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Great Budget Liveaboard For Komodo National Park


The Komodo sailing excursion is quite relaxing! You can find the most up-to-date availability for scuba diving trips in Komodo by searching on Google. There are a variety of live onboard providers to meet every budget and requirement. Most of the liveaboard boats are based in Labuan Bajo all year round, or just to spend part of the year exploring Komodo. Budget plans for Komodo National Park Liveaboards are a great place to sail and dive at a reasonable price.

Great Budget Liveaboard For Komodo National Park, sundeck area

Budget Liveaboard, Make Your Dream Come True

Think about dragons! Consider the gin-clear waves that lap against the pink beaches. Imagine snorkeling across coral reefs surrounded by schools of fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Consider traveling through deep blue oceans and islands that look like they belong on the set of Jurassic Park.

Komodo has some of the world’s top diving and snorkeling. Unfortunately, you can’t snorkel right off the beach in Komodo.

To see Komodo’s underwater treasures, you’ll need to join a guided snorkeling or diving cruise. It’s simple to charter a boat in Labuan Bajo, and it’s not as pricey as you may assume.

Divers in Komodo have the opportunity to see a variety of large marine creatures, including manta rays, sharks, and dolphins, to mention a few. The dive sites vary a lot: there are pinnacles as well as sandy slopes, and there are lots of drift dives as well as swim-against-the-current dives.

We feel that chartering your own boat for an overnight excursion provides excellent value and an unforgettable experience. The majority of tours in Labuan Bajo are oriented toward divers. Many of these diving cruises include snorkeling, the majority of the reefs are only accessible to divers, and you’ll most likely pay the same fee as divers.

How to get to Komodo

The most popular and highly recommended method to come to Komodo is to fly to Labuan Bajo. Book a budget liveaboard and you may visit Komodo National Park at your leisure and sleep in some incredible locations on the boat. This way, you may go for a sunrise trek, a night dive, or simply watch the sunset from your boat’s deck.

There’s also the possibility of doing a liveaboard from Bali. Before heading to Komodo, you’ll do some diving in the Lombok region. The Bali liveaboard trip to Komodo will be amazing.

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