Essential Accessories for Winter Travel

Essential Accessories for Winter Travel

Travelling during winter requires you to bundle up. You will end up catching a cold otherwise. However, not all travelers know the necessities for winter vacation. Sometimes, the excitement of travelling during snowfall makes it hard to forget to bring the right essentials. Also, packing for winter trip may cause you to add extra weight to your luggage because you need layers of clothing and essential accessories to stay warm.

Must-bring accessories for winter travel

Winter travel brings its own joy. Even though not many people travel during winter, it is still considered one of the best time to enjoy a vacation. To fully enjoy the experience, it is necessary to pack what you need. Make sure that you bring not only cloth but also accessories that will be essentials throughout the trip. Here are few of them:

Few pairs of socks are a must when it comes to winter travel. During summer trip, you may not really need sock especially when you plan to just wear your flip flops. However, it is different when travel during winter because warm socks are needed. It is recommended to bring few pair of socks with wool material to keep your feet warm. You can also choose colorful socks for fun.

Fingerless gloves will be your life safer during winter travel. Of course, you can still bring your own favorite gloves that cover your entire hand. However, fingerless gloves are more practical especially if you plan your trip to be adventurous. You don’t have to keep removing your gloves whenever you want to take photographs or scroll your phone. Also, they look stylish so your fashion sense won’t get left behind while staying warm.

Scarf is also a must for winter travel. Outside winter, you can use various accessories other than scarf such as pashmina. However, wool scarf is considered the best option for winter travel since it provides more warmth. In fact, choose scarfs that are thick and chunky enough to keep you cozy anytime. Besides, scarf can make you look fashionable and stylish regardless of your destination. During the flight, you can also use your scarf as a makeshift pillow.

Ear muffs are considered a must-have accessories for winter travel. Even if you have such a long hair, it won’t provide enough warmth. Your ear will get easily turned red when it is exposed to cold air in winter. You will thank yourself when you don’t forget to pack an earmuff. Choose the one that you can match with your cloth. To keep it safe, you can choose earmuff in neutral color. Hence, it won’t clash with any clothes you wear that day.

Another highly recommended accessories to bring for winter travel is solar charger. It helps a lot to keep you stay connected during extreme climates. Not to mention that solar charger is environment-friendly. Hence, there is no loss in packing it into your luggage especially when you are planning to have a week worth vacation or more.

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon on Liveaboard Indonesia

Liveaboard Indonesia

With all the pressure and craziness involved with planning your special wedding, a good honeymoon should offer you nothing but relaxation, fun, and romance. If you’re seeking beautiful nature for your honeymoon, look no further than Komodo Island. It is a hidden paradise for honeymooners where they can explore the pristine beaches, water sports, and a liveaboard trip. A liveaboard Indonesia to Komodo Island can offer you a hassle-free honeymoon that’s relaxing, romantic, and luxurious. Besides that, you also get to travel the world and see some exotic destinations. It also has something for every type of traveler including exotic destinations, delicious food and so much more! Here are 5 tips for planning a perfect honeymoon on a liveaboard!

Choose the type of liveaboard Indonesia wisely

Choosing the type of liveaboard is probably one of the most important factors in planning your perfect honeymoon. When you decide which liveaboard is best suited for you, just start with what size of liveaboard Indonesia you want to be on. Then, what kind of liveaboard activities are included. There’s a lot of things to consider. So, make sure to always compare all its features and fun activities that are available for your honeymoon trip.

Pick an itinerary

Even if you don’t plan on leaving the liveaboard, choose an itinerary that suits your honeymoon trip needs. While planning an unforgettable honeymoon trip, make sure you get enough quality time for yourself apart from the day allotter for the sightseeing around Komodo Island, diving, and snorkeling. Most of the honeymooners try to cover too many activities in a limited period of time, which exhausts them by the end of the honeymoon trip.

Treat yourself to nice room on Liveaboard Indonesia

Choosing the nice stateroom type is essential for a honeymoon trip. Make sure to consider the type of cabin, room decors, room categories, and amenities.  One of the perfect ways to start your honeymoon trip on a liveaboard is to have your breakfast out at your balcony and enjoy the breathtaking sunrise! After the type of stateroom, you need to determine your general room location.  Sometimes there is a different rate for aft rooms, mid-ship, and forward.

