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Exploring The Largest Marine Park in Indonesia


Indonesia is a country with a lot of biodiversities and a lot of potential for it, especially in terms of marine diversity, which is found all throughout the region. The Cenderawasih Bay National Park region is one of Indonesia’s maritime areas with significant potential for creating tourist destinations. Cenderawasih Bay is the aquatic largest marine park with huge biological potential, particularly in terms of coastal resource variety. In the Cenderawasih Bay area, biodiversity such as fish, turtles, marine animals, seagrass, mangroves, and mollusks provides a unique and sustainable richness.

Cicinnurus respublica - cenderawasih national park

The largest marine park, What to explore

There are, however, many other places that are equally as amazing. The Cenderawasih Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Papua. This vast harbor contains numerous beautiful islands and is still in excellent condition. Here are some things to do in Cenderawasih Bay, a beautiful spot in eastern Indonesia.

Diving with a whale sharks

Whale sharks Cenderawasih Bay are by far the most popular attraction. These massive beasts converge around Kwatisore Bay’s local fishing platforms to feed. There are no huge snorkeling groups or wildlife harassment at Kwatisore, thus the connection between whale sharks and fisherman is a fantastic example of sustainability.

whale shark cenderawasih bay

Type diving: Reef and wreck diving

Level: Beginner upwards

Depth: 5 – 40m+

Temperature: 27 – 30C

Diving season: Year round, but most liveaboards visit from June to October

Visibility: 10 – 30m


  • Non-divers can easily see the whale sharks and some of Manokwari’s smaller wrecks from the surface.
  • In this area, several liveaboards organize shore trips to visit the beautiful Bird of Paradise. West Papua is home to about 30 different species.
  • If you have some spare time in Manokwari, you can schedule a trip to the Arfak Mountains to see the world’s largest butterflies.

Where to stay

A few homestays and land-based dive centers were built near Cenderawasih a few years ago, but liveaboard diving is still the best way to see the area. And whether you like sailing on a traditional wooden phinisi or relaxing on a beautiful, modern yacht, this region will not disappoint.

If you want to see the best of Cenderawasih Bay, you should plan on diving for at least 7-10 days. Raja Ampat trips are frequently lengthier, with several voyages lasting 10-12 days and accumulating more than 30 tanks! When planning an itinerary, take in mind that most excursions have “dry” or non-diving days on the first and last days.