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Dive Cruise Indonesia Exploring Komodo National Park Diving Spot

Why should you join a dive cruise Indonesia to explore Komodo National Park diving spot? Because of its location on the island, you have to take a boat to get there. Arriving on the island, you have to look for lodging that is not necessarily comfortable to rest after a long journey. Why not try the Komodo liveaboard package? Imagine the unique experience of staying on a boat for days with facilities that are not inferior to five-star hotels or inns on the island.

Dive Cruise Indonesia Exploring Komodo National Park Diving Spot

The Enchantment of Dive Cruise Indonesia

Dive cruise Indonesia is indeed dominated by diving lovers. The goal? Explore the many dive spots on the island of Komodo. Komodo National Park is indeed famous for its spectacular underwater charm. The popularity of the underwater world has even reached foreign countries.

Foreign tourists are even willing to make long trips to get to Komodo National Park. Their achievements are not in vain because they will be fascinated by the beauty of coral reefs and diverse marine life. Dive cruise Indonesia brings domestic and foreign divers to explore almost all the best dive spots in Komodo National Park.

How many days does it take to explore the underwater Komodo? Indonesian liveaboard packages usually range from 4-5 days for diving lovers. Some spots that diving lovers can visit for 4-5 days:

  • Kanawa Island
  • Big Laughter
  • Makassar Reef
  • Bolong Rock
  • Manta Point

Each dive spot has a different and enchanting underwater view. The depth of the dive spot also varies. There are dive spots that require divers to have certain diving skills and experience because underwater current conditions can change quickly.

Several dive spots also turned out to be very suitable for snorkeling lovers because the current conditions were quite calm and not dangerous. Joining an Indonesian dive cruise doesn’t mean it’s off-limits for snorkeling lovers.

Liveaboard Indonesia – Exploring Komodo Dragon

liveaboard indonesia - dining area

The Indonesian dive cruise package not only offers diving activities but also snorkeling and interestingly, you can see the endangered Komodo dragon up close. Komodo National Park is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon.

Komodo and Rinca Island are islands of rare animal habitats and should be included in your vacation list. Both of these islands have different geography and a number of rare animals. Seeing Komodo dragons up close is a unique and different adventure from your previous vacation. You must follow the rules and follow the instructions of the local ranger. The goal? Komodo dragons can be aggressive at any time, and without a guide, they can be dangerous for you.

Reasons Why Travelling With Kids Are Not It For Some Parents

Not all parents are fond of travelling with their kids. Some of them consider that activity as a hassle. It is not entirely wrong especially for those parents who have more than one kids to take care of. They often think that taking kids with them to visit some new places can lead to troubles such as uncomfortable flight, random tantrum, kids getting sick, and many more. Some parents often think they will have the right time to do it someday. However, there will never be the right time to travel with kids if you don’t make the time yourself. 

Travelling with kids can be fun

Travelling with kids are not always messy. There are several things that you can control by making thorough preparation in advance. As for unexpected things such as random tantrum or accident, it happens not only to kids but also adults so worrying over those just won’t do. And here are some of the most popular reasons why some parents are not really fond of travelling with their kids:

Kids won’t remember travel memories

Lots of parents think that their kids won’t remember anything even they are taking them to the most extravagant trip. Well, they may not remember everything to a T but the point is to allow them to experience it. All those experiences will be valuable for them int he future. Also, you can recall the memories with them when they are older so they know what kind of experience they had and how it helps shape them. 

Kids are too young to travel comfortably

Every kid can travel with their parents regardless of their age. What you need to do is plan your trip accordingly with thorough preparation. Some activities may not be suitable for your kids. That’s why you need to prepare in advance of what you and your kids will and will not do. Make sure that you both can enjoy the activities without neglecting the importance of safety and comfort. 

Kids can’t sit still

This is mostly true because most kids are super active and cannot sit still for a long period of time. However, it is the nature of kids. That’s how they live regardless of where they are. What you can do is ensure that the trip will be safe and comfortable for them. Prepare sufficient logistics to make sure that you have everything you need to provide for your kids on the road. 

