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What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia


Indonesia is a great place for travelling. It is already famous among international travelers. One of the most recommended place to travel to is Malang, located in East Java. Malang is already a popular travel destination among locals. There are various aspects to learn for travelers, be it the historical significance, natural beauty, to unique urbanity. Malang is a complete package of travel destination worth visiting for. You can even bring your family and your kids have many options of attractions to visit.

Things to consider before visiting Malang, Indonesia

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

Malang is a great city to visit and relatively safe for traveling around even for solo female traveler. It is also relatively cheap for budget travelers. Accommodation, transportation, and tourist attractions are not hard to find. However, you still have to be prepared before visiting so you will feel more secured. 

When to Get There

The weather in Malang is relatively comfortable. Indonesia only has two seasons in a year so you won’t experience too extreme weather. It is highly recommended to visit during dry season instead of rainy season though so you won’t have to deal with wet clothes or dirty shoes when getting around the city. It is highly recommended to not visit during big holiday such as school holiday which is around June-August. Most of families spend their holiday getting around various tourists attractions so it is bound to happen for you to get in the crowd if you visit at those times. 

Where to Stay

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

As for accommodation, there are various options to choose for you to stay during your visit to Malang. However, hotels are the most recommended since they are easily spotted around the city. There are various styles of hotels such as those with colonial decor. If you visit more secluded area, you might also find hotels with traditional decoration involving Javanese authentic materials. 

Rare Transportation in the Airport

If you get to Malang by plane, keep in mind that public transportation is rare in the airport. The only available transportation is taxi. Therefore, you have to prepare your transport before visiting. You can hail a taxi or rent a car beforehand to get you to your destination from the airport. If you use travel agent, they might offer you airport pick-up service but you have to make sure of it beforehand. 

What to Eat

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

For foods and drinks, they are not hard to get. Restaurants and cafes are scattered around the city so you can eat out anytime. There are also various options of foods to choose. You can choose traditional, authentic local dishes such as Ayam Goreng Kampung. The most recommended local dish to try is Bakso Malang. It is very popular that it is available in restaurants or street vendors. Also, there is Apel Malang (apples) with unique flavor you should try. 

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Bring Enough Cash

It is highly recommended to bring enough cash when getting around the city. You have to change your currency into Indonesian currency, Rupiah. If you are going to get around using public transportation such as Becak (pedicab) or Angkot, you need to bring enough small cash with you.