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To Leave No Trace When Visiting Great Outdoors

To Leave No Trace When Visiting Great Outdoors
Pine Grove Campground

There are certain charms of outdoor travel and that is why most people like spending their holiday visiting state park, forest, national parks, nature reserves, etc. The nature has its own beauty that can hypnotize anyone to feel calmer and happier. Also, the situation with the global pandemic has driven more people to go outside and enjoy fresh air after being told to stay at home for long. However, the surge of visitor to various outdoor attractions cause various problems. 

Leaving no trace when outdoor traveling

One of the most common problems caused by increased number of visitors to the wilderness areas is an increased of resource damage. It is a must for the organizer or staffs to inform rules and guides on how to pay a visit properly and responsibly. However, it also should be in our mind to have that awareness to keep the nature as it is and avoid causing any damage. And so here are several ways you can enjoy your great outdoor travel without leaving no trace:

Plan ahead and prepare

It is a must to do your own research in advance of where you are going and what rules or regulations you should follow. Find the information on the official website of your destination. Or, you can also make a phone call to get a scoop. Hence, you visit more informed and educated. 

Be mindful with foods you are bringing

Leaving no trace when outdoor traveling
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Many people visit great outdoors packing any foods they have from home. However, they end up not eating all of them and leave them behind to go to waste. Even worse, they try to feed animals some human foods carelessly. This can be harmful both to the nature and the animals. If you plan on cooking during a camp, do it properly as to not attract any animals. Always clean after yourself and remember to not feed any animals even if they look cute. 

Pack mindfully

It is strongly advised that you be mindful with what you are going to pack. If you plan on heading to primitive, protected, or isolated area, bring less stuff with your packaging. The less stuff you pack, the less waste you are going to generate. Find a good balance by packing necessities such as clothes that are suitable with the weather or current situation. 

Be considerate

You might not be the only one who want to have primitive experience in the wilderness by spending few night sleeping at the campsite. Hence, know what you impact to others. Be mindful with your behavior and respect other occupants too. You also leave impact to the nature. Hence, be mindful not to pollute the water or damage any properties. 

Leave the place better then before your visit

Even your small contribution does make difference. Hence, make sure to not leave your trash behind. Clean after yourself and others. Try to protect any physical and social resources. If you camp in group, work together to haul trashes and clean the campground before leaving.