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Scuba Diving Komodo, Experience live on board and Day Trip


How can you do scuba diving Komodo on a budget? The Komodo National Park is located in Indonesia, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. While the Komodo Islands are famed for their resident Komodo Dragons, visitors are flocking to the islands for another reason: to see the incredible underwater life that surrounds them.

What better way to discover this diving paradise than on a Komodo diving liveaboard for a few days? However, the costs of these Komodo liveaboards frequently outstrip backpacker budgets. Is it, then, truly worth it?

Best time to do Scuba diving Komodo

The Komodo Islands are breathtaking! The Komodo Islands are yours to explore, from snorkelers to divers, young and old. Nothing compares to the natural splendor and pristine islands that make up Komodo National Park.

With over 30 dive sites to select from, it’s a scuba diver’s paradise. Day trips leave from the coastal town of Labuan Bajo in Flores, Indonesia, to visit these sites, which are strewn throughout the vast park.

Dive with manta rays, sharks, eels, and turtles in the Komodo Islands is a favorite activity.

December to March: The rainy season between December and March is the time of year to avoid diving the Komodo Islands. The wet season is harsh, with heavy rainstorms occurring practically every day. During this time, day trips and Komodo diving liveaboards will continue to function, although it will be quite unpleasant. The wet season, on the other hand, is the optimum time to watch manta rays!

April to June: After the rainy season, this is one of the greatest times to go diving in Komodo National Park, with warm sunny days, clear skies, superb visibility, and lush green islands.

July to August: The peak diving season begins in July, which means a lot of people and a lot of liveaboards all around the area. In August, I went on a four-day Komodo diving liveaboard, and it was really busy. However, the weather was ideal, visibility was superb, and I was able to see manta rays!

September to November: There will be less crowds and more underwater action starting in September! From September onwards, expect to see a lot of Mantas and possibly even whale sharks. It’s one of the greatest times to go diving in the Komodo Islands since the conditions are ideal.

Komodo diving liveaboard or day tour

You can either take a day trip from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo Islands or join a Komodo liveaboard. Liveaboard diving is an unforgettable experience because you spend several days on a boat with rooms and a kitchen, diving during the day, and sleeping under the stars at night.

While Komodo diving liveaboards are not inexpensive, they provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Day Tour Komodo National Park Diving

The Komodo Islands encompass a huge territory! The distance and time it takes to reach to the top dive locations in Komodo National Park is one of the disadvantages of a day excursion.

The boat voyage alone from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo Islands can take over two hours, leaving you with a full day of travel to and from the park.

So, why would you choose a day tour over a liveaboard Komodo diving adventure?

Luxury liveaboard diving

Because the sites are all spread out over such a large distance, a diving liveaboard is without a doubt the greatest way to discover the underwater world of Komodo.

Another thing to consider is how popular Komodo National Park has gotten in recent years. As a result, dive spots have become overcrowded, with hundreds of snorkelers and divers in the water at any given moment.

Being on a diving liveaboard allows you to visit popular dive locations at different times of the day, or when the circumstances are best.

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