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Traditional And Modern Korean Sweets And Desserts To Try

Korea has one of the most distinguished cultures in the world that has attracted so many people around the world. Aside from music and their drama, their cuisine is also very popular. It feels like endless to talk about Korean cuisine since there are so many of them that taste heavenly. However, we are not going to talk about their Ramyeon, Kimbab, or Jajangmyeon. Today, we are going to explore more about their traditional and modern sweets and desserts. Here are several of them you definitely have to try:

Traditional And Modern Korean Sweets And Desserts To Try


Jeungpyeon called sultteok, a piece of korea rice cake

Tteok is Korean rice cakes that has been there for centuries. It is traditional sweet usually served for big celebrations, events, traditional festivals, or welcoming guests. This sweets are made from glutinous rice steamed and added with several other grains to enrich the flavor. Potato starch is one of the most common types of grains to be added to make Tteok. There are large varieties of Tteok and the most popular ones include Garaetteok, Injeolmi, Ggul Tteok, and Sultteok. 



This is sort of honey cookies and considered traditional sweet in Korea. The literal meaning of Yakgwa is medicinal snack. It is because this snack contains various ingredients good for body such as honey and oil. This sweet is prepared by mixing honey, oil, and fine flour powder. It is then formed and coated with fried rice and sesame seeds. This sweet full of healthy ingredients are often served during big celebrations, ceremonies, holiday, and rituals. 


Sweet Pancake Hotteok, Korean Street food.

This is Korean pancake and categorized into dessert snack in Korea. You can find it at many food vendors across the country. It is made from cinnamon, brown sugar, peanuts, then filled with sweet syrup. Today, the fillings are more varied, including cheese, cream, various jams, and more. It is best to eat Hotteok while it is still hot or warm especially at night or during chilly days. 


Shot in studio

This is Korean rice beverage that tastes sweet and refreshing. This is traditional sweet drink made of fermented rice and malt barley. The flavor of grains is what makes this drink tastes sweet. This is healthy drink because it aids digestion since it is fermented. There are traditional sikhye sold in may places. There are also canned sikhye you can buy in various convenient stores in Korea. 


Bingsu with topping such as Chocolate icecream, banana, wipping cream, vegetable on cup with Condensed milk and spoon put on tray. Patbingsu, Korean shaved ice dessert, Kakigori. Frozen Dessert.

This is a more modern dessert and already popular inside and outside of Korea. It is shaved ice with sweet rea beans. This is a popular sweet many people love to enjoy especially during summer. A bowl of Patbingsu contains sweetened red beans, ice flakes, rice cakes, jelly, soybean powder, and milk. 


Glass with foamy whipped coffee dalgona coffee on on a rustic dark background

This is also getting more popular these days. It is Korean spongy candy made by melting sugar and baking soda. It is formed into various interesting shapes before it completely hardens. Many people love this candy not only for its sweet flavor but also the process of making it. Some people even make it into a fun game to see who can make Dalgona without cracking it. 

Get To Know More Italian Cuisines Through Their Authentic Cheeses

Cheese is one of the most versatile item you can make into various delicacies. Cheese is best for snack, main course, appetizer, dessert, and matched with various drinks. You can find cheese in many varieties that taste heavenly. Every place around the world has special signature of dishes made with cheese. In Italian cuisine, you can also find how cheese is incorporated into their signature dishes. When you travel around Italy, consider visit different regions to get to know more of their authentic cuisine. More importantly, you can learn more about Italian cuisine through their special cheeses as follow:

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano

This is also known worldwide as Parmesan Cheese. This special cheese from Italy has hard texture with semi-fat. It is produced with unpasteurized cow milks without adding any additives. This special cheese goes through slow aging process, resulting in unique taste. The aroma of Parmesan Cheese is pretty strong. It can be eaten in many ways, be it in flakes or grated on.



This cheese is originated in the Aosta Alley. It was found back then in 1200 by the family De Funtina. However, there is another version that tells this cheese was named after the village of Fontinaz. There is no clear proof to back up both stories. However, this Italian cheese is very special. It is made from whole cow’s milk from a single milking. The milk is treated with salt and water. The cheese becomes soft once semi-cooked. It also has that softness, elasticity, and sweetness to it. It goes through 80 days of processing before being edible. You can eat it in many ways such as melting it in pan, gnocchi, on steak, or added to stuffings, soup, or salads. 