Kids don’t sleep easily and are picky eaters

Travelling with kids who are also picky eaters can be a little bit troublesome but it can be managed. However, most hotels and restaurants around the world provide children’s meals so you don’t have to worry about that. Also, your kids will be able to sleep easier during travel because there are many things that excite them. They will end up getting tired and sleep easily. Tire your kids with fun activities during the day so they won’t have problems to sleep in the evening.

Komodo island tour, Pamper Your Eyes in 6 Tourist Spots

Komodo Island, one of the main habitats for endangered animals. In fact, before this reptile was famous, the ancestors of the Komodo villagers had a very close relationship with the Komodo dragon. Until now, they believe that Komodo is their twin brother. Komodo island trip brings you closer to the life of the local community and Komodo. 

Komodo Island

komodo island tour - meet the dragon
Image Source: manta rhei

Komodo island, the habitat of the largest lizard in the world, of course, you will meet face to face with this rare animal. Komodo island tour and meet this big lizard, you have to do trekking. A ranger will guide you throughout your trekking journey. A unique spot that you must visit when joining the Komodo island tour is the pink beach. 

Pink Beach

komodo boat trip - pink beach

Did you know that there are only 7 types of rare beaches in the world? One of them is a pink beach? If you take the Komodo island tour liveaboard, your phinisi ship will definitely dock at the pink beach. If your point is from Labuan Bajo, it takes a 3.5-hour drive to see the beauty of this beach. 

Pulau Rinca

komodo island trip - rinca island

To see firsthand the presence of endangered Komodo dragons, not only on the island of Komodo, but you can also meet large rare animals on the island of Rinca. Uniquely, these two islands have different geographical conditions. You will see a view of the savanna or dry meadow on the island of Rinca and perfect for your photo background.

Padar Island

komodo island tour - pulau padar

If you are looking for a famous spot with spectacular views along the Komodo island tour, then Padar Island is the right destination. The shape of the island is very unique and the view from the highest point of Padar Island provides an iconic backdrop. Padar Island is similar to Rinca Island, full of savanna and grasslands. Komodo island tour to Padar island during the rainy season, you will see the green Padar island. During the dry season, the scenery of this island looks yellow.

Taka Makassar

komodo island trip - taka makassar

Taka Makassar is an area like an island but only in the form of sand that appears on the sea surface. You can see the turquoise green sea around it. You must visit Taka Makassar when taking the Komodo island tour. The beautiful view of Taka Makassar will be the perfect background for your vacation photos.

Pulau Kalong

komodo island tour - kalong isand

Following the Komodo island tour, then you will definitely visit the island of Kalong. A unique island without inhabitants. Unfortunately, you can’t get off and the boat that will take you will park not far from the island. Late-night visits are best. The view of the sunset and the extraordinary attraction of thousands of bats coming out of this beach and flying into a very spectacular sight.

Prevent Getting Sick While On A Flight

Prevent Getting Sick While On A Flight

Travel can put your body in more vulnerable position with temperature changes, spreading germs, etc. During a flight, there is high risk of you getting sick. Man people thought it was because of the recirculated air that passengers getting sick when flying. However, the study found that it was false. The major factor that can cause sickness to airplane passengers is the germs spread by human movement throughout the cabin. 

How to prevent yourself from getting sick on plane

The best thing to do to stay healthy and safe during a flight is to practice good hygiene. Avoiding in contact with germs is a must. However, it is probably too much for some travelers to keep themselves on guard to avoid any contact with germs in the cabin. Also, it is recommended that you choose window seat rather than aisle seat. Window seats are 

According to the studies, the risks of transmission of respiratory viruses in cabin of an airplane are still unknown. However, movements of crew and passengers may facilitate disease transmission. Hence, it makes sense if window seats are said to have lower risks of disease transmission. Window seats provide less chance for movements. Passengers and crew won’t pass by window seats but the aisle ones. Hence, aisle seat are more exposed to disease transmission. 

