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Arrange Your Raja Ampat Trip and Explore Marine Tourism


Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city, one of the special destinations in Indonesia that offers serenity and peace. Raja Ampat is a regency that is part of the West Papua Province. The natural wonders on offer are so amazing that visitors may find it difficult to leave. The Raja Ampat trip takes you across an area of approximately 4.6 million hectares. The waters of Raja Ampat are the best diving and snorkeling destinations that have their own legends. Waigeo Island, Batanta Island, Salawati Island, Misool Island, and 1847 other tiny islands make up this district.

Arrange Your Raja Ampat Trip and Explore Marine Tourism

What makes your Raja Ampat Trip special?

The Raja Ampat islands are home to 75 percent of the world’s coral species. With the discovery of 1,318 species of fish, 699 species of mollusks, and 537 species of coral reefs. This destination has a high species richness and uniqueness Raja Ampat offers the sensation of diving. You can meet a wide variety of unique marine biotas, such as pygmy seahorse, batfish, and dugongs.

Best diving spots

Kabui Passage, near Arborek Island Pier, Sauwandarek, Yenbuba, Friwen Wall, and many others are only a few of Raja Ampat’s best diving spots. It’s no surprise that so many international tourists are eager to go all the way to Indonesia to experience the captivating underwater beauty. You don’t want to miss out, so plan a trip to Raja Ampat now!

The panorama above the surface is just as beautiful as the underwater splendor. When viewed from the top of the hill, the panorama of the row of stone islands in the middle of the blue water gradation appears heavenly. Yes, prepare a strong physique and go trekking to the top of the hill to witness such gorgeous sights!

Tourism Village in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat not only has spectacular natural beauty, but it also has welcoming local communities that will make Pesona Buddy feel at ease. Apart from enjoying the natural world, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the local culture, OK? The Arborek Tourism Village welcomes Pesona visitors and guests.

You can choose from a variety of hotel options and tourist attractions while visiting this tourist village. Watching the manufacture of Arborek’s famed woven handicrafts, or sampling traditional Papuan cuisines such as papeda or sinole.

How to get there?

Sobat Pesona must first fly to Sorong, Papua, from Jakarta or other large cities in order to visit the Raja Ampat islands. You can continue your travel to Raja Ampat by water after arriving at Sorong Airport.

Falaya Harbor near Wasai, Yellu Harbor on Misool Island, and Marindi Airport on Waigeo Island are the three entrances and checkpoints to Raja Ampat.

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