This is another popular cheese you can find in many Italian dishes. Originated in southern Italy, this cheese has become the queen of the table. It has simple yet delicate taste produced with pasteurized cow’s milk added with rennet and lactic ferment. This cheese has white color with smooth, and soft texture. It is the fundamental of topping for pizza and many other baked dishes. 



This cheese is originated in Gorgonzola city in 1000. this cheese has its unique taste required from the aging technique used to make it. The cow milk is placed in natural caves where mold are being created by falling spores. There are two types of Gorgonzola you can enjoy today. They are spicy Gorgonzola and sweet Gorgonzola. 



This cheese has gain more popularity these days. Burrata is originated in Apulia. This cheese is produce with cow’s milk obtained from a fusion of cream and mozzarella strips. And those are the main reasons why Burrata has that unique taste of fresh cream and butter. Burrata is loved by many people across the globe due to its flavor that tend to be sweet and very pleasant int he mouth with no salt. It is simply fresh to the taste without any too strong smell or weird texture. 

Popular Desserts In Philippine To Try During Your Visit

Travelling in Philippine is incomplete without food hunting. It is also known that Filipinos have the sweetest tooth in Southeast Asia. They enjoy desserts a lot and feel like it is incomplete to enjoy their meals without a dessert. Therefore, there are so many kinds of dessert in Philippine you can also try. However, make sure that your have normal blood sugar level. The level of sweetness of Philippines; sweets pr desserts are relatively higher compared with other countries. 

Philippines’ desserts worth travelling for

If you visit Philippine, it is highly recommended to try some of their best desserts. This place is heaven if you have sweet tooth. And here are several recommended desserts that most Filipinos enjoy:

Ube is starchy purple root that has become popular in the west. However, it has been long popular in Philippine and some of Southeast Asian countries. This starch is often used to make cakes, pies, candies, and ice cream. In Philippine, you can try Ube Halaya which is also made from mashed and sweetened Ube. The root is peeled and mashed. Then, it is mixed with condensed milk or sweetened coconut milk. It is then thickened over heat. This dessert is simple but delicious. 

Halo-Halo is probably the most popular dessert in Philippine. Filipinos enjoy this dessert almost on daily basis. It is a rich blend of shaved ice, evaporated milk, syrup fruits, Ube Halaya, sweet palm, and mung beans. You can also order the one that is added with a scoop of ice cream. The meaning of the name Halo-Halo is mix-mix in Filipino. Filipinos enjoy this dessert by mixing all together into a creamy, soupy mess.

Banana-cue is a popular dessert in Philippine that you can find it in almost every corner of the street in Philippine. The banana is skewered on a bamboo stick. It is then coated in granulated sugar and dunked into a searing hot oil. The process of deep frying the skewer causes the sugar-coated banana to caramelize. The result of the process is sticky banana skewer with slight crunchiness that makes this dessert is loved by most Filipino’s youngster. 

Ensaymada is Filipino dessert that is an adaptation version of Spanish traditional pastry, Ensaimada Mallorquina. The original version uses dough that is infused with pork-lard. However, the Filipino version uses a butter-rich brioche. The bread is often topped with granulated white sugar, butter, cheese, and sometimes salted duck eggs. It is best served with hot chocolate. There are other Ensaymada with different toppings you can try while visiting Philippine. 

Taho is a Filipinos’ dessert made from tofu. It is basically a tofu-based pudding with various toppings. However, the classic one is always topped with chewy sago pearls and brown sugar syrup. This is often used as mood and energy boosters for workers because it is rich in carb, sugar, and protein. The price is also relatively cheap. You can find Taho in street stalls. However, you can also find premium versions in various flavors in mall stores.

Most Appealing Desserts In The World Worth Travelling For

Travelling and food are hard to separate. A travel will be a complete experience after you try the local specialties. It can give you deeper connection and understanding with the place you visit. Food hunting is one of the best activities while travelling. There are many cultural and historical values behind the recipes. Aside from hunting full course meals, you can also try various sweet treats offered by every country around the world. Every place has their own unique dessert worth tasting for. 