How to prevent yourself from getting sick on plane

Furthermore, thinking that you will get sick from using the air flowing through the nozzle above you is highly unlikely. You are more vulnerable to get sick from other people as well as items that pass through the cabin. By choosing the window seat, you can avoid germ traffic. It is also recommended that you sit in your window seat throughout the duration of the flight if it is a short one. If you have a long-haul flight, minimize your movement. You can stretch your body while going for a toilet break to minimize unnecessary movement. 

Avoid using blanket provided by the airline especially when you see it is dirty. Sometimes, the airline doesn’t have much time to wash or replace the blankets after the previous flight due to tight schedule. Hence, you don’t know if previous passengers might have been sicks or spread the germs to the blanket. It is more recommended to bring your own travel blanket if you take a long-haul flight. 

Be mindful of what you eat during the flight. If there is something off about the food, do not eat it. Hence, it is highly recommended to pack your own foods at least some snacks. So if the in-flight foods are not to your liking, you can always open your pack of foods. 

Avoid alcoholic, carbonated, and caffeinated beverages. It is important to stay hydrated to avoid getting sick while on a flight. However, those kind of beverages will increase your dehydration because the are diuretic. Stick to healthy beverages such as mineral water or fruit juice. Take a good nap during the flight so you can land feeling refreshed because lack of sleep can lower your immune system. 

Using The Airplane bathroom With Courtesy

To travel smoothly and safely, you need to be prepared and follow the rules that are both spoken and unspoken. There are many things that can ruin your travel experience including the airplane bathroom. It is one of the scariest place but it is the only place you can use to relieve yourself when you are thousands feet above the ground. When using airplane bathroom, there are also rules you need to follow to avoid unnecessary troubles for yourself and the others. 

airplane bathroom

How to use airplane bathroom with courtesy during your flight

Here are some bathroom behavior tips to make your travel experience more enjoyable:

Do not leave a mess after using airplane bathroom (and any bathroom). it doesn’t take hours to simply put away the paper towels in the trash can or flush the toilet. You might get surprised of how many times air travelers found something gross in the toilet after it use by previous air travelers. You don’t want to find those gross things as well so flush the toilet after finishing your business. It only takes few seconds to do. And you should also wipe down the sink after use. 

If you travel with your kids or babies and need to go to the bathroom, do not ask your seatmate or other fellow passengers to babysit. If you have recently born baby with you, bring your baby with you to the toilet. Or if you are concerned about the sanitary, you can ask flight attendant to watch over your child for a minute or two while you are in the toilet.

Be considerate to your seatmate if you happen to have an aisle seat because they will need to go to the toilet. As long as they do it politely without walking all over you or bumping their body here and there, give them space to move. Also, it is considered normal if your seatmate wants to to go the toilet twice for a six hour flight. Or, your seatmate might need to go to to the toilet more often due to medical issue. If it is, then, you can offer to exchange seat so they can go wherever they want without disturbing your peace. Always be a good human and don’t easily judge other people. 

Treat airplane lavatory like a drive-through. Do not take longer than necessary to use the airplane toilet because the other passengers might need to do it as well. Do not take forever to use the bathroom and cause a long line in the cabin. Do your business as efficient and quick as possible but remember not to leave a mess behind. 

If it is possible, choose the right time to have your toilet visit. Do not go to the toilet when you are instructed to fasten your seatbelt. Wait until you can take it off. Also, try avoid lavatory trips during meal time when the flight attendants walking with big, boxy meal cart. It will be uncomfortable to squeeze your way around to pass the tight space.