Liveaboard Indonesia

Book a couple’s romance package

In this spirit of your romantic trip, look into romantic treatments for couples. Consider arranging a romantic dinner for two on your honeymoon trip. Nothing says romance like a perfect candlelit dinner. You can surprise your partner with roses and chocolate covered strawberries.  Toast to everlasting love with wines and breathtaking ocean views.

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Book private tours!

Book private tours will make things easier for you. Several travel agencies in Komodo, such as Hello Indo which can organize all your excursions. Using a travel agent for a honeymoon trip can also help you score a great deal on a romantic package or promotion.

How Travel Provides Healing Power

How Travel Provides Healing Power

Lots of people often talk about where to go for the next travel, what to do to make travel smoother, when the best time to travel, and so on. Meanwhile, it is not very often to for many people to talk about why travel. Maybe one of the reasons is that you don’t actually need a reason to travel. However, it is always good to know what travel can give you. Travel itself has healing power many may not realize. This is also why lots of people love travel and get addicted to it. 

Healing power of travel

Travelling gives you the thrill, adventure, new experience, new people to meet, and more. However, travel is also a great opportunity for you who needs a bit of mending. Travel provides numerous healing power you can make the most out of. Here are few of them.

Healing power of travel

Travel provides physical healing

It is actually not something new. It has been known by many that travel has a source of physical recuperation and healing. For those who live in a big city, you have to deal with pollution like smoke, unsanitary conditions, and more. A retreat to an open space in secluded travel destination gives you fresh air to breathe. Also, lots of people travel just to enjoy a hot spring somewhere in a dessert, mountains, and more. Lots of travelers find themselves feel recharged after a trip especially when they travel to get relaxed and get close to the nature. 

Travel provides power to improve fitness

Travelling can be varied. Some people like to have leisure travel where they indulge in relaxing activities. Some others love taking adventure and involve in various physical activities. No matter what type of travel you take, it still gives you the opportunity to improve your fitness because you are no longer sitting in your cubicle for hours. It is even better when you travel to seek adventure in the wildlife. It helps you regain and improve your fitness. You may feel exhausted after the trip but you will find your fitness improved as well. 

Travel provides emotional healing

Travel provides emotional healing

Travel is not only for those who want to mend their broken heart by splurging on luxurious getaway. Travel allows you to reflect and find solace. It is also often used as an opportunity to find inspiration. Many people also travel for self-reflect. Getting close to the nature gives you time to truly acknowledge your problems, understand your potential, and be aware of your own worth. Lots of people find themselves changed emotionally after a meaningful trip.

Travel provides spiritual healing

Travelling is not only meant to visit touristy places or landmarks. Some people travel to seek spiritual guidance from religious landmarks or sacred places such as Mecca, Holy Land, and many temples all around the world. Those places are known to have power beyond what human can imagine. This kind of travel allows you to meditate and prayer in more peaceful way. It is like being closer to your Creator. Travel for spiritual healing provides core experience for individual. 

See How Awesome Living in A Nusa Dua Family Resorts Is!

See How Awesome Living in A Nusa Dua Family Resort Is!

We know the feeling when the vacation is almost over and how you wish for it to never end. Well, do you know that you can make one’s vacation everlasting though? It’s truly probable and reasonable to extend your holiday days in a Nusa Dua family resorts, Bali. There are couples, families, and singles who have tried taking residencies in a beach resort for a couple of month to few years. And here’s how your live in a beach resort in Bali would look like. 

A Carefree Living, Free of Responsibilities in Nusa Dua Family Resorts

A Carefree Living, Free of Responsibilities in Nusa Dua Family Resorts

What’s the difference of staying at your own apartment and staying at a Nusa Dua family resorts? It’s the bare minimum responsibilities. You have the hotel staffs to clean the room, fill in your needs, and someone to guard the property. Sometimes you don’t even need to rush on cooking breakfast because you can always enjoy a hot one in the restaurant. And the best part is, your long-stay rent rate might have include the breakfast. Plenty of luxury amenities is there at your disposal. And during your stay, you can access all the facilities like fitness centre, the four pools at the Nusa Dua beach resort, and treat everyday like it’s a vacation. It’s a living designed to be free from the daily stress! 

