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Raja Ampat Liveaboard Cruise, Embark Your Underwater Journey


Indonesia’s Raja Ampat is a scuba diving paradise. For scuba divers, there is no location quite like it, and it is at the top of most divers’ bucket lists! However, because it is notoriously expensive and difficult to access, Raja Ampat tours must be done properly. Raja Ampat liveaboard is a once-in-a-lifetime trip through a tropical archipelago at the center of the Coral Triangle.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Cruise, Embark Your Underwater Journey

Raja Ampat liveaboard diving

Let’s start with why you’ve come: to learn more about scuba diving in Raja. You’ve heard it’s one of the world’s best diving destinations, but is it really? Do you appreciate warm waters, manta rays, sharks, macro photography, enormous schools of fish, drift dives, and just about anything else? If this describes you, Raja Ampat is the place for you! It virtually has everything a recreational diver could possibly want.

Located in the northwest corner of Indonesian West Papua, at the confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, pristine coral reefs (home to 75% of all known corals) teem with so much marine life that scientists call it a “species factory.”

Raja Ampat cruise brings you to see an incredible diversity of marine life combined with some of the most unique birds in the world, including different Birds of Paradise. Raja Ampat is the indisputable centre of marine biodiversity and one of the world’s most diverse marine environments.

Best dive sites Raja Ampat

Best dive sites Raja Ampat

Mioskun Raja Ampat

This is a fantastic way to start your Raja Ampat liveaboard. It consists of a coral column that descends to a depth of 25 meters. Mioskun is ideal for beginners or intermediates as the currents are light but sometimes a bit strong. On the reef, you can usually expect to encounter a lot of yellow snappers, as well as Wobbegong sharks if you dive down a bit deeper. Seahorses, fusiliers, trevallies, groupers, gigantic clams, morays, and many other species can be found.

Blue Magic Papua diving site

One of the more well-known Raja Ampat dives, it is frequently combined with Mioskun as a second dive. A submerged pinnacle that begins at about 7 meters and drops to fewer than 30 meters. You may expect to see a variety of fish species and multiple cleaning stations, as well as enormous schools of fish and larger predator fish, sharks, and manta rays in season. This Central Raja Ampat dive spot also has a lot of Pygmy Seahorse.

Cape Kri

The global record for the most species referenced in a single dive is held by Cape Kri. The convergence of diverse currents at the island’s point has resulted in an astonishing diversity of fauna and flora – all types of sharks, numerous schools of fish, incredible coral diversity, macro specimens. Sometimes all you have to do is dive down, grab a rock, and take in the show! A dive at Cape Kri will never leave you dissatisfied!!