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How Komodo Diving Liveaboard Will Kickstart Healthy Lifestyle

Komodo diving liveaboard is not just a way to escape to the breathtaking tropics. Aside from getting to experience the astounding nature of the legendary Komodo National Park and the surrounding islands, do you know that cruises have its own way of kickstarting a healthy lifestyle? Life onboard is something that would leave an impression on you.

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Food on Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Floating atop water the whole time sometimes make you question whether you’ll get good food at all. Are you even going to get fresh food? Stores are miles away and you’re in the middle of the oceans! Contrary to that notion, the food served in Komodo diving liveaboard are as healthy as it could get.

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Not only you’ll be served by a professional chef onboard – which means mouthwatering menu served in the most delectable way possible – you’re going to eat plenty of healthy stuff as well. The fruits served onboard are usually “hard fruits”. Not fruits that are hard to eat, but they’re fruits that last long even without refrigerators. These include grapes, apples, watermelons (unopened, of course). Add a refreshing coconut to that equation. Your food consist of the perfect tropical bliss!

Yoga atop Komodo Diving Cruise

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Yoga atop Komodo diving cruise is akin to an ideal journey for retreat lovers and wellness enthusiasts. Many cruises do offer this as one of the features of their cruise activities. Make sure that you ask your cruise provider for better details. It’s imperative that you note these sort of activities likely won’t be available in Komodo liveaboard budget as it would be served more towards the luxury boat experience.

If you’d like to find a liveaboard with a yoga intensive program, then specifically search for “Floating Yoga and Wellness School”. There have been several cruises emerging that cater to the niche. Everything is designed for those who care about the healthy ways of life and of course, much of the highlight of their program center on yoga and meditation.

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Guided meditation onboard

A lot of the yoga cruises that serve the Komodo diving liveaboard route also include guided meditation as well. The frequency of it varies from one cruise to another. But you can expect that most cruises will provide daily guided meditation. If you’ve been thinking to start your routine of meditating but you don’t know where to start, joining a yoga cruise is actually a great way to kick it off.

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Life onboard does not automatically translate to everyday life

It’s true that going on a Komodo diving liveaboard will kickstart all of the healthy activities. But remember that health is a lifestyle. Your life during your cruise might just be left there on the cruise if you don’t put in the effort to integrate it to your everyday life at home. Lifestyle is basically a culmination of habits. And habits start small. Can’t go on a yoga class every other day? Then don’t force yourself, if it’s not practical. Do it for five minutes at home. Take away the things you love on your liveaboard and apply them during your everyday life.