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Best Travel Destinations That Host The Best Party

A vacation is not always a leisure stroll around beach or relaxing spa. Sometimes, you crave for that buzz of a party where people gather around having the most fun of life. So why not having a blast of a party with the people you meet during your trip. There are many destinations that host such a great party you can join in. From beachside party to club parties, you can actually enjoy a great party in one of these towns:

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Croatia is also known as one of the best destinations for great party towns. The island of Hvar is one of the most perfect spot to visit for those who are thirsty of fun parties. However, be mindful with your budget because travelling to this island is pretty pricey. It is said that this destination is full of rich and famous visitors from around the world. However, do not let it discourage you from finding great  bars and clubs that are always pumping the best energy for party. Another interesting thing about this place is the spectacular setting on the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. 

Medellin, Columbia

Medellin, Columbia

This place was used to be a war zone during a the seat of Pablo Escobar’s power. However, this place is cleaned up now and has become one of the best travel destinations in South America. This is a great place where you get to experience hardcore parties. Every night of the week, salsa parties are being held to let everyone party like there is no tomorrow. Great music and drinks complete the parties here and let everyone get the best experience. 

Haad Rin, Thailand

Haad Rin, Thailand

Travelling to Asia, you also get to experience the best party which is at Haad Rin, Thailand. This is said to be one of favorite destinations for backpackers. If you are curious about party scene here, pay a visit to Koh Pha-Ngan, the Thai island. It is famous for hosting Full Moon parties. Haad Rin itself is the main town on this island so joining the part won’t be difficult. 

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro

This is already known to be on one of the most favorite destination for partying among travelers. Both the locals and visitors here love to party. You can find crowds gather on Ipanema beach every afternoon to watch the sun goes down. They then head to clubs and bars to dance till the sun comes up. 

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is perched on one of the most stunning beachside spots in Europe. This place is a home to medieval Old Town as well as hundreds of bars and restaurants. This place is often filled with enthusiasts backpackers who are also eager to have a blast of a party. Lagos is very well-known for a place that is full of party atmosphere. It is one of the hottest destinations in Europe for party goers. So if you have a plan of visiting Europe for your next travel, come by this particular place to experience the best party. 

What A Day in Canggu Looks Like

What A Day in Canggu Looks Like
Image credit: Instagram@thebaliguideline

Everyone wants to live in Canggu these days: it’s hip, gorgeous, exciting, and still reasonably priced. Canggu may be the holy land for individuals seeking sun, enjoyment, and a decent spot to base themselves in Southeast Asia. Canggu is home to chic restaurants and cafes, laid-back beach bars, and a welcoming nomad and expat community staying in their tropical Canggu Bali villa rentals. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a “genuine Balinese experience,” whatever that means, this isn’t the place to go. 

However, There’s something for everyone in Canggu, from spending a morning sipping coffee in a light-filled cafe to viewing a spectacular sunset from one of the many beach clubs. Heres how a day in Canggu looks like.

Join Yoga Classes in the Morning

Join Yoga Classes in the Morning
Image credit: Instagram@cangguyogafestival

Even though Ubud is the true yoga hub of Bali, Canggu has plenty of opportunities to practice your sun salutations. Yoga shalas or classes are available at many lodging establishments, and there are also various yoga studios.

We were fortunate in that our hotel (The Chillhouse Bali) provided a complimentary yoga class twice daily. Yoga sessions ranged from relaxing meditation to strenuous vinyasa movements. We can definitely recommend the Chillhouse if you’re seeking for a location to stay with a diverse selection of yoga possibilities.

Have Morning Coffee and Brunch in Butterman

Have Morning Coffee and Brunch in Butterman
Image credit: Instagram@_faizalsp

Butterman has virtually overflowed with consumers since debuting in September. They come for the soft and crunchy croissants, which come in plain, chocolate, and double-baked with almond cream, as well as stuffed croissants with béchamel sauce, ham, or chorizo and drizzled with Emmental cheese from the French-Swiss border region.

