodo Island Tour, When is The Best Time To Visit?

Attractions during the Komodo island tour

Komodo Island is a world tourist icon with extraordinary sea charm, both on the beach and under the sea. This area is formed from the confluence of two continents, namely Asia and Australia which then forms a unique row of islands and volcanoes.

Along the Komodo island trip, you can find islands with a variety of fascinating flora and fauna. The beauty of the pink beach is the main attraction for tourists. In fact, the uniqueness of pink sand beaches can only be found in 7 places around the world, including in the Komodo National Park area. Your Komodo island tour will be more interesting because you can see dolphins that appear at any time around the boat.

Komodo Island Trip Guide

As you might expect, this is a frequently asked question by guests, and it’s a difficult one to answer. You may not realize it, but Komodo is a year-round diving destination, with each “season” and month allowing for different locations to be visited, as well as different wildlife and sea conditions. The dry season lasts from April to October, and the wet season lasts from November to March. There is also a windy season from May to September, which coincides with the main tourism season when Komodo is busiest with boats and divers from June to August.

The best time to visit Komodo is determined by what you want out of your Komodo island tour. Is your primary interest Manta Rays? Or are you a Macrophile? Do you want to scare off the crowds? Have the best visibility or the warmest water? Or why not visit the less visited dive/snorkel sites of south Komodo and Rinca?

Komodo Island season

JANUARY: As previously stated, this is technically the wet season, so expect some rain and variable visibility/water temperature. But it’s a great time to see Manta Rays, and you’ll have many dive sites to yourself. The stunning sites in the south of Rinca/Komodo, which were previously only accessible by liveboard, are now open to diving. These sites are very different from the Central and Northern sites in terms of macro and topography.

FEBRUARY: The wettest month in Komodo, but as with January, it’s a great time to explore the less-visited southern locations, with plenty of Manta Rays and the chance of seeing other divers at its lowest. We’ve also recently discovered a couple of locations where we’ve seen Hammerhead and Thresher Sharks that we can visit during this time.

MARCH: The start of the transition from wet to dry seasons, which can mean that the entire National Park is yours to explore on a longer trip. Visibility and water temperature are unpredictable, but this is an excellent time to fully explore Komodo and see Manta Rays with few people around.

APRIL: The dry season has begun, but the windy season has not, which means calm seas and an increase in the number of tourists. Divers’ attention is now shifting to the well-known Central and Northern dive sites such as Castle Rock and Batu Bolong. It is still a good time to see Manta Rays, and the water temperature and visibility can be spectacular.

MAY: The dry season has begun, the windy season has begun, and the Central and Northern areas of Komodo begin to offer their best diving conditions. The number of Manta sightings begins to decline as the water temperature rises and their food supply diminishes in the Central area. However, the coral’s health is beginning to show with good visibility, vibrant colors, and a plethora of marine life.

JUNE AND JULY: Incredible diving conditions in the Central and Northern areas, with visibility of 30+ meters and water temperatures of 29-30 degrees. Manta Ray encounters are rare and usually involve juveniles, as the Manta Rays migrate south of Komodo in search of cold, plankton-rich waters. The number of divers begins to rise dramatically, resulting in very crowded dive sites during peak times. It’s also worth noting that this is Komodo Dragon mating season. The Dragons are less visible at this time.

AUGUST: The Central and Northern areas remain popular with divers, and the conditions remain spectacular. Outside of peak times, there is plenty of Pelagic action at sites like Castle Rock and The Cauldron.

SEPTEMBER: The high season for tourism has passed, the winds are lowering, and the focus remains on Central and Northern Komodo. This is an excellent time to visit because the diving conditions are excellent without the crowds.

OCTOBER: The Mantas are returning to Central Komodo, the dive sites are quiet, and the seas are calm. After a busy high season, this is the start of our favorite season in Komodo, and we tentatively begin to explore a little further south.

NOVEMBER: The hottest month here and the start of the seasonal change, which means that exploration to the south has begun and nearly all of Komodo National Park is accessible. This is also the season when we begin to see whales passing by as we travel.

DECEMBER: The wet season begins, but rainfall on the islands is minimal. Finally, with increased temperature and visibility, the southern sites are opening up. The central area still has some excellent diving, but the exposed northern sites are usually less diveable due to low visibility and rough seas. The first two weeks of December are frequently very quiet, making it an ideal time to visit and avoid the crowds.

What To Prepare For Backpacking By Motorbike

What To Prepare For Backpacking By Motorbike

Backpacking is fun especially if you want to travel on budget. Not to mention that backpacking allows you to move freely because you don’t have to drag heavy suitcases exploring the places. Meanwhile, backpacking by motorbike might be a little different from what you have thought about backpacking. However, it is not too difficult as it seems. What you need is being prepared with the plan. Here are important things to consider when preparing for backpacking by motorbike:

Research the roads

It is vital for you to know about the location you are about to drive to. You can check it out on Google maps so you can estimate the roads. Or, you can also ask someone who has experience on backpacking by motorbike. Or, you can also ask people who know better about the place you are about to visit. Mark safe routes and avoid bad roads. 

