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Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise


It’s only days before your long awaited sailing trips to the forgotten lands with Komodo Cruise. You are almost finish packing—you have prepared all the essentials. Sun hats, swimming suits, sunblocks, summer clothes, important documents, and all travel-sized toiletries. Only one last final packing, and you are ready to go. At least, that’s what you think. But do you? While you can’t live without the essentials, you might forget about these small but useful things that would make your life in the phinisi cruise more comfortable.

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

Outlet and Adapter

If you don’t live in Indonesia, you’re almost certainly using a different set of plugs than what they use here. Bring your adapter and best, another outlets for additional chargers. You know, most cabin in Komodo cruise only have one single outlet for electricity.

A Portable Fan, Cause Komodo Cruise Can Get Hot

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

Unless you are having a cabin with wraparound window (and pay more money for it) your cabin could get very hot. Sometimes you need more than air conditioner to keep you cool. We love to have a small, compact, battery powered fan to bring anywhere. Not only it can help us cool in non-air conditioned area like the open deck, it also helps air circulating better in the cabin.

A Small Scented Freshner

Here’s a secret you might not know yet in Komodo cruise. The bathrooms, ensuite or not, don’t have ventilation. Yes, you read it right. Not long after the ship sail, you’ll find it smell, well, funny. Having a small scented fresher to hang or small toilet spray really do the help. No more unpleasant bathroom trip!

A Beach Blanket for Excursion in Komodo Cruise

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

One thing that we love the most on Komodo cruise trip; the ultimate beach galore! Seriously, there are just too much beach too count in Komodo. The idyllic Pink Beach, stark-white beaches, the beach atoll on Snake Island and Taka Makassar, and many more. Having a beach blanket ready would be really helpful if you want to sit leisurely at the sandy shores. Not only it keep you off the sands, it also protect your skin. The sands can be very hot!

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Some Resealable Ziploc Bags

It’s one of the most helpful things made for travelling on the wet. With so much beach play, snorkel, and dive in Komodo, your stuffs could get easily wet. A resealable ziploc bags can help keeping your wallet and phone dry as you throw your wet clothes, towel, or swimming googles to the bag.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

If you have travelled with diving liveaboard before, you know how handy a waterproof day bag is. Remember that sometimes you need to get down from the Komodo cruise and walk in the water before reaching the destination island. That’s when you’ll wish you bring a dry bag. Also, they are very useful to store quick-to-grab items such as googles, snorkel fins, flip flops, and hats in dive deck’s locker.