Enjoy Some Relaxing Time in Your Vacation Rental in Canggu

Enjoy Some Relaxing Time in Your Vacation Rental in Canggu
Image credit: Kibarer

Not everyday have to be spent for exploring beaches, trying out new restaurants, or partying in beach clubs. Spare some days just lounging in the private pool of your villa Canggu; cooling down from Bali’s heat, reading books, or just enjoying fresh tropical fruits. While hotels might be lovely and comfortable, they rarely have a lot of space. One of the reasons we love a villa rentals in Canggu, Bali, whenever we we can is because of this benefit. We can all be in the same place for late-night conversation or lingering over breakfast that we’ve cooked together if we stay in a vacation rental.

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Surfing in the Strips of Echo and Berawa Beaches

In Canggu, one thing is impossible to avoid: surfing. Canggu’s beaches are among Bali’s most well-known (and crowded) surf locations. There are tanned individuals everywhere, racing about with surfboards or riding around on scooters with their boards.

If you want to learn to surf, Canggu is a fantastic place to do so. There are as many surf schools and camps in Canggu as there are sand on the beach. The Chillhouse Bali is a great option for you (where we ourselves also stayed). There are surf lessons available with highly qualified instructors.

Lounge for Sunset in the Lawn Canggu

Lounge for Sunset in the Lawn Canggu
Image credit: Instagram@thelawncanggu

The Lawn Canggu is a relaxed, upscale beachfront pub with beanbags and couches strewn around an artificial lawn in front of Batu Balong Beach. Grab a drink and sit in just in time for sunset. If you go at the proper time, you might be able to catch some live music while you’re there.

Or Just Walk Down to Any Beaches and Enjoy the Sunset

Canggu has a southwesterly orientation. As a result, Canggu’s beaches are ideal for watching spectacular sunsets. To enjoy it, you may either rest in the sand or find a spot in one of the many bars. The sun sets between 6 and 6:30 p.m. in Bali every year, making it ideal for a sundowner or an evening supper.

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Get in the ‘Gu Night Vibe at Old Man’s

Get in the ‘Gu Night Vibe at Old Man’s
Image credit: Instagram@oldmansbali

Last but not least, if you enjoy partying, Canggu is the place to be. There is no longer a weekday when there isn’t a party or an event taking place someplace. We’re not big party people, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to check out Canggu’s nightlife.

The Old Man’s, directly on Batu Bolong beach, is one of the hotspots. During the day, it’s really cozy here. Live music is performed early in the evening, and a DJ is occasionally present. The famed Sunday parties in Deus are also packed. Local musicians frequently perform here, and you can dance all night.

Personalizing Your Looks And Boost Your Confidence

Personalizing Your Looks And Boost Your Confidence

It is a nature for human to want to look good and it is one of the way to gain confidence. However, it can be challenging because not everyone has the same level of confidence. It is common to feel anxious of what to wear even when you just need to go grocery shopping. Choosing your wardrobe ends up feeling like a daunting task because you feel so stress through it all. 

How to personalize your look 

You can express yourself through what you wear. However, most of the time people wear their best from the wardrobe is when they are going to meet other human beings. It means they try to impress others. Sometimes, it goes far to wear something they don’t even like just because they think it is what other people want to see from them. However, that is not entirely true.

Prioritize yourself

While you can impress others with your look, keep in mind that how you feel does matter. It is not always about making people like how you look but more about how comfortable you feel with what you choose for your look. Hence, it is a must to always put your thought and feelings first before others. Unless it is for formal occasion that requires certain outfits or looks, choose whatever you feel comfortable the most. 

Take inspiration but don’t go overboard

Take inspiration but don’t go overboard

It is common to find inspiration from others when it comes to how you want to present or dress yourself. Today, it is easy to find inspiration from the internet where countless influencers give their opinion and insight of fashion, lifestyle, etc. However, make sure that you don’t take what they as as gospel. Take good points you can apply to yourself so it becomes your personalized look instead a copy from others.

Highlight your unique point

To personalize your look, you can find the unique point you have. Sometimes, the thing you see as flaws is interesting point for others. Hence, do not judge yourself too harshly just because you feel different from how the others look. Maybe you have long, slender legs that you can show off with your outfits. Or, maybe you have unique eye color then you can make it more standout with a little bit of makeup. The more unique you look, the more interesting you will be for others. 

