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Dive Cruise Indonesia Exploring Komodo National Park Diving Spot


Why should you join a dive cruise Indonesia to explore Komodo National Park diving spot? Because of its location on the island, you have to take a boat to get there. Arriving on the island, you have to look for lodging that is not necessarily comfortable to rest after a long journey. Why not try the Komodo liveaboard package? Imagine the unique experience of staying on a boat for days with facilities that are not inferior to five-star hotels or inns on the island.

Dive Cruise Indonesia Exploring Komodo National Park Diving Spot

The Enchantment of Dive Cruise Indonesia

Dive cruise Indonesia is indeed dominated by diving lovers. The goal? Explore the many dive spots on the island of Komodo. Komodo National Park is indeed famous for its spectacular underwater charm. The popularity of the underwater world has even reached foreign countries.

Foreign tourists are even willing to make long trips to get to Komodo National Park. Their achievements are not in vain because they will be fascinated by the beauty of coral reefs and diverse marine life. Dive cruise Indonesia brings domestic and foreign divers to explore almost all the best dive spots in Komodo National Park.

How many days does it take to explore the underwater Komodo? Indonesian liveaboard packages usually range from 4-5 days for diving lovers. Some spots that diving lovers can visit for 4-5 days:

  • Kanawa Island
  • Big Laughter
  • Makassar Reef
  • Bolong Rock
  • Manta Point

Each dive spot has a different and enchanting underwater view. The depth of the dive spot also varies. There are dive spots that require divers to have certain diving skills and experience because underwater current conditions can change quickly.

Several dive spots also turned out to be very suitable for snorkeling lovers because the current conditions were quite calm and not dangerous. Joining an Indonesian dive cruise doesn’t mean it’s off-limits for snorkeling lovers.

Liveaboard Indonesia – Exploring Komodo Dragon

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The Indonesian dive cruise package not only offers diving activities but also snorkeling and interestingly, you can see the endangered Komodo dragon up close. Komodo National Park is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon.

Komodo and Rinca Island are islands of rare animal habitats and should be included in your vacation list. Both of these islands have different geography and a number of rare animals. Seeing Komodo dragons up close is a unique and different adventure from your previous vacation. You must follow the rules and follow the instructions of the local ranger. The goal? Komodo dragons can be aggressive at any time, and without a guide, they can be dangerous for you.