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Best Destinations For A Wellness Getaway


A wellness getaway aims to provide comfort, serene mood, tranquility, and joy. Many people decide to take a wellness getaway to relieve their stress from work or relationships. It can be helpful to have wellness getaway from time to time so you get to have time for finding your own peace away from the buzz of the city. 

Inspirations for best wellness getaway destinations

Although travelling abroad is not more limited due to the situation with the pandemic, you can use our recommendations for your inspiration to have next travel plan. This way, you can plan your wellness getaway more well-rounded. And here are some of the most recommended places to visit for a wellness getaway:

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This place is heaven on itself. It draws visitors with its mountain and endless ocean landscapes. You can enjoy many things during your visit here including authentic Mexican culture, vibrant art scenes, as well as wellness and health options. Many activities you can do to checklist your itinerary such as whale watching, eating Mexican foods, sailing to hidden beaches, or shopping some local crafts and arts. 

Cayo Espanto, San Pedro, Belize

Cayo Espanto is a beautiful private island resort which is also family-friendly, located about three miles off of the coast of San Pedro, Belize. In this resort can be found seven villas where each one of them has a private dock and butler service. You need to be ready to get pampered during your stay in this resort. You will be provided with breakfast directly to your own private dock or pool. You can also ask for any dietary preferences and menu items that suit to your taste since the chef is incredibly amazing. Your personal butler will make sure to cater to all your need, making it a pleasant, customized experience for you. 

Stone Harbor, New Jersey

This destination is such a paradise and  made for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. There are many things to explore here including the shoreline, the marshes and basins, bird sanctuary, beaches, and more. Also, you can expand your exploration to a shopping district where you can find about 150 boutiques, specialty shops, as well as restaurants. For recommendation, you can consider booking a room at The Reeds at Shelter Haven. It is a luxury boutique property providing comfortable site to stay at during your getaway. This place provides you with the best sea views and pretty sunsets. 

Bali, Indonesia

Many people still misunderstood Bali as a country. It is more of an island located in Indonesia. This island is recommended to have a serene adventure. There are many destinations you can explore many sites including beaches, spas, and sacred temples. Not to mention that the foods in Bali is otherworldly. You can visit a beachfront restaurant to order some authentic local dishes while enjoying the view of the stunning sunset. This island is relatively safe but be mindful with culture differences and stay respectful. Just follow the rules while enjoying your trip and you won’t encounter any major problems.