Most appealing dessert to try when travelling

Sweets are not only loved by kids. In fact, there is no limit of who can enjoy sweet treats. If you are foodies who also fancy the existence of sweets, might as well trying these most appealing, delicious desserts in the world:

Borma is dessert you can mostly find in Turkey and Midlle East. This is dessert made of crisp, golden knafeh dough that wrap around nut filling. It is relative of Baklava. However, Borma is fried with extra infusion of some flavors. Not to mention that it has crisp texture, perfect for a dip into flavored syrup. Borma’s layers are rolled and sliced forming a cross-section. You can find them in various pastry shops in Turkey and Middle East. 

Cendol is dessert you can find in Singapore and Indonesia. This chilled sweet is a great treat to enjoy during a hot noon. You can practically find it everywhere in these countries since they are often sold in street stalls, vendors, to restaurants. It is basically a sweetened Iced coconut milk with smoky, caramelized flavor. The sweetener is from a palm sugar syrup. The liquid is the base for green-flour jelly. The color is gained from the Pandan juice. It is often added with toppings including sweetened red beans and some fruit slices. 

Creme Brulee is already popular dessert. The one that is the most appealing is from France. This dessert has creamy texture topped with shiny, burnt sugar. The crispy caramel blends in perfectly with the aromatic custard. The burnt only adds delicious type of bitterness that leaves you in addiction. Not to mention that it has very appealing vanilla aroma. 

Gulab Jamun is dessert from India that worth tasting for. This treat is deep fried Indian doughnut. However, it has milky flavor. This dessert is made from a dough mixed with a scoop of khoya, a reduction of buffalo or cow milk. The dough are shaped into little balls then deep fried. They are then soaked in aromatic syrup infused with roses and cardamom seeds. The sweet flavor of this dessert is pretty intense. 

Sour Cherry Pie is perfect for foodies who don’t really like overly sweet dessert. You can find this particular dessert in Midwestern United States. Basically, it is similar to the kind of pie you might enjoy in regular basis. However, it has vibrant cherry filling. The fruits are tender which is more suitable to complete the the crispy pie. The sour flavor is an eye-opening, literally since it can wake you up with the fresh flavor. 

Hunting Unique Ice Creams Around The World

Food and travel are hard to separate because they are part of each other. Travelling to new places without trying out their authentic dishes often make you feel like you haven’t got complete experience. In fact, there’s a lot of travelers who go from one place to another just to want to explore the foods. Food travelling is satisfying especially for food lover. From food, you will also learn more about culture, tradition, etc. one of the most favorite and loved foods in the world is ice cream. Every place around the world has their own version of ice cream. If you are ice cream lovers, might as well trying unique versions of it all around the world. 

Unique ice creams worth travelling for

The world is full of creative people who are creative to create something new even from the existing products. As for ice cream, it is a worldwide food already known by everyone. However, there are also various ways to twist and spin ice cream into something unique. Here are several unique ice cream in the world worth travelling for:

Ice cream with the taste of coconut curry can be found in The Parlour which is located in North Carolina. It is common to have coconut flavored ice cream. However, curry is not usual things to be mixed into desserts. This experimental flavor is worth trying. It receives positive reviews from the guests coming to the parlor. 

Ghost pepper ice cream can be found at The Ice Cream Store in Delaware. Ghost pepper is one of the spiciest chilies. It is often used to spice up noodle dish especially in Asian countries. However, you can also taste the hot ice cream in Delaware. From the appearance, this ice cream looks like it taste cherry or strawberry because the color is reddish pink. Don’t be fooled by the look though. 

Pineapple cilantro sorbet ice cream can be found at Glace Artisan Ice Cream, Kansas. Pineapple has gained various reactions when it comes to pizza. What about ice cream? Yes, you can also taste ice cream with pineapple flavor along with cilantro sorbet. Even though the combination sounds odd, it is on the top menu option at this ice cream parlor. 

Kimchi and rice flavored ice cream can be found at Salt and Straw, Portland. This ice cream is inspired from Korean cuisine. The flavor is very shocking because kimchi and rice is not sweet but savory foods. This ice cream is topped with jasmine rice along with chunks of bulgogi-kimchi truffles. Be ready to feel completely new experience of eating ice cream.

Lobster flavored ice cream can be found at Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, Maine. It’s not a secret that lobster has the best lobster dishes but no one expect it to add into ice cream. It is a meal that is supposed to be combination of dinner and dessert. Butter-infused ice cream is topped with the chunks of lobster. If you are curious, come and try it yourself. 

