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Recommended Small Towns You Can Put In Your Bucket List

Travelling to big cities where there are popular attractions that draw millions visitors each year is something many people tend to choose. However, you can also create your own travel plan and choose destinations that are not too popular. It may bring another sense of happiness for you because it feels like you find a hidden gem and not always follow the crowd. 

Small tree in Wanaka lake

Small towns you can visit on your next travel plan

Small tows usually have more peaceful vibe where you get to breathe fresh air, enjoy beautiful scenery of the nature at your surroundings, try variety of authentic local cuisine, join local festivals, learn more about the local’s way of living that hasn’t been touched by modernity. If these are what you are seeking of a trip, here are most recommended small towns to visit around the world:

Wanaka, New Zealand

New Zealand itself is a popular travel destination. Instead of going to popular cities, why not visiting its small town that is full of charm like Wanaka. It’s about an hour outside the Queenstown and home to 7,521 Kiwis. It is also home to Lake Wanaka which often used for various sport activities. In addition, you can also visit the most photographed tree in the country. It’s recommended to explore this small town toward sunset to get beautiful view. 

Bayerish Gmain, Bavaria, Germany

Bayerish Gmain is home to only a few thousands Bavarians. This small town is nestled between Salzburg, Bad Reichenhall, and Lake Konigssee. In fact, it sits on the border of Germany and Austria. This small town is often dubbed as the prettiest corner due to its magnificent natural panoramic views. This place is best for having outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, rock-climbing, sledding, snowshoeing, or skiing. 

Lucca, Italy

Lucca is beautiful small town located near the water, as the coast of Versilla is only less than half an hour away. Full of ancient history, this small town is surrounded by walls that were built to keep the enemies out. There’s Lucca main attraction worth to visit called the City of 1000 Churches. You can find an ornate church around almost every corner. 

Annecy, France

Another small town is from Europe named Annecy. This beautiful small town has a string of scenic water canals that flows through it. It’s often dubbed the Venice of France. It’s recommended to scroll through Vieille Ville or Old Town to enjoy its beauty and history through medieval buildings, cozy cafes and restaurants, and ancient cobbled streets. 


This place is known for and being next door to the infamous Niagara Falls, theater, and wineries. This beautiful small town is home to art galleries, cute cafes, sweet shops, museums, and golf courses. Since it’s the heart of the province’s wine country, it’s a must to visit one of around 100 wineries in the town. Make the most of your visit here by enjoying your time exploring each corner of the town. Explore the town’s food scene as well.

To Leave No Trace When Visiting Great Outdoors

To Leave No Trace When Visiting Great Outdoors
Pine Grove Campground

There are certain charms of outdoor travel and that is why most people like spending their holiday visiting state park, forest, national parks, nature reserves, etc. The nature has its own beauty that can hypnotize anyone to feel calmer and happier. Also, the situation with the global pandemic has driven more people to go outside and enjoy fresh air after being told to stay at home for long. However, the surge of visitor to various outdoor attractions cause various problems. 

Leaving no trace when outdoor traveling

One of the most common problems caused by increased number of visitors to the wilderness areas is an increased of resource damage. It is a must for the organizer or staffs to inform rules and guides on how to pay a visit properly and responsibly. However, it also should be in our mind to have that awareness to keep the nature as it is and avoid causing any damage. And so here are several ways you can enjoy your great outdoor travel without leaving no trace:

Plan ahead and prepare

It is a must to do your own research in advance of where you are going and what rules or regulations you should follow. Find the information on the official website of your destination. Or, you can also make a phone call to get a scoop. Hence, you visit more informed and educated. 

Be mindful with foods you are bringing

Leaving no trace when outdoor traveling
Free public domain CC0 photo.

Many people visit great outdoors packing any foods they have from home. However, they end up not eating all of them and leave them behind to go to waste. Even worse, they try to feed animals some human foods carelessly. This can be harmful both to the nature and the animals. If you plan on cooking during a camp, do it properly as to not attract any animals. Always clean after yourself and remember to not feed any animals even if they look cute. 

Pack mindfully

It is strongly advised that you be mindful with what you are going to pack. If you plan on heading to primitive, protected, or isolated area, bring less stuff with your packaging. The less stuff you pack, the less waste you are going to generate. Find a good balance by packing necessities such as clothes that are suitable with the weather or current situation. 