How to Choose The best Bali Family Villas

Bali has so much to offer for a family holiday. From beautiful beaches, magical sunset, fabulous food, and family-friendly attractions. It is no wonder that Bali is one of the most ideal destinations to spend your next memorable holiday with the entire family. If you are planning for your upcoming trip to Bali, you need to find family-friendly places to stay. There are plenty of options ranging from local hotels to private villas. However, many families are looking for the best Bali Family Villas to make their holiday perfect. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect child-friendly villa for an amazing trip!

bali family villas

First, consider the location of Bali family villas

You can plan a dream holiday, find the best Bali family villa, and adore the rate but all this can quickly fall into disarray if the location doesn’t quite tick the box. Are you looking for somewhere near the rice paddy, or in a busy, happening tourist town, close to the action? Is a mountain view vital to you, or maybe you prefer the tranquility on the beaches? You need to work out what your preferences are in your holiday, and then fight to find it! If you want to save money on renting transportation, make sure to choose a villa within walking distance of attractions.

Choosing a child friendly swimming pool

Most villas feature a private swimming pool. Having a private pool is great, but there are some things to consider if you bring your kids. Make sure to pick a Bali villa where the pool is not located directly by the living areas and especially not close to the bedrooms. Furthermore, if you have young kids, be sure to check if the pool is suitable for pool fencing. Some villas also come with a kiddie pool.

Consider the layout of Bali family villas

comfortable bali family villas

If you are traveling with young kids, a Bali villa with multiple pavilions spread far apart might not be the best choice. Consider picking the best Bali family villas where the bedrooms are all located under the same roof. Another important thing to consider is the correct bedroom setup. Most children will definitely feel more comfortable sleeping in a single bed than a king-size bed. So, make sure to check if the Bali villa you’re considering booking suits your family’s taste.

Get help from a trusted villa agency!

Picking the best villa for your stay is not an easy thing to do, even you know which area of Bali you are going to stay. However, a real estate agent can help you determine exactly what you’re looking for. They know the local market inside and out. The villa agency can guide you to the listings that offer the most opportunity to provide you with what you want, and at the best price, too.

Essential Accessories for Winter Travel

Essential Accessories for Winter Travel

Travelling during winter requires you to bundle up. You will end up catching a cold otherwise. However, not all travelers know the necessities for winter vacation. Sometimes, the excitement of travelling during snowfall makes it hard to forget to bring the right essentials. Also, packing for winter trip may cause you to add extra weight to your luggage because you need layers of clothing and essential accessories to stay warm.

Must-bring accessories for winter travel

Winter travel brings its own joy. Even though not many people travel during winter, it is still considered one of the best time to enjoy a vacation. To fully enjoy the experience, it is necessary to pack what you need. Make sure that you bring not only cloth but also accessories that will be essentials throughout the trip. Here are few of them:

Few pairs of socks are a must when it comes to winter travel. During summer trip, you may not really need sock especially when you plan to just wear your flip flops. However, it is different when travel during winter because warm socks are needed. It is recommended to bring few pair of socks with wool material to keep your feet warm. You can also choose colorful socks for fun.

Fingerless gloves will be your life safer during winter travel. Of course, you can still bring your own favorite gloves that cover your entire hand. However, fingerless gloves are more practical especially if you plan your trip to be adventurous. You don’t have to keep removing your gloves whenever you want to take photographs or scroll your phone. Also, they look stylish so your fashion sense won’t get left behind while staying warm.

Scarf is also a must for winter travel. Outside winter, you can use various accessories other than scarf such as pashmina. However, wool scarf is considered the best option for winter travel since it provides more warmth. In fact, choose scarfs that are thick and chunky enough to keep you cozy anytime. Besides, scarf can make you look fashionable and stylish regardless of your destination. During the flight, you can also use your scarf as a makeshift pillow.

Ear muffs are considered a must-have accessories for winter travel. Even if you have such a long hair, it won’t provide enough warmth. Your ear will get easily turned red when it is exposed to cold air in winter. You will thank yourself when you don’t forget to pack an earmuff. Choose the one that you can match with your cloth. To keep it safe, you can choose earmuff in neutral color. Hence, it won’t clash with any clothes you wear that day.