A Deeply Discounted Rate

Do you know that hotels and resorts usually offers a deeply discounted rate for longer stay? That means you can get incredibly cheap price for a year of stay compared to the daily rate. if you think you can afford the discounted monthly rate for staying at a resort, why don’t give it a go? It would be a nice experience to have at least once in your life. 

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The Safety and Exclusivity of Nusa Dua Family Resorts

Do you know what luxury homeowners always seek for their home? Its the exclusive, gated residence guarded by professional securities. It’s the peace of mind knowing that they are living in a secluded, safe enclosure. And that’s exactly what you will get at the Nusa Dua family resorts — without having to buy thousands million dollar house! 

It’s A Perfect Life for A Digital Nomad

It’s A Perfect Life for A Digital Nomad

Who can work while they are enjoying a laid-back living at Nusa Dua family resorts? It’s the digital nomads, for sure. The digital nomads are known to be always in the look for comfy holiday home while working for their remote jobs. If you are a digital nomad who are looking for a new place where you can work surrounded by idyllic tropic and the convenience of life, the beach resort surely should be on your top list choice. 

Tips To Maintain Clear Skin During Travel

Tips To Maintain Clear Skin During Travel

Skin is frontman of your body. It is usually the first one that is affected when something happens to your body. It is challenging to maintain your skin to be always in perfect condition all the time. It is even more challenging while travelling. During travel, you have to deal with to different environment, pollution, and different foods. They can affect your skin negatively. 

Maintaining clear skin during travel

Having a breakout during travel is not a great experience. However, it is possible to happen even if you have packed various skincare products in your suitcase in preparation for the trip. So here are some tips you can try and follow to maintain clear skin during travel.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrate

It is a must regardless of when you are at home or travelling. Especially when travelling, your body works more because of the activities you do such as sunbathing, walking, shopping, etc. It is easier for your body to suffer from dehydration during travel. Dehydration is the enemy of clear skin. Therefore, always bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated. It helps hydrate your body and skin. 

Hydrate your skin from the outside

Aside from drinking adequate water, you can also maintain clear skin by applying the right moisturizer. The stale cabin air can dry out your skin. You can wear hydration mask a night before the trip. Also, you should apply proper moisturizer throughout the trip to keep your skin hydrated. 

Go bare face

Do not be afraid to go without makeup at least the day of travel. Covering your skin in thick makeup will clog your pores. It results in bacteria to collect and cause many skin problems afterwards. If you cannot go without makeup, then go for a light one. Choose products that doesn’t clog your pores or irritate your skin so you stay comfortable throughout the travel. 

Pack right

Pack right

If you have so many skincare products you usually use at home, it might be challenging for you to choose the ones you are going to need for the trip. Hence, you need to pack diligently and conscientiously. During travel, your skin is under a lot of stress which contribute to pH changes. Therefore, leave behind any product that potentially irritate your skin. Choose skincare products that are gentle while still being able to provide moisture and remove any impurities. 

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Protect your skin

It is a must to pack sunscreen even if you travel during winter when you think the sun is not so harsh. UV rays are still there even during cloudy days. Thus, always pack sunscreen and apply it into your skin diligently. You can opt for tinted moisturizer since it is lightweight with good coverage.

Maintain your healthy diet

During travel, it is easy to get tempted to try many different foods even if they are not healthy. However, eating anything you find can put your skin in troubles. Balance your diet by eating healthy foods as well such as fresh fruits and vegetables. They are good for your skin and body in general. 

Diving in Komodo: Day Trip or Liveaboard?

Diving in Komodo: Day Trip or Liveaboard
Jumping to Komodo’s underwater

If you’ve been into diving, you might have heard the Komodo National Park. Yes, that island where the last real dragons in the world live. This remote region in Indonesia is not only best for some Jurassic-esque expedition, but also for having an incredible diving trip. With its sheer richness in tropical fish species, coral and sponges, and macro life, diving in Komodo would spoil you rotten with jaw-dropping underwater sceneries. Bursting colours and busy life are what makes Komodo so intoxicating for divers. We warned you, after Komodo other dives might fall pale in comparison. 