Be considerate

You might not be the only one who want to have primitive experience in the wilderness by spending few night sleeping at the campsite. Hence, know what you impact to others. Be mindful with your behavior and respect other occupants too. You also leave impact to the nature. Hence, be mindful not to pollute the water or damage any properties. 

Leave the place better then before your visit

Even your small contribution does make difference. Hence, make sure to not leave your trash behind. Clean after yourself and others. Try to protect any physical and social resources. If you camp in group, work together to haul trashes and clean the campground before leaving. 

Take A Peek into 3 Joglo Villas in Ubud Rich in Indonesian Culture

Take A Peek into 3 Joglo Villas in Ubud Rich in Indonesian Culture

There are many historical landmarks and artifacts in Indonesia. Even now, the Joglo style of historic dwellings is distinctive. The house’s design is one of the ones that is still frequently seen in contemporary Indonesia and is referred to by locals as “Omah Joglo.” Though Joglo is original to Javanese culture, the charm of this traditional house has now widely adopted as a translation of traditional villa in Bali, particularly in Ubud. These structures have been a new trend in Bali’s real estate market for the past few years, often even outpacing the construction of typical villas.

Understanding the Traditional Joglo House

Many facets of contemporary life continue to embrace the classic architecture. There are signs of past life left behind by an ancient structure. telling us in silence stories about daily life that are divided in time. The old-fashioned homes are a great way to experience life in the past. It reveals how they live. How they carry on with their daily activities. It offers us a quiet window into their daily activities.

The Popularity of Joglo House in Bali

Aesthetics are the most important thing. For a foreigner who wants to establish a property in Bali, it appears nice and exotic. Despite not being originally from Bali, it is also traditional, which makes you feel nice. The height and style of the roof, which were once reserved for aristocrats in Central Java, indicate the owner’s social and economic standing. However, in contemporary Indonesia, far more modest joglo have long been constructed in rural kampung.

Ubud is one of the most famous tourist hub in Bali that simultaneously associated with the center of art, culture, wellness, and spirituality. So it is just make sense to find many luxurious joglo villas in Ubud Bali. After all, it’s just fit to experience the rich tradition of Bali in a traditional house, don’t you think?

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Three Charming Joglo Villas in Ubud Bali 

Experience something different on your trip to Ubud. Tired of being crammed into a hotel room and staring at four walls? When we travel, we often want to experience something fresh, something different from the monotonous routine. 

Why not visit Ubud while staying in a magnificent Bali Joglo villa decorated in traditional antiques?  Your expectations will be more than surpassed by a large, exquisitely designed villa that combines traditional Indonesian architecture with contemporary styling.

Modern Contemporary Joglo Ubud Villa Bali  

This open-plan classic Joglo architecture invites the richness of tropical flair within. You will check into this villa and never want to leave because it embodies everything that is Indonesian architecture, with Joglo style pavilions surrounded by lovely tropical gardens and a dazzling aqua swimming pool overlooking the lush tropical jungle.

This 3 bedrooom Ubud villa is also equipped with 5 elegant bathrooms. It is completely furnished and well decorated, giving you access to exceptional luxury and comfort. This home generously provides comfortable air conditioning in most spaces, a large open-concept living and dining area, a modern kitchen, a private pool, a gazebo, and separate storage space.

Luxurious Joglo Villa with Infinity Pool and Jungle View 

This gorgeous joglo villa is located in a forested area of Ubud, just outside of the bustling center of the city. It will charm you with genuine Balinese hospitality where you can experience serendipity and a little bit of forgotten Bali.

This magnificent property is nestled in a tranquil location of Ubud and features a spectacular view of the jungle and large grounds. This magnificent Ubud Joglo house has 4 elegant bathrooms in addition to 3 roomy, snug, and comfortable bedrooms. It is completely furnished and tastefully decorated with pricey interior decor and furnishings that offer upscale luxury and comfort. This house generously provides a separate maid room, living room, dining room, kitchen, 15 x 4 m swimming pool, gazebo, garden, and spa.

A Royal Private Ubud Villa with Jungle View 

This palatial set of five-bedroom Ubud villa complex was traditionally built using Javanese Joglo architecture as influence surrounded with well-manicured garden to ensure a serene ambience within the house. The opulent joglo house is a stunning property that feels like a world away from reality thanks to abundance of open space, rustic accents, and a brilliant design that invites the lush outside in at every chance. This traditional villa guarantee entrancing sanctuary that has mastered the art of oriental exoticism and regal splendour.