Another highly recommended accessories to bring for winter travel is solar charger. It helps a lot to keep you stay connected during extreme climates. Not to mention that solar charger is environment-friendly. Hence, there is no loss in packing it into your luggage especially when you are planning to have a week worth vacation or more.

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon on Liveaboard Indonesia

Liveaboard Indonesia

With all the pressure and craziness involved with planning your special wedding, a good honeymoon should offer you nothing but relaxation, fun, and romance. If you’re seeking beautiful nature for your honeymoon, look no further than Komodo Island. It is a hidden paradise for honeymooners where they can explore the pristine beaches, water sports, and a liveaboard trip. A liveaboard Indonesia to Komodo Island can offer you a hassle-free honeymoon that’s relaxing, romantic, and luxurious. Besides that, you also get to travel the world and see some exotic destinations. It also has something for every type of traveler including exotic destinations, delicious food and so much more! Here are 5 tips for planning a perfect honeymoon on a liveaboard!

Choose the type of liveaboard Indonesia wisely

Choosing the type of liveaboard is probably one of the most important factors in planning your perfect honeymoon. When you decide which liveaboard is best suited for you, just start with what size of liveaboard Indonesia you want to be on. Then, what kind of liveaboard activities are included. There’s a lot of things to consider. So, make sure to always compare all its features and fun activities that are available for your honeymoon trip.

Pick an itinerary

Even if you don’t plan on leaving the liveaboard, choose an itinerary that suits your honeymoon trip needs. While planning an unforgettable honeymoon trip, make sure you get enough quality time for yourself apart from the day allotter for the sightseeing around Komodo Island, diving, and snorkeling. Most of the honeymooners try to cover too many activities in a limited period of time, which exhausts them by the end of the honeymoon trip.

Treat yourself to nice room on Liveaboard Indonesia

Choosing the nice stateroom type is essential for a honeymoon trip. Make sure to consider the type of cabin, room decors, room categories, and amenities.  One of the perfect ways to start your honeymoon trip on a liveaboard is to have your breakfast out at your balcony and enjoy the breathtaking sunrise! After the type of stateroom, you need to determine your general room location.  Sometimes there is a different rate for aft rooms, mid-ship, and forward.

Liveaboard Indonesia

Book a couple’s romance package

In this spirit of your romantic trip, look into romantic treatments for couples. Consider arranging a romantic dinner for two on your honeymoon trip. Nothing says romance like a perfect candlelit dinner. You can surprise your partner with roses and chocolate covered strawberries.  Toast to everlasting love with wines and breathtaking ocean views.

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Book private tours!

Book private tours will make things easier for you. Several travel agencies in Komodo, such as Hello Indo which can organize all your excursions. Using a travel agent for a honeymoon trip can also help you score a great deal on a romantic package or promotion.

Virtual Tours That Can Bring You To Berlin

Many people around the world have been dreaming about travelling. However, there are many limitations due to the situation with covid-19. You are unable to travel overseas because many countries are now being closed so they don’t allow any visitors especially foreign tourists to enter their country. It can be frustrating especially for those who are frequent travelers to stay at home for months. However, you can overcome your dilemma by having virtual tour to Berlin. Is that possible?

Berlin virtual tours to enjoy during pandemic

Berlin, Germany is one of the most stunning places in Europe. It has variety of historical and modern architecture to please your eyes. No to mention that the history and culture are worth learning for. Through Berlin, you can discover Germany and its culture. You can do it even during this global pandemic because some tourist destination is Berlin have provided virtual tours. Which are they?

Berlin’s Bode Museum is one of the must-visit destinations in Germany. Museum is a cultural institution that can educate you about the history of your destination. Hence, it is such a valuable time to enjoy. You can also visit Berlin’s Bode Museum and enjoy many things it provides through virtual tour in 360 degree panorama. There are sixty one rooms available in the museum for viewing. You will get to enjoy marbled pillars, gothic chambers, high renaissance Italian halls, and more. The construction is 122 years old and a witness to German history throughout the time.

