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Places to Stay Away From When You’re Traveling

Traveling to the new destinations are providing us life’s knowledge and experiences. We can also see and enjoy the new things while there are always the chances to meet and make a friend with new people. But to be honest, NOT all the places at your travel destinations should be visited and they are even recommended to be avoided no matter how popular they are for some certain travelers.

Places to stay away from when you are in a traveling

There must be the reasons why you will do that. But mostly, all the places you need to stay away from are those that can make you spend more money than you have been planned, bad for your health, and can even put you in insecure situation.

  • You don’t need to be at the Red Light District and such places

We have to admit that s*x can be one of the interesting thing that the travelers have in mind. It could be the unforgettable and unique experience for man. Even, where there is the popular destination, there will be a big chance for that “pleasure” tourism to grow.

In other hands, what the Red Light District at Amsterdam and such places across the globe are offering is not healthy for both your body as well as your mental.

This kind of place is also the crime-prone one. Many people are drunk, you can also spend money on alcohol, and more negativity you can experience that you don’t want to be part of your travel stories. As if I am a saint for telling you this, but I think it won’t be an issue since what I am doing now is just reminding you that you deserve the other best travel experiences.

  • Don’t ever think to be in a casino

Gambling? Are you sure you want to enter a casino just to see what’s inside is looks alike? There are even casino where you have to pay just to enter and that will be the worst start to spend a lot of money on your traveling.

If you still think that holidays should be fun, peaceful and full of happiness, casino is only a temporary place for that. But I am afraid that when you have been inside, you will be find yourself in a sorrow when getting out of it. So, stay away from this place and building because it is not the exciting things you need in your trip.

  • Beaches with sharks and manta rays

While we have been knowing that sharks are dangerous, manta rays are also poisonous. If your travel destination is at the beach and you’d like to swimming around, you’d better find a safer place or spot for that. And it is better to know what’s going on at the beach at the time you are going there.

You are also not required to be the pretentious one and jump into the water because you are actually offering yourself to be the food for the dangerous animals. Keep in mind that you will also need to stay away from the poisonous jellyfish. Just get more information about the beach before you go to keep you secure.

  • The war-torn countries

It is clear why you don’t have to be in such countries. If you are not in interesting to help, then don’t make them as the places for your travel destinations. You are barely can’t have fun for God sake. Keep in mind that you should also know that the other alternative destinations are not also in an ongoing armed conflicts.

  • Travel destinations with nuclear radiation

So, what is actually you are looking for at where the nuclear bomb had been leaked and boom? If the past and history is not really your thing while you may don’t have better preparation plan, you should be at where you are belong and that will not be at the places where the nuclear radiation is still active.

One of the main rules in traveling is to keep yourself happy and safe while spending your holidays, so, you’s better avoid the above places and not do the other things that can make you insecure, sick, broke, etc.

Learn to Surf Holidays: Great Travel You Think You’ll Never Need

First question for you and many of us, to whom the surf holidays are? If you think that surfing is only for those who have high passionate about it alone, that will truly be a wrong thought we have been getting for so long. I am sure that everything is not for everyone and so does the surf holidays themselves. But, being in a learn to surf holidays trip is actually for many of us.

Learn to surf holidays is great as a travel idea

Learn to surf holidays is actually a great travel package. There have been many of the surf companies are offering that. It is basically a way to spend holidays through surfing activities while doing the other things as well. But the main thing you will be doing is that to find yourself being taught by the best and professional surf instructor.

And yes, it is a surf course for beginners, advanced level or even the professional surfers. That’s what the surf holidays is.

Why you will need to be in a learn to surf holidays?

As travelers, we are always have so many options on how to spend the holidays. Some people are experiencing their travel as usual, boring and can even be the worst one while some others are living it up to the best. But one thing many of us will be agree with me in this is we need to travel differently to experience the new things in life. In case you have been thinking before that learn to surf holidays is not what you are wishing for, you just don’t know how good and exciting it is for the others and could be for you too.

Even just by swimming around at the beach is actually has been a fun thing for many of us, how can’t it be more fun for you to be on a surfboard even though you are just totally a beginner? That’s why you will need to go on learn to surf holidays, there always a surf course for the beginners no matter how old or young you are.