If you want to explore the underwater of Komodo, you might have to choose between embarking on liveaboard trip or staying in a dive resort and go dive with day boat. While most serious divers go all out in diving liveaboard, day boats still have their own following. Here’s the plus and minus of taking a Komodo dive trip in a day boat. 

Diving in Komodo with Day Boat: The Plus

Day Boat is Compact with Essentials for Diving in Komodo

Day Boat is Compact with Essentials for Diving in Komodo
a packed dive boat

Day boats that are made for diving were built with the needs of divers in mind. However, you need to be careful to choose a day boat that’s specifically cater to diving; don’t choose the ones that are made for island excursion. 

Day Boat is Cheaper than Liveaboard Trip

For two days diving in Komodo with day boat, the price could be 1/3 less than liveaboard for the same amount of days. This is fair, because you don’t sleep and have dinner and breakfast in a day boat.

Scheduling Komodo Diving Gets More Flexible

When you embark on multiple days trip with liveaboard, you gonna have to stuck with the itinerary of the liveaboard. Well, unless you have enough money to rent the whole liveaboard and arrange your own trip. Day boat allows you to pick your own dive destination for the day. Even when it means re-visiting certain dive sites. 

It’s Good for Inexperienced Divers 

It’s Good for Inexperienced Divers
diving in beginner-friendly sites

Day boat is good for beginner divers who find it hard to keep up with experienced divers in liveaboard. With flexibility of day boats, they can choose to dive only in beginner-friendly diving sites in Komodo. 

Diving in Komodo with Day Boat: The Minus

Day Boat is Usually Smaller

Forget relaxing in fancy loungers as you’ve seen in Instagram photos or dining on indoor salon. Lots of day boats in Komodo are very compact and they offer just as much. Usually, the boat is just enough to stuff dive gears and fit one dining table in the centre of the boat. 

It Doesn’t Have the Luxuries of Liveaboard 

It Doesn’t Have the Luxuries of Liveaboard
Don’t expect this luxury in a day boat

Space is premium when it come on boats and you won’t have that in a simple day boat. Forget tiered decks and different relax areas; you won’t get that. Also, consider yourself lucky if you find a day boat with western toilet instead of the squat one. 

There’s No Time to Relax and Go Social in A Day Boat 

Unlike liveaboard, there’s no real downtime in a day boat where you can just gather around and share stories. With a packed schedule, you will get in and out the water and before you know it, the day was over. Everybody get back to their own hotel and resort. 

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Day Boast Doesn’t Come with Resort’s Standard Chefs

Liveaboard usually hire professional chefs and even baristas onboard. They were known to be a floating hotel and tend to keep their reputation. They also serve full-board meals for the passengers so food variety is very important. 

A day boat, however, focused the experience on diving in Komodo. Other things are just secondary. Don’t be disappointed if your lunch in the day boat is very averages. 

You Still Need to Pay for Other Accommodation 

One of the huge disadvantage of day boat is accommodation. While liveaboard allows one-time-payment for everything, day boat definitely doesn’t. You still need to look and pay for hotel (or dive resort) for your stay in Komodo. 

Hope that helps!

Start-ups, Business That Begin to Uprising in Indonesia and the World


Nowadays, many startup ideas appear here and there. This is not surprising, because according to the startup culture, a lot of people really want to try, get involved and own one of them. However, many of them can’t start because they face obstacles that are difficult to tame.


They may have many ideas that come to mind, but they seem unable to execute them immediately. How does it feel, why is it difficult to do it? In this article, we have several tips for you who want to execute your business ideas. You may have doubts or something like that, but it takes courage to make something happen. So, all you have to do is read this article carefully.

You need to get your ideas off the ground!

