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Take A Peek into 3 Joglo Villas in Ubud Rich in Indonesian Culture

Take A Peek into 3 Joglo Villas in Ubud Rich in Indonesian Culture

There are many historical landmarks and artifacts in Indonesia. Even now, the Joglo style of historic dwellings is distinctive. The house’s design is one of the ones that is still frequently seen in contemporary Indonesia and is referred to by locals as “Omah Joglo.” Though Joglo is original to Javanese culture, the charm of this traditional house has now widely adopted as a translation of traditional villa in Bali, particularly in Ubud. These structures have been a new trend in Bali’s real estate market for the past few years, often even outpacing the construction of typical villas.

Understanding the Traditional Joglo House

Many facets of contemporary life continue to embrace the classic architecture. There are signs of past life left behind by an ancient structure. telling us in silence stories about daily life that are divided in time. The old-fashioned homes are a great way to experience life in the past. It reveals how they live. How they carry on with their daily activities. It offers us a quiet window into their daily activities.

The Popularity of Joglo House in Bali

Aesthetics are the most important thing. For a foreigner who wants to establish a property in Bali, it appears nice and exotic. Despite not being originally from Bali, it is also traditional, which makes you feel nice. The height and style of the roof, which were once reserved for aristocrats in Central Java, indicate the owner’s social and economic standing. However, in contemporary Indonesia, far more modest joglo have long been constructed in rural kampung.

Ubud is one of the most famous tourist hub in Bali that simultaneously associated with the center of art, culture, wellness, and spirituality. So it is just make sense to find many luxurious joglo villas in Ubud Bali. After all, it’s just fit to experience the rich tradition of Bali in a traditional house, don’t you think?

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Three Charming Joglo Villas in Ubud Bali 

Experience something different on your trip to Ubud. Tired of being crammed into a hotel room and staring at four walls? When we travel, we often want to experience something fresh, something different from the monotonous routine. 

Why not visit Ubud while staying in a magnificent Bali Joglo villa decorated in traditional antiques?  Your expectations will be more than surpassed by a large, exquisitely designed villa that combines traditional Indonesian architecture with contemporary styling.

Modern Contemporary Joglo Ubud Villa Bali  

This open-plan classic Joglo architecture invites the richness of tropical flair within. You will check into this villa and never want to leave because it embodies everything that is Indonesian architecture, with Joglo style pavilions surrounded by lovely tropical gardens and a dazzling aqua swimming pool overlooking the lush tropical jungle.

This 3 bedrooom Ubud villa is also equipped with 5 elegant bathrooms. It is completely furnished and well decorated, giving you access to exceptional luxury and comfort. This home generously provides comfortable air conditioning in most spaces, a large open-concept living and dining area, a modern kitchen, a private pool, a gazebo, and separate storage space.

Luxurious Joglo Villa with Infinity Pool and Jungle View 

This gorgeous joglo villa is located in a forested area of Ubud, just outside of the bustling center of the city. It will charm you with genuine Balinese hospitality where you can experience serendipity and a little bit of forgotten Bali.

This magnificent property is nestled in a tranquil location of Ubud and features a spectacular view of the jungle and large grounds. This magnificent Ubud Joglo house has 4 elegant bathrooms in addition to 3 roomy, snug, and comfortable bedrooms. It is completely furnished and tastefully decorated with pricey interior decor and furnishings that offer upscale luxury and comfort. This house generously provides a separate maid room, living room, dining room, kitchen, 15 x 4 m swimming pool, gazebo, garden, and spa.

A Royal Private Ubud Villa with Jungle View 

This palatial set of five-bedroom Ubud villa complex was traditionally built using Javanese Joglo architecture as influence surrounded with well-manicured garden to ensure a serene ambience within the house. The opulent joglo house is a stunning property that feels like a world away from reality thanks to abundance of open space, rustic accents, and a brilliant design that invites the lush outside in at every chance. This traditional villa guarantee entrancing sanctuary that has mastered the art of oriental exoticism and regal splendour.