Another important thing if you start your own learn to surf holidays today, the surfing skills you will get can be a chance for you to travel the world. There are so many different and unique surfing spots at anywhere in the globe you can visit and see how fun all the waves and breaks are treating you.

Instead of spending money on crazy parties (I know they are important for your trip), you have one of the best choices which is to have the surfing skills to practice on your holidays. Tell this information for your family ever since this travel idea is ideal for them, invite your friends to join in to have more fun together or even if you will go just by yourself, you will always have some excited and adventurous things await.

An ideal place you can go learn to surf holidays

Some beaches are great for the surf companies to operating and some aren’t. To start finding the surf company that can gives you the amazing travel experiences through the learn to surf holidays, there is an ideal and important place to go called as a surf camp.

If you have not been heard of it before, it is the surfing course for the travelers that will introduce you to a surfing world step by step while the lessons will let you to train and practice your surfing skills.

Surf camp is an ideal place for your learn to surf holidays since you will be on a good hands, all the instructors are professional and you will also have the chances to explore the travel destinations and attractions that are not even related to surfing. And that’s how your holidays can be the best one ever.

So, don’t you think that a learn to surf holidays can be the travel idea you will need to try no matter if you have been thinking that you’ll never needs it before?

Top 3 Cycling Trip Benefits Why You’ll Need to Buy a Bike

Exercising is always a better thing you can do to get a better body and mental health. And you may are already know and experience that a cycling trip can be a good and light exercise for many of us. It is a sport and is fun, and it surely is offering the benefits for your health.

The impressive thing about riding a bike is you are not only going to do it for exercising, but we are all already know that getting to work with it is also not a new thing for years. What else you can do for exercising while heading to a workplace in a fun way than cycling? And as it requires you to physically active, the more chances for you to be fit and healthy.

Cycling benefits why you will need to buy a bike

Whether you are going to ride a bike as an exercise, go to work or shop, surrounding the neighbourhood or else, you are almost can do that everyday which is why it can be your best fun sport ever followed by the other reasons I have listed down below so you will buy a bike sooner if you have not got even one now.

1. Cycling trip is fun and we are never getting bored with it

I have never been met anyone before telling me that they are getting bored in using a bike. They are not using it often since the place they need to reach is far and need to be there in a short time.

But as long as the destination is impossible for them to reach and there’s no need to rush, using a bike can be a better thing you can do. Cycling can be a trip as well. You can paddle the bike while enjoy the environment you are getting through. How can it be possible to make you boring?

We have been introduced with cycling since we were a kids and many of us keep on using it when they are getting older.

2. It helps improving your health and it is giving a low bad impact to environment

We may are believing that a bike can be a sport product without any major bad impact to nature. In fact, we still left a trace. I mean, the tires can be broken and it can takes a lot of time for nature to decompose it. Even though that you are thrown the bike wastes to the right place, environment still impacted by them.

But surely that cycling trip isn’t as “bad” as the motorbike that keep on consuming the gas. So, it still be a good thing you can get to help you improving your health by paddling and I think that even though it still has a low bad impact to environment, I think it still be tolerable.

3. Good maintained bike can be inherited

You can sell your bike if you think that you are no longer needs it. But, you are actually miss many things while doing that. Why not thinking about giving it away to your friend? Uses it as a gift for the teenager? Or if you have been an old man and lady now, don’t you think that your grandchildren can also get the same benefits as you did when you were young?

Bike can be your treasure as it is helping your health and you can also share the same benefits to the other by giving it as a gift or simply just don’t thrown it away at no-where land. Doing that, means that you are not only inheriting a bike but also giving chances for the others to exercise.

Knowing the above 3 reasons and benefits, it seems that a bike and all its cycling trip activities are a great life investment that you will keep on gaining the positive feedbacks forever. So, have you bought one today?

The Best Surf Camp in Morocco Located Close to Western Sahara

Before, I thought that the Morocco’s country is one of the most arid lands on earth. Sorry for saying that, but that’s the true. In fact, the country has various season and even one of the best and unique four-season country in the world. Who would guess that the country itself is also providing the best surf camp for the Northern African country? And it is also closer to Western Sahara that surely can be in the list of the most arid land on earth.

For your information, Western Sahara was not an independent territory until Spain handed it over to Morocco in 1976 if I am remembering it right. The territory itself is rich in fishing waters and also the phosphate and surely is located closer to the ocean. But, even though the shoreline is closer, there is still a low flat desert and rises around. That’ why the territory is pretty much challenging.

