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Traditional And Modern Korean Sweets And Desserts To Try


Korea has one of the most distinguished cultures in the world that has attracted so many people around the world. Aside from music and their drama, their cuisine is also very popular. It feels like endless to talk about Korean cuisine since there are so many of them that taste heavenly. However, we are not going to talk about their Ramyeon, Kimbab, or Jajangmyeon. Today, we are going to explore more about their traditional and modern sweets and desserts. Here are several of them you definitely have to try:

Traditional And Modern Korean Sweets And Desserts To Try


Jeungpyeon called sultteok, a piece of korea rice cake

Tteok is Korean rice cakes that has been there for centuries. It is traditional sweet usually served for big celebrations, events, traditional festivals, or welcoming guests. This sweets are made from glutinous rice steamed and added with several other grains to enrich the flavor. Potato starch is one of the most common types of grains to be added to make Tteok. There are large varieties of Tteok and the most popular ones include Garaetteok, Injeolmi, Ggul Tteok, and Sultteok. 



This is sort of honey cookies and considered traditional sweet in Korea. The literal meaning of Yakgwa is medicinal snack. It is because this snack contains various ingredients good for body such as honey and oil. This sweet is prepared by mixing honey, oil, and fine flour powder. It is then formed and coated with fried rice and sesame seeds. This sweet full of healthy ingredients are often served during big celebrations, ceremonies, holiday, and rituals. 


Sweet Pancake Hotteok, Korean Street food.

This is Korean pancake and categorized into dessert snack in Korea. You can find it at many food vendors across the country. It is made from cinnamon, brown sugar, peanuts, then filled with sweet syrup. Today, the fillings are more varied, including cheese, cream, various jams, and more. It is best to eat Hotteok while it is still hot or warm especially at night or during chilly days. 


Shot in studio

This is Korean rice beverage that tastes sweet and refreshing. This is traditional sweet drink made of fermented rice and malt barley. The flavor of grains is what makes this drink tastes sweet. This is healthy drink because it aids digestion since it is fermented. There are traditional sikhye sold in may places. There are also canned sikhye you can buy in various convenient stores in Korea. 


Bingsu with topping such as Chocolate icecream, banana, wipping cream, vegetable on cup with Condensed milk and spoon put on tray. Patbingsu, Korean shaved ice dessert, Kakigori. Frozen Dessert.

This is a more modern dessert and already popular inside and outside of Korea. It is shaved ice with sweet rea beans. This is a popular sweet many people love to enjoy especially during summer. A bowl of Patbingsu contains sweetened red beans, ice flakes, rice cakes, jelly, soybean powder, and milk. 


Glass with foamy whipped coffee dalgona coffee on on a rustic dark background

This is also getting more popular these days. It is Korean spongy candy made by melting sugar and baking soda. It is formed into various interesting shapes before it completely hardens. Many people love this candy not only for its sweet flavor but also the process of making it. Some people even make it into a fun game to see who can make Dalgona without cracking it.