How To Survive And Have Fun With Your Spontaneous Getaway

Every traveler may have different preference when it comes to travel preparations. Some travelers like to thoroughly plan everything to a T, making sure there is no detail left. Some others may prefer minimum preparation by preparing only what they think necessary to sustain themselves for the trip. Meanwhile, there are also some travelers who tend to be impulsive or spontaneous so making plan is seen as pretty unnecessary. Which one are you?

How To Survive And Have Fun With Your Spontaneous Getaway

Can you have a go-with-the-flow trip and still enjoy it?

Sometimes, breaking from agendas and itineraries can be refreshing. It creates the kind of unfiltered and unexpected happiness. Hence, it recommended to leave a space for flexible schedule in your itinerary so you have few hours to do something spontaneous during your trip. Or, you can also have your go-with-the-flow trip and still enjoy it the fullest with these survival tips:

Choose your destination

Well, this doesn’t sound like go with the flow if you still have to decide something in advance. however, choosing your destination is like the foundation of your trip. You can decide to spend your vacation in a cabin somewhere off the big city. However, you can let your steps take you to enjoy what kind of activities throughout your stay. 

Consider making a rough outline

If you cannot really let go of being prepared, you may consider making a rough outline instead of a detailed itinerary. For example, you have those lists of things you want to do so you know that you are going to spend your day meaningfully. Do it all with your own pace. Set general target but don’t let them strangle yourself down to the minute timing. 

Consider taking your travel buddy

it is liberating to travel solo and just do whatever you want throughout the trip. However, it is just as so much fun to do spontaneous trip with someone or people who share the same spirit. You can even take someone who love scheduling a trip to a T to enjoy a kind of go with the flow trip. This way, you can encourage each other to let lose and and share the fun. 

Spend some time to do your hobby

Sometimes, you cannot enjoy the trip fully because you are being too tight with the schedule. You feel like you have to visit so many places without even a break because you are afraid of missing out. However, spending time travelling to new places means you can finally indulge your forgotten hobby. It helps you enjoy the trip more and slow down your pace.

Have a positive mindset

It is common to worry about trip that you don’t really plan or prepare in advance. However, it is an opportunity for you to see things from different perspectives, allowing yourself to have fun in a a different ways. You are still you even if you are doing things differently sometimes. Try to enjoy small and simple things and indulge yourself to the kind of fun you don’t usually find from overplanning.

What To Consider To Become A Full Time Traveler

What To Consider To Become A Full Time Traveler
Free woman walking on street image

It is not an impossible dream to become a full time traveler. Traveling around different places as part of your way of living must be exciting. You get to see and learn many things directly. However, there is one big concern when it comes to fulfilling your dream to become a full time traveler; budget. Yes, one of the reasons why people think full time travel is unattainable dream for them is because they could not afford it. Hence, you should take many aspects into considerations to be able to travel full time. 

How to afford a full time travel 

Even domestic trip can be costly, let alone travelling to different places around the world. How much will it cost you? Fulfilling your dream for a full time travel is not impossible but to make it reachable, you need to make the right preparation especially with your financial arrangement. Here are some tips you may consider to become a full time traveler:

Create your own budget

Every individual may have different expense so make sure that you create a budget that fits your lifestyle or travel style. When planning your budget, you need to know how long do you want to travel, which places you want to visit, what kind of transportation you prefer, and be as honest as possible about your travel style. Only then you can estimate how much money you will possibly spend for your plan on full time travel. 

Decide how you use your money

Your money is your lifeline during a full time travel because you will be most likely paying everything to sustain yourself throughout the trip. You may have to save money during your full time trip because the value of money itself will automatically change. Make sure to pack light and only bring necessities with you. Be mindful with your foods and other expenses. 

Save money before you go

It is highly recommended to save money in preparation with your plan for a full time travel. It will be helpful if you create saving padding few months and even years before you go. Hence, you know that you have a backup. The more money you can save before travel, the longer the time you can have to travel.

Save on flights and lodging

You can save on flights and lodgings to avoid excessive expenses. For example, you can consider choosing flights with stopovers, being flexible with your flights, or using certain apps to find the best deals. As for saving on lodgings, you can do it by staying at the same place for more than a week, house-sitting, staying in hostel, or couch-surfing.

Planning and strategies

Full time travel is for everyone but it needs proper planning and strategies. Your plan should be in-depth and thorough because you are not travelling for few days or weeks. With the right planning and preparation, you can enjoy fun trip without worrying your logistics too much since you are already geared properly mentally, physically, and financially.