Now, as the arid land, it seems to be an antidote to Morocco. But, no matter how differ the territories are, for me, they are contributing in making the country as one of the best surf camp to visit in the world.

Best surf camp provider in Morocco that is close to Western Sahara

Best surf camp provider in Morocco close to Western Sahara

First thing I need to inform you is the Western Sahara itself is around a thousand of km from Morocco’s capital. Both the Morocco’s capital and the Western Sahara, the territories are located closer to the ocean. Even, there is one of the popular surf camp site located in Dakhla that is in the Western Sahara territory.

Either you are going to experience the surf vacation and course in Morocco or Western Sahara, you are free to choose. But to be honest, most of the best surf camps must be in Morocco alone.

One of the surf camp providers in both locations that is actually the surf company is known as Nomad Surfers. It is one of the best leading surf company you need to experience the services and trainings.

As one of the best surf camp Morocco, the company is has several territories or locations to ensure there will be an ease access for travellers in finding the surfing class or course.

Some of the surf camp locations it is serving in Morocco are as below:

  • Taghazout, Agadir and Morocco
  • Tamraght, Agadir
  • Agadir, Sous-Massa
  • Anza, Agadir and more.

Don’t you forget about the surf camp in Dakhla as well that is called as the Dakhla Lagoon Surf Camp.

As one of the leading surf company in the world, Nomad Surfers have been serving the surfers around the world for about 24 years since 1995 ago. Have you got a surf company that have been teaching the surfers that long? You are almost have no reason to find and choose another surf camp in Morocco ever since that you have been found the best one.

Not only in Northern African countries as Morocco and Western Sahara territory but can be the best surf camp providers in the world.

Why You Should Aware of Professional Travel Images?

For me, the professional travel images are referring to the photos taken for travel destinations in professional ways using the high-end cameras and tools and then will be edited in high quality post-processing steps. For the end result, what your eyes will see when visiting the destinations will be so much different compared to the previous images you have seen before.

The professional travel images aren’t only limited to the destinations but also to the other relevant businesses such as travel attractions and things to do, accommodation offers, restaurants and more.

It has been our common sense that no matter how magical the images are displayed, our brain is actually telling us that what you see is not really what you will get. Look, I have never seen a glowing atmosphere and condition when I was visited a beach before, nor the skies or landscape are in high dynamic range (HDR effect) in reality. No such things I have been experienced before. See the before (left) and after image below.

Aware of professional travel images so you don't disappointed

But, we are actually realised that the images must have been edited to get more engagements through the people who are seeing it and will also a great way of marketing asset to attracting more travellers for visiting the destinations or experiencing the tourism related businesses.

I am writing this and suggesting you to aware of the professional travel images for a reason. My last weekend ago, I was visiting the Penglipuran village in Bali as one of the most attracted traditional villages in Bali. If I am not getting it wrong, it is also one of the cleanest village in Indonesia or could be the world?

The village is actually unique which is why I am in loves with it. All of the architecture of the buildings are still following the traditions and each land plots are informing the different families divided by the wall as the plot’s border. You can even know how many families are in each land plots since the information is written on every gates of the land as the main entrance to the houses.

The thing that put me in sorrow and was feeling disappointed is the length of the village itself. When I was seeing the village’s images before, it seemed to be a pretty much long village to walked through. In fact, it is not. You can even reach from both ends in just 2 minutes.

I know that I have too much and high expectations for the village through the professional travel images I have been accessed before that led me to thinking about how stupid I am. But seriously, it all is not my own mistake. The village is still unique and I will recommending you to pay a visit, but it is better to find the real images that are close to reality. Just find the amateur Instagram users that are uploading the images without applied a single filter before or read a review about the village because there may some reviewers will also uploading the images that have not been edited before.

Professional travel images are important especially for the businessmen or the village community when promoting the destinations and attractions. But when they are encouraging the travellers to expect more of what they could see, I think that starting from now on, we should have been aware of the professional images.

Digital Agency Services to Help New Business Starting Up

If you have not been known about what the digital agency is, it is an agency—a business line that is offering the other businesses the required services where mostly and 100% will be done digitally.

