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Recommended Places to Visit in Turkey


Travelling in Turkey can be your great experience. Despite of the issue of the safety, Turkey is relatively a safe travel destination. The majority of the neighborhoods in Turkey are safe and the locals are also welcoming. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your travel plan to Turkey. You can travel solo or with companions. The public facilities and transport are sufficient to keep you comfortable throughout your trip. Not to mentions that the foods are amazingly delicious with wide selections you can pick. 

Most recommended places to visit in Turkey

When deciding to go for a vacation, it is highly recommended to research the options of destinations no matter what country you are going to visit. You have to make sure you know the warning danger and threats of the place you are going to visit so you know what to expect and prepare. About Turkey, might as well consider these most recommended places due to its safety and attractions:

Istanbul – The capital city of Turkey is worth visiting for. It is a wonderful city you should totally visit if you choose Turkey for your next travel destination. There are many neighborhoods with unique vibe and characteristics to explore. You can head to Besiktas if you want to feel hipster vibe. It is a safe neighborhood. There are various bars and coffee shops with eccentric themes. You can also venture to Ortakoy to watch fishermen occupying the riverfront in search of fresh catch. As for the major attraction, it is located in Sultanahmet. You will find Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Grand Bazaar. 

Cappadocia – This can be considered as the highlight in Turkey tourism. What you will enjoy is the beautiful landscapes. It can make you feel like you are entering different universe. One of the most favorite things in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon ride. You can also take more adventurous activities such as hiking up the scenic trails. There are also underground cities you can venture over to. If you are into photography, explore the silk-road architecture and take pictures of the neighborhood framed in beautiful design. Cappadocia is also highly recommended for solo female traveler because it is safe. The locals here are already accustomed to tourists wandering around the neighborhood. You can also book one of the hotels in Cappadocia for your accommodation to feel more secured.

Izmir – This is a great city to explore when you visit Turkey. It is not as popular as Cappadocia but it’s worth a visit. The best way to enjoy this place is to venture over to the markets. There are tea rooms, clothing stores, and food stands you can explore. Not to mention that you will also enjoy the coastal views. You can explore the beautiful beaches. If you want to visit Ephesus and Pamukkale, it is best to book a travel tour so you can get there safely. However, Izmir itself is already wonderful to explore that you won’t miss a thing. Try various foods selection to complete your journey in Izmir.