’Tis the Mola Mola Season in Bali! Are You Ready for Adventure?

’Tis the Mola Mola Season in Bali! Are You Ready for Adventure?

It’s July! For scuba diving enthusiasts, ’tis the season of Mola Mola in Bali! It’s the time when they can have the chance to meet this elusive creature in Nusa Penida water. 

Most commonly seen in Nusa Penida is the Mola-Mola, or Ocean Sunfish. The strange but lovely creatures are Bali’s top draw for scuba divers. The Mola-Mola, which is regarded as the largest bony fish in the world and can lay over 300 million eggs, can weigh up to 1000 kg. Their circular bodies appear extremely small from the front and back, and their dorsal fins can reach heights of up to three meters.

July, the Start of Mola Mola Season in Bali

These fish have been spotted in Bali’s seas as deep as 350 meters throughout the year. Between mid-July and mid-November, they get closer to the surface. If you are wondering where to see Mola Mola during the season, Nusa Penida will be the best place. However, the island could get quite packed with divers in day trip groups. Some of the best alternatives are Lembongan and the underwater area outside of Padangbai or Candidasa are the best locations to locate them.

The majority of sightings in Bali take place in the summer, especially in June and July, when the water temperature is between 13º and 17º C.

The temperate and tropical sections of the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans are frequently home to the Ocean sunfish, or Mola Mola. The adult sunfish live in oceans around the world, both temperate and tropical. Although they occasionally enter kelp beds and deep coral reefs to be cleaned of parasites by fishes like wrasses (Labroides dimidiatus and Thalasoma lunare) and Emperor Angelfish, they prefer the open ocean. 

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Why You Can Only See the Sunfish During Certain Season in Bali

Why You Can Only See the Sunfish During Certain Season in Bali

Molas typically reside beyond deep to be seen by amateur divers. However, due to shifting currents and water temperatures that cause the Mola Mola to approach shallower depths, divers have the opportunity to get a pretty good look at the fish every year for a few months.

Whether it’s in the northeast Atlantic, British Isles, or the equator waters like Bali, the  Mola Mola showed seasonal movements that, in the summer, extended into higher latitudes and were predominantly influenced by thermal preferences.

In short, they actually live in Bali waters all year round. However, they live too deep to be encountered with recreational diving. The change of temperature during the hottest months of the year motivated them to go into the shallower depths, thus the season!

Why Nusa Penida is Great to See Mola

On the far side of Nusa Penida, lies the Wallace Line – A deep trench which runs 1300 meters deep, separating Bali, Indonesia from Austronesia. Nusa Penida forms a natural barrier for the ocean currents, which cause strong upwelling’s of cold water, this movement of water attracts large pelagic species such as sharks, rays, and the Oceanic Sunfish.

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Seeing Mola Mola in Nusa Penida Bali

Although Molas have a huge body and no natural predators, they rarely approach the reefs. Mola-Molas will therefore swim away if you or your guide tries to approach them; instead, just remain still when you notice them. You must stay very still, close to the reef, and wait for the mola-molas to approach you. They should relax and prepare for their “Cleansing Ritual”, which are done by the reef fish. A Mola-Mola moves its bodies upward and slightly sideways after it locates a location to clean itself. When they are cleaned, they will get super relaxed and enter almost a trance-like state. This is the great time to come closer to the proximity and observe this curious creature.

Best Locations To Buy Vacation Home In The U.S

There are many places around the world where you can invest on a vacation home. But if you have U.S citizenship, why not looking for the best vacation home in one of the cities. Vacation home itself is not something uncommon to own. In fact, lots of people dream of having ideal vacation home where they can spend their holiday with family or simply to get away from the stress caused by daily routine. 

Aerial drone view on the small town Kunkletown, Poconos, Pennsylvania, in the fall.

Best locations buy vacation home?

A vacation home doesn’t have to be all about luxury. It is best that you pick vacation home that suits your preference. Location does matter when it comes to home vacation picking. It can make or break the deals especially if you are looking for a location that fits your needs. And here are some of the best locations in the U.S you may consider if you plan on buying a vacation home:

Big Sky, Montana

This is a such an ideal location for a vacation home since it is such a versatile place for any kinds of vacation. During warm months, this place is perfect for adventurous activities such as hiking, biking, zip lining, etc. And during cold months, it is perfect for skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, etc. It is practically the best location yo buy a vacation home since it offer a year-round best atmosphere to enjoy. 