Opening a new business can be hard or even an easy thing for some people. But as what most of the businessmen are wishing, to get it started smoothly and getting it developed in better ways, it will takes time and efforts. And to be honest, you can’t do all the things yourself. You will need a help and the digital agency services can be what you have been looking for.

Types of digital marketing you have to know

Before we are going straight to the digital agency services, you have to know first that in digital marketing itself, there are various marketing strategies the new business can make use of.
And knowing about the types of digital marketing themselves are quiet important in getting thorough understanding of what the digital marketing is and its relation to the services offered by the digital agency.

Below are some examples of the types of digital marketing I am talking about:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. PPC (Pay-per-Click) Advertisement
  7. E-mail Marketing, etc.

What the digital agency services that are offering for a new business?

Now, let’s get into what actually the digital agency services are. And from some of the above types of digital marketing, I think you will understand that all of the services will be the digital assets for your business. So, the offers will be differ in how many services the agency is possible to handle.

The more the types of the digital marketing ideas of an agency have, the more services they are providing. But for an example, I will show you about the digital agency Bali services that your business can get. See the below image of some of the services I am talking about.

Example of digital agency services for a new business

From the above image, you will notice that I have not been mentioned some of the certain services that are related to some of the types of digital marketing before such as website design and development, graphic design, photography and video production, and more. The above image is sourced from a page of an agency’s site and there are still more of that.

And as I have said before that most of the digital agency services will be in digital formats such as an online website, photos and videos, logo in graphic design, and many more. And all of the services can be the good options for new business in introducing and improving the business itself.

Why a new starting up business needs to considering about hiring the digital agency’s services?

I know that starting a new business isn’t easy, admit that! you will need to prepare many things, talk to many people to ask for the suggestions and ideas, reading more references that you are usually doing before up to spending the money you have been saving for years. For short, you will need more money and times for building your online business platform, introducing it to new customers and finding ways to improving it.

If you are going to do them all yourself, instead of gaining more revenue from your business in short coming time, you can be ends up in only preparing the business itself and will be hard and long to take the improvement steps.

Therefore, you will really need the digital agency services for some parts of the business you can’t really handled yourself. When you are deciding to make your business online, don’t you think that designing and developing a web can be hard and need the skill in writing website codes? So does preparing the logo, e-mail template, and all the brand identity stuff to help you in building a professional business and many more home works to do that seems will take you forever. Not to mention about the professional image and video resources to display your products or services, partnership with the other businessmen and so on.

Investing in services provided by a digital agency for a new business is important to cut all of those works and focus on somethings you are really care about as in your priority. It is also part of how you are building your own professional business by the help of the professional agency with the guaranteed works to ensure that the money you are paying for the services is valuable.

Hammock Camping: The Basics of Setting Up Your Hammock

Hammock camping is getting more popular again as the winter chills melt into the beginning of spring. For some people, it’s time to plan or even prepare for their next hammocking adventure.

Finding attachment points for your hammock

You’re highly dependent on trees for your outdoor hammock camping. This is one of the most important first steps to your hammock camping. Choosing suitable trees for hammock camping is one of the concerns for the first-timers. And it’s a valid concern, as many people view hammocks as harmful to the trees.

Choosing the right trees to hang your hammock

Hammocks are low-impact camping activity and that the potential of damaging trees is actually minimum. Make sure that you chose trees that are healthy and sturdy. Thick tree diameters are preferable. If the trees bend even slightly because of your weight, then that means it’s a far cry from a suitable spot to hang your hammock. The trees that are suitable for hammock camping would not even budge even when you’re swinging on your hammock. Additionally, make sure that there are no dead branches above. Dead branches can fall anytime and may possibly harm you in the process. Make sure that there is no hazardous wildlife on your trees or around you. If they find your presence threatening, it’s not going to be pretty for you.  

Hammock Camping: The Basics of Setting Up Your Hammock

Don’t hang your hammock too tightly—loosen up!

A lot of first-timers think that getting the hammock as flat as possible is what they should do. This cannot be further from the truth. You need to hang your hammock loosely. Hammocks that are hung too tight would be very uncomfortable to sleep in. It would also give the attachment points, in many cases, the trees, to hold more weight that it should be when the hammock is setup loose.

Pick a tree-friendly strap to help protect the tree bark. Remember that you’re going camping to experience the outdoor—to get closer to nature. Causing harm to the tree bark because of human activities should be one of your first concerns when you’ve decided you’d like hammock camping.