As mentioned earlier, many people have big ideas that come out of their brains. However, many of them do not have the courage to make it happen. You won’t have a real business until you start it yourself. Without taking the first step, your business won’t happen at all. If you still have doubts, simply start by writing the first line of code and register your domain. After that, make sketches of your product and start prototyping. In fact, the biggest obstacle to starting a business is your personality. So, just get started my friends!

Sell what you can: You need to know what product you have!

Some entrepreneurs may know what they are going to sell for their business. However, others have no idea what they want or will sell. If this is your case, you can try to sell whatever you can sell. For example, if you are good at creating graphics, you can start creating logos and selling them. You can even start selling coffee, too. If you don’t have anything to sell, you can sell other people’s products. Entrepreneurs are those who can turn someone’s products into their own. So you are allowed and welcome to sell someone’s products.

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Hire remote workers

If your business can be done by yourself, you can simply take it on your own. But you can’t go on like that. At the end of the day, you will have to hire someone else. If paying a permanent worker is not your style or if your budget is not prepared for it, then you can hire a remote worker. This is appropriate for tasks such as creating a website and something like that. There are many UX designers who will be happy to work remotely for you. Apart from that, freelancers are willing to work harder. Here are the little tips for you!

Bali Luxury Villas – Why Invest Now in the Market?


Bali luxury villas have been a top destination for over a decade for any travellers around the world. Its surprisingly good that this market are withstand every economic problem and sustain its stand point. Moreover, if you are in mission for a new home or investment, Bali is in the top list by far in 2020.

Bali Luxury Villas Bedroom

Its breathtaking culture and attraction, blend with a wonderful climate, also a strong value culture. It is also unwise to ignore the fact that majority Bali’s economic are also from the emerging trends in Bali luxury villas. Investor even put on the list that this market enters the top 10 investment to watch. While there are unlimited real estate trends occuring in Bali, its without a doubt now is the best time to enter the market.

Growth Trends

Bali is one of the fastest growing real estate market in Indonesia. In addition, Bali tourist and travellers grew significantly in 2019 before the pandemic, its estimated the increasement of 3%. This percentage was a great achievement since the average in previous years in on average of 1,5%.

Bali Luxury Villas Living Room

With the trends occuring, villas market are enhancing overtime with every tourist demands for an establish and luxury unit in Bali. These trends will continue for a long time, thats one vital indicator to declare an investment strategy for future.

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Value of Bali Luxury Villas Continue to Rise

Evenwhile the covid 19 pandemic hit really hard, the construction of villa and housing are still on hands. The value itself might decreasing amid pandemic but real estate industry still on the verge to survive. Despite some predicted it would fall to a trap hole, fortunately real estate industry didnt dramatically. This means that whenever the pandemic is over, we could see the uprising trend in a market and further a value rise of every real estate and villas.

The median rate increasement amid pandemic recovery is up to 5%. Its a good signal for future since it hasnt reach its full potential. Also this is a massive rate compared to other country that hit by the pandemic, as there are still a space for growth.

More Accessible Than Ever

During this era, real estate e-commerce has become an incredible source of investor, buyer and seller to begin transaction. With that being said, Bali have a lot of tremendous platform to accommodate any real estate transaction. For instance, the platform of

Bali Luxury Villas

This platform makes Bali Luxury Villa transaction seemingly easy and secure than any other. With also a listing of almost thousands unit, this platform gives a huge value for its users.

If you willing to invest in Bali, then you definitely consider using this platfrom for your guidance. With unlimited option available, you can pick any Bali Luxury Villas that match your desire and demands.

In Los Angeles, celebrities live quietly and princely


Los Angeles is a city in the state of California, United States. This city is nicknamed the City of Angeles. Los Angeles is a center of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology and education. Los Angeles being a Hollywood base, the city is nicknamed the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, and has many famous people in this city. Not only famous for its entertainment media, Los Angeles also presents many attractions that boast. Here are some wonderful destination sites in Los Angeles.