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

This is such a paradise personified. It is basically a barrier island situated in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Visiting this place is like entering into another dimension because even the wind has that whimsical flair to it. The island itself has been shaped by the sea, creating stunning beachscape with marshes, sand dunes, and overall amazing views to its surroundings. Buying a vacation home here can be a great idea since it promises you a good time anytime you pay a visit. 

Poconos, Pennsylvania

The Pocono Mountain has been one of the most recommended places for a vacation. Everything you would want in a vacation destination is here. There are various outdoor activities you can enjoy during your time here such as kayaking, hiking, white water rafting, etc. The nearby villages also offer a sense of safety and community. It also has pubs and shopping areas within reach. It is a great place to buy a vacation home in Pocono if you aim for a simple, peaceful life.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is practically a gateway for you to access the Smoky Mountains National Park, which is most widely visited national park in the U.S. Gatlinburg is home to about five thousand residents which means the place is pretty peaceful and less buzzing. However, it still has various things to keep you entertain during your vacation such as family-friendly museums, zip lining, authentic restaurants, etc. Buying a vacation here in can be good idea especially if you are looking for a place where you can escape from the noise of big city but still want to enjoy vacation conveniently.

Komodo National Park Diving, How & Where to Start

Where the spot is an epic and popular diving destination in Indonesia? Then you can say the Komodo National Park Diving spot is included in one of the world’s dive destinations. Scuba diving Komodo is very popular because of the Manta Rays and the life of a variety of colorful marine life. Most diving lovers know that Komodo diving spots should be included on their bucket list.

Komodo National Park Diving, How & Where to Start

Komodo National Park Diving Liveaboard

There are many Komodo diving spots that you can explore. The best way to reach dozens of spots is by liveaboard. For the best diving experience, you can take the 5D4N or 4D3N packages. You will not only find many of the best dive spots but also see legendary ancient animals. Padar, Rinca, Gili Lawa, and others offer their own charm that you should not miss.

If you ask the experience of those who have enjoyed a cruise to Komodo National Park, they will answer that it is an epic cruise experience. What you should know when you want to enjoy the Komodo sailing trip, the routine during the cruise is wake up, eat, dive, eat, dive. It is possible if you want to enjoy the scenery on the big islands by trekking.

How to start Komodo National Park diving?

To start Komodo liveaboard diving, you can use a domestic plane from Bali. If your location is in Jakarta, there are direct flights from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo was originally a fishing village that has now turned into a port and gateway to start a Komodo diving cruise. 

Komodo liveaboard diving from Labuan Bajo helps you take advantage of every moment to get to hidden dive spots. You will just have to do activities and stay on the boat for days where in the morning you can directly enjoy the diving spots. 

Komodo liveaboard is also perfect for those who want to enjoy night dives. Imagine how much trouble it would be if you stayed at a hotel and had to do a night dive. It takes time to reach the dive spot from the hotel and guess the weather conditions in Komodo National Park.

Ordering Komodo liveaboard can be offline and online. There are many liveaboard operators you can find online and it can take you weeks or months to find the right one. Detailed information that you should ask about is the type of liveaboard, open or private trip, the type of cabin available, and whether it is a shared or private cabin. If your goal is focused on diving, ask if they provide free diving equipment or you will be charged an additional fee.

There is also the option of chartering a liveaboard from Bali. Before heading to Komodo, you’ll do some diving in the Lombok area. The best way is to compare all Komodo liveaboard diving and check availability and pricing for the Komodo region. 

Komodo liveaboard budget

Depending on your route and the level of luxury of your Komodo Liveaboard, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $600 per night. This price includes food, transportation, dives, hiking, and other activities. If you do not have your own equipment, there is usually a small daily rental fee. It is unquestionably the most cost-effective way to travel in this remote part of Indonesia.

The Komodo diving sites are insane, and the region is filled with raw natural beauty both above and below the surface. The more difficult it is to reach something, the more beautiful it is.

Recommended Destinations To Distract You From Post-Breakup Blues

Lots of people say that time can heal any wound. It is true to some extent. However, what you probably need right now during your post-breakup is distance instead. Hence, it can be a good idea to explore various places to distract yourself from post-breakup blues. Of course, travelling won’t mend your broken heart. However, at least it gives you another form of happiness you can savor during your difficult times, making them more bearable. 