For safety reasons, don’t hang your hammock too high

The folks over at the Ultimate Hang have put it well. For comparison, a chair-height above the ground from the bottom curve of your hammock would be ideal. If you’re hanging your hammock way too high up, it would make it so much more difficult for yourself (and the person you’re sharing your hammock with, if any). Getting up to your hammock should be effortless and getting down should not be a chore as well. moreover, even though the chance of falling is almost non-existent, if you do fall, the impact won’t be hazardous.

Get your hammock camping accessories ready

Some of the hammock camping accessories are among the most important components of hammock camping. Factor in those as well when setting up your hammock. Hang your tarp to protect you from the wind, sun, and rain. Hammock tarp is one of the most essential hammock camping accessories that you must bring. Bring a suitable hammock setup according to the seasons and your own needs.


How to Find Good Bars in Seminyak Bali

Making plans to head out to bars in Seminyak Bali is not as easy as it seems. With ton loads choices of bars packed alongside Jalan Raya Seminyak and the famous Petingenget, deciding a good bar would probably cost you an entire evening—unless you are a regular of one place. You will want the bar to be comfy, clean, safe, and friendly. You’ll want that everyone in the group can have a blast and enjoying the night out. Here, we have prepared some list to help you finding a good bar—either for a lone night or a group—in Seminyak, Bali.

How to Find Good Bars in Seminyak Bali

No Sticky Floor

If you come to a bar, you’d expect it to be clean. Especially if you come early in the evening and just looking for a chill. One thing you should notice the first time you head on a bar is the floor. They don’t have to be starkly clean—they just have to be clean and not sticky at all. If the floor is sticky, that’s a sure signs that you need to head back to the door. Cause who knows how clean they are with the drinking glasses.

There’s A Ton of Reviews Online

Some of the best bars in Seminyak Bali are so great with their quality and services that leaves impressive memory to their guests. The availability of (positive) online reviews is a quick indicator of a good bar. Perhaps they have great cocktails, unique theme, lively crowds, or blazing good musics.

Welcoming Staffs

When you were greeted like a guest coming to a party, you know you are coming to a good bar. Good vibes are contagious, and it all starts from the staffs. You don’t want to be in a bar where the staffs are grumpy and giving off awkward bad vibes. Unwelcoming bartender and staffs could be an indicator of poor management or horrible working condition, and you wouldn’t want to pick up on that. 

Enough Tables and Chairs to Relax

—and enough spaces for everyone to move. Sometimes a bar is just so popular that people are lining up to get inside and get checked by totalitarian guards, only to find themselves in a too jam-packed venue where even moving an arm is nearly impossible. This is the hard truth: a popular bar is not always a good bar. Most of the time, people flocks there just because their FOMO (fear of missing out). A good bar should allow you to talk, share, engage, dance, and overall enjoying yourself without being squeezed by hundreds of people.

Quality Drink and Fresh Fruits on Your Cocktails

Good bars in Seminyak Bali know that their drinks is the face of the establishment. After all, the final decision would fall on how good the drink is—even on a small humble bar. Look at the quality of the ingredients on your glass. The ice should be clear, the drink is not off-color, nothing looks odd, and the fruit garnish should be fresh. If you are ordering a juicy drink, the juice had better be real and fresh. You wouldn’t want to pay IDR 200K only to have sad, wrinkled, dried out fruit sitting on your cocktail.

What to Do to Relax Yourself at the Beach Before Sunsets?

Even if you do nothing at the beach, seeing the infinity water, white sand beach, coconut trees, are things that are magically can make our mind be relaxed. “Do nothing but get some things.” That’s how I will describe why spending time at the beach is recommended.

And it can also be the reason why many of us, as travelers, we keep on thinking and planning to visit the beach as one of the destination when the city or village got a beach. In the other hands, we have been realized that even a new beach can be the same as what we have been visited at the other places before.

If you are thinking about it, how many unique beaches you have been visited? For me, most of them have one common thing which is needs you to be more creative at there. You need to know and create things you will do at the beach. If not, as what I have told you on very first sentence on above, you can do nothing, but you can still enjoy your time. No regret.