Museum Island Berlin is also open for virtual tour. His museum was built between 1823 and 1930. it has 6,000 years worth of human history in its entire complex. The place was designed in Prussian and German architectural style. You will find various masterpieces here. This museum was also listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1999. You can enjoy your virtual tour in this museum just by one ticket you can get from the official website.

Berlin’s TV Tower is highly recommended if you want enjoyable and interesting virtual tour. Berlin itself is a very interesting destination worth visiting for due to its best views. They are like coming out of movies. You can also enjoy all many beautiful views in Berlin through Berlin’s TV virtual tour. This tower itself is the most visible landmark in the city. It stands at 368 meters tall, making this TV tower the highest building in Europe. Get a ticket for virtual tour through the eyes of Berlin’s TV Tower and watch amazing views of the city.

Beside virtual tours of museums and tower, you can also enjoy other charms of Berlin such as watching digital concert or enjoying stunning nature views. You can buy a ticket for digital concert of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. To enjoy German’s magnificent nature spots, you can have a virtual tour of Schlachtensee located in southwest Berlin. The lake is the main attraction of this place you can watch virtually.

Komodo Flores Tour to 5 Hidden Gems

Komodo Flores Tour

Flores has to be one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets and the most beautiful islands on earth. Tourism in Flores is focused on its infamous Komodo National Park, a member of New 7 Wonder of the World, a UNESCO World’s Heritage, and much importantly, home for the world’s largest lizard on earth. Komodo Flores Tour has got the whole package for an unforgettable adventure, from ancient species to magical places, colorful corals, traditional villages and cultural events, seas scenic views to lush hills. But beyond this magical place, there are five more hidden gems that you can’t afford to miss!

Wae Rebo for Komodo Flores Tour

Komodo Flores Tour

Wae Rebo is a small, very out of the way village in the district of Manggarai on the island of Flores, East Nusatenggara. Visit Wae Rebo should be on your Komodo Flores Tours bucket list. Nestled among lush rolling hills and perched 1,200 meters above sea level, this quaint village’s main characteristics are their unique houses. One particular ceremonial house is the community building. You need to attend the warm, welcoming ceremony in the largest hut, stroll around the village, and watch the locals harvesting coffee beans. Enjoy the night vibes, interact with the locals, try local food, and sleep in one of the huts. Wake up early morning to watch the breathtaking sunrise in dramatic settings.

Komodo Flores Tour, A fabulous Rangko Cave

Rangko Cave is located not too far from Labuan Bajo, only an hour’s drive. Its place is filled with beautiful stalactites and crystal-clear saltwater. The cave is extraordinary and often frequented by tourists. Enjoy the magical scenery as you make your way. You can cool off and take a relaxing dip in the salty crystal-clear water of Flores’s hidden gem. At noon, you can enjoy the sunlight put on a show as it enters the cave’s mouth, illuminating the majestic stalagmites and stalactites surrounding the magical pool.

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Are you a nature lover? You must visit Cunca Rami Waterfall! It’s located in West Manggarai District, Labuan Bajo. Cunca Rami means waterfall in the jungle from the local language. Let’s jump into the cold, clear pool for a refreshing swim or have a little picnic amidst the soothing scenery.

Kelimutu Crater

Kelimutu Crater is located in the Kelimutu National Park. Mount Kelimutu is famous for three water bodies with different color lakes sitting inside its crater. Separated by thin ridges of rock, the Kelimutu Lakes keep changing their colors, a unique mystery that attracts numerous travelers. Trek to the top of Kelimutu Lakes to catch the magical view of the sun rising over the vividly-colored lakes.

BlueStone Beach

BlueStone Beach is both gorgeous and a geological oddity. It is located on the central south coast of Flores. This amazing with black volcanic sand beach is strewn with colorful stones like green, blue, yellow and red, stones as far as the eye can see. Don’t forget to put Blue Stone Beach on your bucket list!

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