Grand Teton National Park sign beside US 191 North, with the Teton range at left under a crisp blue September sky

Places to go to get away from post-breakup blues

It is probably impossible to mend your broken heart in a day but that doesn’t mean you should wallow in sadness for a long period. You can slowly build your happiness again by visiting beautiful places that give you a peaceful atmosphere or fun adventures. And here are some of recommended places you might consider to distract your post-breakup blues:

San Francisco, California

The Golden City may be the answer to overcome your post-breakup blues. It has mild climate year-round so you can wander around it anytime. You can just start your day welcoming the sunrise and snap some pictures of it. Then, head to Palace of Fine Arts to explore beautiful artworks. You may also consider hopping on a sightseeing cruise or even watching the San Francisco Giant play at Oracle Park. Find more literary inspiration nearby City Lights where you can visit various bookstores. 

Barcelona, Spain

Going to Barcelona, Spain, can be a great idea to overcome your blues. There are so many beautiful places you can explore by foot in Barcelona. You can start off with the Gothic Quarter and El Born where you can see historical buildings flanking the endless alleyways. Indulge your appetite by visiting one of the best restaurants in these little paths. You can also enjoy architectural beauty by strolling between the city’s many Antoni Gaudi-designed buildings. 

Jackson, Wyoming

Go grab your backpack and have your adventure in Jackson, Wyoming. This is where you will get surrounded by wildlife and some of the most amazing scenery in the U.S. You can have variety of outdoor activities while also enjoying the leisure it provides. Enjoy robust dining and nightlife scene during your stay in Jackson. If you consider yourself an avid hiker, consider spending your entire trip alone with your thoughts in Grand Teton National Park. End you day by warming up from the chilly mountain at The Rose where you can find a bar scene with a mix of locals as well as visitors. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a popular travel destination and pretty versatile for any type of travel. There are many places recommended to help you find your peace. Choose your own adventure and pick your own destinations from mountains, beaches, temples, to waterfalls. Also, don’t forget to enjoy local delicacies that will bring out the happiness in you. Bali never sleeps that you can find your own fun even at night by exploring the beach or enjoy a drink or two in one of the bars or clubs nearby.

Why should go to Labuan Bajo to reach Komodo National Park?

Labuan Bajo is a hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia. For tourists who want to visit Komodo National Park, they may wonder, how to reach it? Labuan Bajo is one of the super-priority destinations developed in Indonesia. This destination is the gateway to Komodo National Park with its stunning natural beauty and a global icon of ancient animals. You can enjoy a row of exotic islands, and ancient animals on the island of Rinca and Komodo, all of which you can enjoy by starting your journey from Labuan Bajo.

Komodo national park - rinca island view

Gateway to Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park are inseparable entities. Both are interconnected so when in Labuan Bajo, it is necessary to visit Komodo National Park. To get to Komodo National Park, tourists must use a boat. While in Labuan Bajo, you can find many boat providers that will take you to enjoy island hopping. Get ready for price negotiations! 

The variety of boats is very diverse and if you are in Labuan Bajo, you can directly check the condition of the ship. There are positive and negative sides if you are looking for a boat to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo. The positive is that as mentioned above, you know firsthand the condition of the ship. The negative is that the price offered may be above the price if you are looking for a boat online.

If you are solo traveling and lucky, you can enjoy an open trip Labuan Bajo at a low price. Most Labuan Bajo open trip operators usually offer their packages online, if you have an empty slot, you can directly negotiate the price and join them. To fill the slots, it will be very possible for you to get the best price compared to online offers.

Even though you can get a sailing trip Labuan Bajo at a cheap price, you need to ask in detail about the facilities and destination destinations during the cruise. There will be many boats with different facilities and determine the comfort of your trip.

How long is the ideal Labuan Bajo trip?

If your time is limited, many travel providers offer 1-day trips. One day trip will be very tiring because you will visit several islands, swim, or snorkel in 1 day. The ideal sailing trip Labuan Bajo is 3 days 2 nights and stays on the boat.

The price for the Labuan Bajo liveaboard is definitely more expensive than 1-day trip budget. But you will really enjoy the cruise to reach remote islands that cannot be reached by standard boat. Labuan Bajo cruise 3D2N allows you to do trekking on Komodo island, as well as climb the evidence to see the amazing panorama on Padar island.

The decision to enjoy a 1-day trip or 3D2N depends on your wishes. The cost of the sailing trip Labuan Bajo will be very cheap if you can negotiate directly or join an open trip and enjoy premium liveaboard facilities.