Things to do at the beach before sunsets

What to do to relax at the beach before sunsets

Even though you are free not to do anything at the beach, you may want to know one or some things you can actually do to make your trip even better before sunsets. I choose that time since I am actually working nearby the beach and the best moment that I can see is at sunset. I have not been experienced the sunrise at this beach, so I thing I will only share some thoughts that have been experienced before. Surely I will try my best to help you maximize your time before the night and I don’t intend to add another extra troublesome for you. I’ll keep my tips to be fit for everyone.

  1. Lay your head down right on the sand! I don’t care about many things. All I know, doing this is making me feel better. The structure of sands seem to be the one that I need. Doing this won’t also make the clothes into dirt. I wonder why this happen. No matter how people are walking on the beach, you can still get your clothes clean even have been sleeping on the sand. But if you are the one who really care about your skin healthy or won’t get your hairs with many sand grains, feel free to get a beach blanket. Find a right spot for that and make sure the temperature is not so hot. Since the sun will sets very sooner, I think the sand will also getting cold slowly.
  2. Get a hammock if possible! I have been several times talking about the hammock in different posts, feel free to find them all. Just in case this will be your first visit in this blog, I have told the readers before that camping using hammock is a better idea. You just need to find a spot to setup the hammock and then start enjoying how beauty it is to watch the sun is setting.
  3. Look around you, there must be a restaurant! Doing nothing at the beach doesn’t mean that you are not deserves the fresh foods and drinks. Even just as simple as a cup of a coffee latte, that will be a great thing as long as you are in loves with the taste.
  4. Have a pet? Why don’t you invited him yet? Have you been seeing an image or a movie where people are playing around with pets at the beach at before sunsets? That is a great scene, right. You can also do the same thing if you have one. If you can’t walk your dog in the morning for the last few days, afternoon may be another best time for that.

Read also: Most Beautiful Beaches in Tasmania, Australia

Am i sure that all of the above things are enough? Surely, not. And they are not everything you can do. I myself still had the other activities where if i decided to write them all here, I think the page won’t even enough for my stories. Get realx and hope you can really enjoy your time at the beach before sunset.

Double Date in Bali? Get Luxury of 2 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak

This morning, I have seen a big promotional banner of Heineken saying that; “You can reschedule a date but you can’t reschedule a goal.” For a moment, I do agree with that but that surely will be a big bad news as well for couples who want to go to Bali in a double date schedule. So long, Heineken! A double date is better than you, that’s the goal. If you agree with me, another goal that I’d like to introduce you is the luxury of renting the 2 bedrooms villa at Seminyak area.

Double date in Bali and stay in luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Traveling in such a group, 2 falling in love couples in Bali can be great. Romantic atmosphere is actually can be felt on the air when thinking about it. Imagine a romantic diner, doing things together, 2 couples will be better than one, there will be enough crowd that can lives up the day while everyone is enjoying the at the world top destination. The wonderful Bali.

Double-date traveling will usually an idea of the two best friends or closer family members that have been married a bit long to spend the holidays. And each of couple will probably want to stay close together. Being days or even weeks in Bali for a double date things should be a great traveling idea as well as to live together. That’s why I am suggesting you the luxury 2 bedroom villa Seminyak that is perfect for that purpose along with the location benefits the couples can get.

Your main first question can be; why Seminyak than the other great places in Bali? First reason for that, there are not many villages in Bali with their own beaches. It is a coastal city. If there will be one common thing between Seminyak and Kuta, that will be the beach. Sadly, Kuta is not clean enough ever since there are plastic wastes here and there on the beach.

Knowing that, it won’t be a sin if you are imagining that the luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak you’re going to stay in is at the beach, closer to it, or perhaps within a walking distance? Yes, it is. You must be happy for that, right? Tell the other couples then about this good news.

Seminyak area is also has some interesting places for hanging out. You can get your fresh foods and drinks at the beach after sunset in a romantic diner up to the rooftop bar and cafe or restaurants. The amazing thing about is that, the crowd won’t even bothering you with that since there is no such disturbing distractions. Surely that there will be a noisy day, but I believe that you will need it and it is still can be tolerates.

Somehow, I have no idea why many people are staying there. You can even still finds a crowd at the beach after the midnight since there are some popular night clubs and also the beach clubs you can go. It may all of those are becoming the attractions for many travelers so do really enjoy their times at Seminyak. And you can experience what I have just told you, all of them around the luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak. Your double date entertainment is actually closer than you think.