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How Early Should You Arrive At The Airport?


It has been such a common sight to see people sprinting to the departure gate. However, there are also many travelers who just lurk around the boarding area for hours because they are too anxious about being  late. In many travel tips, you may always hear people recommend others to get to the airport early. However, is it worth it to wait for hours before take off? What is the exact measurement of being early then? 

About coming early tot he airport for your flight

Being a little bit late or arrive too early are not a sin for flyers. However, it may cause various discomforts. When you get to the airport late, you feel anxious all the time. It may cause you to forget certain important things for your trip. Meanwhile, arriving too early makes you wait for too long before take off. It may make you feel exhausted even before the trip begins. So how early should you get to the airport then?

Every airport usually has their own regulations and recommendations for passengers. Hence, it is highly recommended that you at least read their guide prior your trip. Airlines may also apply different rules for the time their passengers checking in. hence, the ultimate thing to do is to read and understand the rule before your flight. Every country may have different regulation about this too. Not to mention that every country may have different mobility. In some countries, you may have to get to the airport two to three hours prior your flight due to severe traffic jam.

According to TSA or Transportation Security Administration, it is advised that you get to the airport two hours before your domestic flight. You need those two hours to park, shuttle transportation, check in, get through the security, etc. It is considered sufficient amount of time for you to do all those tasks without feeling in a hurry. If you prefer online check in, you may get to the airport one hour an a half prior your domestic flight. What if you have a TSA pre-check? You can get to the airport one hour earlier. 

You may also need to consider the time of your flight. If you book an early morning flight, the airport is relatively empty. Hence, you don’t have to wait in such a long line. If you have morning flight and you come two hours before the flight, then you might end up feeling bored during off-season. However, always get to the airport t least two hours prior your flight if you travel during peak-season. 

As for international flight, the TSA recommend you to get to the airport three hours prior your flight. There are many steps you need to get through in addition what you usually have for a domestic flight. For international flight, you have to go through double security checkpoints. Even during off-peak hours, the process can take long. Hence, three hours prior the flight is considered sufficient for you to go through all the process efficiently.