Pack your essentials

Since you have a motorcycle as your only transport, you need to pack more wisely. Make sure to not pack too many items especially the ones that you won’t really need. Calculate how many days you will travel and bring suitable clothing. Pack comfortable clothes that allow you to some space to breathe, a little loose and durable. Use large backpack that can hold many items. Also, bring protective clothes and gears as needed. 

Check your motorcycle

Check your motorcycle

No matter who own the motorcycle, you are going to ride it so make sure to check its safety and maintenance. Check its tires, brakes, chain gear, bearings, etc. Don’t forget to change the oil. If there are some parts that need to fix or change, do it immediately. It won’t be a good experience to be stuck on the road alone with a broken motorcycle as your only company. 

Pack your own foods

It may seem unnecessary to pack food from home since you can pull over anytime you want during your road travel with your motorbike. However, you never know when you will find place to eat or buy foods. It is best to be prepared. You can pack some snacks that are fulfilling and nutritious to keep your body in good condition and alert. 

Plan your finance

It is important to calculate your trip expenses even when you drive your own vehicle. Several important fees you need to include in your budget are gasoline, foods, accommodation, equipment, and total. This way, you can carry the right amount of cash needed. It is recommended to not bring too much cash because there is a risk of losing it on the road. Also, place your cash in several places separately just in case of emergency. 

Prepare your mental

You are already prepared with everything but things can still go wrong on the road. Hence, it is important that you also prepared your mental to be ready for the road. When you are calm, you will figure out the best solutions to the problems you face. Anticipate with excitement, stay positive, and enjoy the road. 

Increasing the Value of Your Villa Property in Seminyak

Increasing the Value of Your Villa Property in Seminyak

The Seminyak, Bali, is one of the most popular tourist hub in Bali. Located in the southwest region of this island, Seminyak is lined up with cute cafes, cool cocktail bars, chic boutiques, and some of Bali’s top beach clubs. Seminyak has so many amazing things to do that it’s no surprise that travelers come here all year. That is why Seminyak is also populated with villas and vacation rental, and competition amongst accommodation here can be pretty strict. If you’re not careful, soon you will get left behind and this means you could lose potential guests. Stay ahead of the competition by increasing the value of your Seminyak villa, and this is how. 

Amp Up Your Kitchen Game

Updating anything to do with the kitchen, particularly the appliances, has proven to be a terrific return on investment for me. Matching the finishes of the oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave quickly unifies the look of the kitchen. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on top-of-the-line appliances, but doing so will improve the kitchen’s operation, which is a big plus for your guests. 

Give your cabinets some love. Before you go out and buy all new cabinetry, sand and paint the ones you already have. Finish them up with new hardware for a fresh look. Invest in new granite countertops. If you can afford it, new granite countertops will give your kitchen, and possibly your entire apartment, a fresh new look.

Guest Love Bathroom Selfie, So Remodel the Bathroom of Your Villa Seminyak

Guest Love Bathroom Selfie, So Remodel the Bathroom of Your Villa Seminyak

Do you know how popular bathroom selfie is in the social media? Yes, guests are a sucker for bathroom selfie—whether it’s in a hotel, restaurant, or even a mall. So, make sure to upgrade your bathroom and design it as aesthetic as possible. If you have a small bathroom, do everything you can to utilize the space and add storage. This will provide renters with usable space, which is desirable yet hard to come by.

At the very least, changing the toilet seat – or the entire toilet if necessary – putting a new shower head, and updating the faucet and cabinet hardware are some of the simplest upgrade.

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Maximise The Curb Appeal of Your Outdoor Space

The first thing your potential guestss will see about your building is its outside, so make a nice first impression. Landscape the front lawn, but make it low-maintenance and inexpensive so neither you nor the guests have to worry about it. Alternatively, something as basic as replacing or painting the front door can be a noticeable improvement that updates the property’s appearance. You can try to plant lush grass, maintain a nice little garden, paint the exterior of your Seminyak villa, or lay down some brick pavement. Go to Pinterest and house design magazine for inspiration!

Add A Porch Swing at Your Outdoor Area

Add A Porch Swing at Your Outdoor Area

Add a little more fun to your patio. A porch swing offers a touch of elegance that could be the deciding factor for a guests when deciding where to stay. Swings on the porch are both inviting and nostalgic. They’re also a fun location to hang out. Depending on the view you prefer, you can face the seats forward or backward. If you have a villa Seminyak with private pool, a porch can be a nice addition to the pool area. Otherwise, you can just install it at anywhere else around the garden. A porch swing is a great way to unwind and connect at the end of a long day on the road.

Subscribe to 1 or 2 Streaming Service

Although television may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of vacation, it is a typical demand for renters. In an ideal world, the rental would come with cable and a smart TV that could stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime.

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Upgrade Your Villa Seminyak to A Smart Home

According to a recent research, 60% of guests would pay more for a vacation rental that had a smart home component. Smart TVs, smart home security systems, video-enabled doorbell cameras, and app-controlled smart locks are among the most popular smart technology on guests’ wish lists.