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Komodo Boat Trip Destination for Prewedding Shot


The land of the dragon has this alluring, mysterious and exotic charm that never fail to draw curious eyes from any part of the world. And that’s not only because of the presence last dragon on earth, Komodo, who are known to stalk the shore of Komodo Island for deer hunting, but also due to the enchanting landscape.

Komodo National Park is not like any tropical resort you might imagine. Consist of more than twenty small islands, Komodo was definitely a paradise for prehistoric animals million years ago and stay perfectly the same. It’s a land that time forgot. A frontier in Indonesia that’s so remote it delude you from a sense of current time and space. 

Many traveler fall in love with the peculiar beauty of Komodo, so much that they decided to share the beauty with their most beloved. Today, a number of adventurous soul has made Komodo boat trip to bring their pre wedding dream into reality.

Komodo Boat Trip Destination for Prewedding Shot

Fancy to follow their path? Here are five surreal destination in Komodo that will make a perfect idyllic prenuptial shots. 

Sunrise at Pink Beach

No once can deny the lure of gleaming pink-tinted beach. After all, no color can do better than pink to signify the flowing love in the air. And with only seven pink beach in the world, there’s no way you can skip Pink Beach! Moments before sunset or shortly after the sunrise is the best time to capture the pinkness of the beach. Let down your flowy dress to the water and let the rosy sands reflect the joy of your love.   

Glowing Sunset at the Marvellous Padar

Back from the Jane Austen era to today, being somewhat half-hidden in the bushes of tall grasses with your beloved shows a pure sweet and delicate love. The famous Padar island—which also happened as the most popular destination for every Komodo boat trip—is a perfect place for this scene. After taking a must-do panoramic shot in the island’s peak, climb down and chill on one of the hillside. Strike a pose between the yellowish savannah with the peaky hill towering gallantly in the background.

Under the Tall Trees in Rinca

Between Komodo Island and Rinca, both being the home of the dragons, the latter provides better landscape for an aesthetic photography. Embrace your better half under the tall trees in Rinca and get lost in one another’s eyes. With lots of Lontar, Sunjuban, tamarind, and kapok trees, Rinca has a very distinctive prehistoric vibes that will add character to your pre wedding pictures. 

The Vessel of Komodo Boat Trip

Who says exotic destinations on Komodo boat trip are only preserved on the islands? Take a look to your surrounding, and you will realise that your gorgeous Komodo boat is perfect for another session of pre wedding photos. The boat’s warm wooden features and the blueness of the ocean make a fabulous backdrop for either casual or dressy wears. You can even recreate the famous Titanic scene, if you wish. Take a moment during the golden sunset to get the best color and add some depth to the frame.

Floating for Two in Taka Makassar

When you have done taking outlandish couple shot in the jurassic-esque land, it’s time to get into another part of the paradise. Take Makassar will be a lovely closure to your pre-wedding Komodo boat trip. Bring on the fancy floaters and enjoy floating around with your beloved in the super clear water. Take the advantage of Taka Makassar’s shallow depth and take a gorgeous shoot with the bride’s dress floating in the translucent sea for an almost dreamlike wedding. Let’s get wet!