Walk of fame

Los Angeles Walk of fame

A very famous sidewalk in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles (California), located on Hollywood Boulevard between Gower Street and Brea Avenue, as well as on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard, where the names of industry celebrities appear of the show honored by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. This is where the names of public figures are written. International actresses and actors, but also singers, directors, producers of cartoon characters are here. The names of public figures are written on ceramic and brass. There are currently over 2,750 names on the Walk of Fame. If you visit here you can buy Walk of Fame memorabilia. Because this place is located near the highway

Grammy Museum

Los Angeles Santa Monica

A museum dedicated to the history of American popular music. Opened in December 2008, it is located in Los Angeles at the L.A. Live entertainment complex. An interactive and educational museum about history and Grammy Award winners. If you arrive here, you’ll get a lot of information about the Grammy Awards through cutting-edge multimedia such as touchscreens, videos and recording booths. The Grammy Museum presents the concept of the triumph of music in its time. Initially, the museum was dedicated to commemorating Grammy Award winners. Through this museum, you can learn more about musical genres and their history. In addition, the museum also has a collection of historical valuables such as costumes, musical instruments, song lyrics with original handwriting, vinyl records and audio and video recordings.

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Santa Monica

Los ANgeles Grammy Museum

Santa Monica is a coastal city, west of downtown Los Angeles. Santa Monica Beach is bordered by Palisades Park, which offers views of the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Monica Pier is home to the Pacific Park theme park, the historic Looff Hippodrome Carousel amusement ride, and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Close to the pier is Muscle Beach, an outdoor gym established in the 1930s. In the city center, Bergamot Station is home to several art galleries. Santa Monica Beach attracts tourists. You can do a lot of activities here, such as messing around, surfing or just playing beach volleyball. Towards night, choosing the sunset in Santa Monica will make you feel at home in this place.

Maxed Out Your Holiday at Nusa Dua Beach Resort!


Is your annual summer vacation coming? People love to flock out to somewhere warm and tropical for their holiday, and settling on a beach resort could be the cherry on top. Staying on a resort is also a popular option among couples and families. Resorts screams an easy holiday; secluded, luxurious, and is completed with exhaustive facilities. Often times, beach resort in tropical destinations like the Nusa Dua Bali, tempt the holiday makes with best deals and bargain vacation packages—many are too good to pass up. However, you might be that spouse or family member that’s not really a resort person.

Maxed Out Your Holiday at Nusa Dua Beach Resort!

Pick A Nusa Dua Beach Resort in Nice Location

The key of enjoying your resort holiday is picking up a resort that sits in a nice location. The ideals could be different for everyone; some thinks a close-by-airport resorts is perfect, other wish for a remote resort somewhere in secluded oceanfront location. This Nusa Dua beach resort for example, is nestled on the sweet spot between the two. It’s close to the airport while still being secluded from the rest of the world. It also have a private beach right on its doorstep. You might also want to stay at a resort with a good mix of activities to keep you entertained. 

The Non All-Inclusive are Usually Better

If you are actually not a resort person and just tagging along with your travel companion, chances are you won’t enjoy eating at the same place, day after day, for the whole vacation. That is to say, an all-inclusive resort package might not be the best for you. Staying in a non-all-inclusive resort gives you the opportunity to seek out interesting restaurants and cafes to eat each time. 

Get Out the Resort and See the Locals 

Get Out the Resort and See the Locals

Staying at a resort 24/7 could be perfect for someone who just yearn for a quiet gateway, doing absolutely nothing but lounging around. However, if you are such an adventurer, chances are you’ll feel more like in a house arrest rather than a holiday. If you are staying at Nusa Dua beach resort, for example, try to get out and learn more about Bali. Visit the temples, play at other beaches than the one at your resort, watch a traditional Balinese dance, and absorb the local culture. There’s so much to see in your destination!

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Say Yes to Nusa Dua Beach Resort Adventurous Offers

The Nusa Dua beach resort you are staying in doesn’t only have private beach and pools. They mostly have abundance of activities to keep their guests entertained during their stay. It’s common to see resorts in Bali packed with gym, yoga class, spa, games zone, cooking class, and even bike on hire. They could also link you with golf centre or water sport operators. Don’t get bored. Try on all the adventures!

Take Time Just to Chill

Well, after all you are on a resort. Why don’t you take this time to lie back, forget all the works and worries, and just take your time to unwind? It’s not everyday you can chill in a beautiful tropical setting.