Hunting The Best Sushi While Travelling in Tokyo

Travelling in Japan, there are many places you can visit. Every city has its own beauty to indulge you during your vacation. This is where you can find hos distinctive the culture is. People in Japan hold dearly their culture and tradition but they can still blend with modern technologies. This is a country with advanced technology. Since food is part of culture, Japan has sushi as their most authentic dish. Sushi is one of the most popular foods of Japan. In fact, it has already popular all around the world. There are other popular Japanese foods but sushi is truly one of the most remarkable. 

Finding the best sushi in Tokyo

Tokyo is the most visited places in Japan. There are many things to explore when you visit Tokyo. However, hunting food is truly one of the most recommended activities you should do. It is the place where you can find any type of food from the most authentic dishes to the fusion and all. You can also go hunting the best sushi during your visit in Tokyo. Here are recommended places you can visit:

Sushi No Midori is located around the neighborhood of Ginza. This is where you can enjoy sushi in a place with relatively casual vibe. Be ready to stay in a quite long line because this place is popular. However, it is totally worth it once you try the sushi. You can try different sushi as you like, or follow what the chef recommends for the day. The best part is the price is inexpensive with fresh ingredients. 

Sushi Saito is located in Minato City, Roppongi. This is where you should go if you want to try a top-tier sushi. This place also has the highest ratings on Tabelog along with three Michelin Stars for the past five years. Thus, you won’t regret ever coming to this special place to try various sushi. However, keep in mind to make reservation before visit since this is highly popular restaurant. Both during lunch and dinner, this place is often fully booked. Thus, making reservation beforehand is necessary.

Umi is located right off Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market. This is where you can truly taste the sea since it is located very close to the ocean. This eatery is sleek and quiet. There is sushi bar for you to try out different things. Even though the market has closed for the day, this place is still open for dinner. This place is truly authentic with fresh ingredients used for making sushi. Reservation in advance is necessary and it can only be made in Japanese. So you may need to ask your hotel staffs to make reservation. 

Tsugu Sushimasa is not as popular as others but that can be the good part because you can visit this place even without making reservation in advance. It is located in Shinjuku. This place has special sushi because they use secret recipe of three generations of owners. There is special technique in making sushi rice and flavorful vinegar is also slightly added.

An Affordable And Tasty Seafood Bali To Visit

The first thing that is imagined when going on vacation to a tropical island is “eat seafood as much as you like”. A good place to eat, affordable prices? Planning a vacation to the island of the gods? You will find lots of cheap and delicious Balinese seafood. A row of international standard seafood restaurants serving fresh seafood with amazing flavors from various countries for your luxury dinner.

seafood Bali

No wonder the god’s island is called a seafood culinary island. Fish, crabs, shellfish and even fresh lobster provide an infinite experience for seafood Bali lovers. Bali is not only rich in fresh seafood but also amazing views of the land or sea. What do you want to satisfy you? Cheap or luxurious seafood Bali from an international restaurant? Cheap seafood Bali recommendations for you.

Warung Mamik Seafood Bali

Located in the Jimbaran area, not far from the Menega restaurant area, you will find popular Bali seafood stalls. 3 seafood menus served such as shellfish, fish, and shrimp with distinctive spices have attracted the attention of culinary lovers. You must be willing to queue to get a table and taste one of the best Balinese seafood at affordable prices. Don’t forget to visit one of the best Bali seafood stalls with amazing taste.

Seafood Bali Tourism in Kedonganan Fish Market

How do you imagine the condition of the traditional fish market? Don’t imagine being served with luxury facilities. You will be taken on an adventure along the fish market, choosing and offering fresh seafood directly from local fishermen. Around it, there are many simple roasting services that help you process it. The price is very reasonable, adapted to the surrounding conditions, but it can be a recommendation for you seafood Bali connoisseurs.

“Saung” Floating Bale Shrimp Mak Engking

Want to enjoy Balinese Seafood and traditional Indonesian food? You have to visit the mak Engking shrimp bale. The Sundanese atmosphere is so traditional, natural and cool. This is one of Bali’s seafood restaurants with “saung” floating on the edge of the lake. Decor and rustic design are perfect for your family. At night, prepare to be entertained with amazing traditional art dances.

Seafood Bali is perfect for the tropics. Eat well without damaging your diet. Whatever choice of Balinese seafood restaurant you want, if it is adjusted to the budget, the delicacy exceeds anything. Don’t miss tasting a variety of seafood restaurant Bali and get ready to loosen your belt.