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Meditation To Improve Mindfulness And Self-Happiness


There are many ways in which you can help improve mindfulness and self-happiness. One of the most popular nowadays is meditation. This is not actually a new practice. People from generations have been doing it and experienced firsthand the benefits it brings. So, you can also try meditation and see if it works with your attempt to find peace, mindfulness, and self-happiness. 

Type of meditation and you can choose

There are different types of meditation you can try to practice on your daily life. However, be sure that there is no wrong or good, better or worse meditation here. Every type of meditation may affect every individual differently and also has pros and cons. Here are types of meditation you can choose to suit your needs:

Mindfulness meditation

It is one of the most commonly practiced types of meditation based on the theory of being in the moment. This meditation practice also teaches you to be knowing where you are. This kind of meditation practice is said to be suitable to be carried out anywhere. However, many people choose to carry it out in the privacy of their home. Most of them choose it this way to have more time and space to reflect on their thoughts without any potential distractions or judgments. 

Guided meditation

This is a type of meditation carried out with the guide of professionals so you get the right support if you feel like you’ve lost somewhere during the session. With this meditation technique, you are required to use your senses to guide your body through the process. A unique combination of sounds, scents, and textures are often used to guide. It creates a sense of calm in the meditator. There are many guided meditation class you can join both in real life or virtual session. The unique combinations used to help guide meditator can be simple items that connect them with happier time as child. 

Transcendental meditation

This type of meditation is meant for shorter duration. So for those who tend to have busy days, this can be a good choice for meditation. It mostly lasts for about 20 minutes. In this type of meditation, you focus on sound, word, or short phrase you chose. Repetition is the key to lock your focus on those elements until you can fully settle the thought into your subconscious mind. You might need to experiment in finding the right elements to focus on with this kind of meditation technique. 

Vipassana meditation 

This is one of the meditation type with rising popularity recently, especially in America. More people are getting interested to practice this meditation technique. However, this meditation is not new practice. It has been existed for over 2, 500 years ago. With this meditation technique, you are required to focus on self-reflection, self-observation, and self-transformation. This meditation aims to build and strengthen the connection between body and mind. Many people practice this meditation to work toward relief from addictions as well. This is good meditation to practice during a journey of healing process.