Be simple and don’t overthink

When you are feeling so stressed out about choosing your wardrobe or how to present yourself, take a deep breath. Make sure to choose your wardrobe in a calm state. Also, it is recommended to not choose outfit in the last minute because it might put you into panic instead. If you feel overwhelmed, think simply. Choose something simple and comfortable to wear. If it is about jewelry, the less is more. You don’t have to go overboard with it since it is just accessory to complement your look. Try to make the process as fun as possible so you stay relax when making your choice. 

6 Tips for Booking A Private Villa in Seminyak on Peak Season

7 Tips for Booking A Private Vacation House in Seminyak on Peak Season

If you are still in school or working in a 9-5 schedule, you might have limited time frame for travelling. And most of the time, your free time will be limited during summer break or Christmas and New Year holiday. While it’s a festive time to travel in Bali, finding a private villa could be difficult especially in popular area like Seminyak.

Seminyak, dubbed as one of the hippest and most fashionable area in Bali, is highly popular among tourist. The Seminyak streets has unquestionably become one of Bali’s most stylish neighborhoods. Luxurious hotels and resorts, fine-dining restaurants, and jewellery artists take pride for having Seminyak in their address. Seminyak is also known for its shopping, with tourists able to purchase handcrafted items from all across the island as well as worldwide designer retailers. It’s not surprising if you want to base in Seminyak for your holiday. However, you need a special strategy especially when you go there during the peak season. 

Book up to a year in advance if the Seminyak private villa Bali is popular

Seminyak is the home of many beautiful, Instagrammable, and attractive vacation rentals that are highly popular among tourists. Some even receive full booking for three month straight before the date take place. You will need to book rental far in advance id the Seminyak villa you’re eyeing is a popular one. 

Although it may be unsettling to book a property so far in advance, many rental-home owners have relaxed their cancellation procedures as a result of COVID-19, allowing you to change your plans without penalty close to your check-in date.

Check more than one website

There’s a good probability that different websites have different costs, which is why it’s a good idea for individuals to explore multiple websites so that they can make the best possible choice and examine the listings from multiple sources. People must search on various portals and online websites in order to gain good access to the various offers and promo deals that they are running. One Seminyak private villa in Bali can have different pricing in, say, booking.com and AirBnB. So, always check all the websites!

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Get a good understanding of your choices around Seminyak

Find more about the average pricing and availability of villas in Seminyak area. Expand your search to include surrounding towns, where availability and costs may be higher. Play around with your date range if you have the flexibility.

Choose a Seminyak villa in less touristy areas

The Seminyak area is huge. Though it’s a generally popular area, there are a lot of smaller areas in Seminyak that you can choose to base. There are lots of beautiful Seminyak villa with private pool hidden in small streets. Often times, the more hidden it is, the more luxurious the villa can be. 

Staying off in well-known tourist locations is something that you should avoud because mark-ups in tourist activities can be ludicrous at times. This also results in premium pricing of villa in busy streets and around Seminyak’s beaches.

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Be flexible with your schedule

You can save hundreds of dollars by being flexible about your departure date or time. For the best deals, look for departures that are out of the ordinary, such as very early in the morning or very late at night. Mini-break demand is strongest on Friday nights, Sunday nights, and Monday mornings, so avoid going out on Friday nights or returning on Sunday nights or Monday mornings.

Book flights with early arrival

Everything will obviously be busier if you travel during the high season. There will be longer lines, busier roadways, and slower check-ins. Allow plenty of time to go where you need to be so you don’t miss any scheduled appointments.

Nothing is more stressful than sitting in traffic, watching the minutes tick away as your departure time approaches!

Stay Fresh And Awake During A Long Road Trip

Exhaustion during a drive can be dangerous. When you feel exhausted, your body will automatically give you signal through so many ways such as unfocused sight, thirsty, sleepy, fatigue, etc. It is important to know how to prevent over-exhaustion from happening and keep yourself awake for your road trip. Avoid over-exhaustion during a long road trip with these following tips.

Stay Fresh And Awake During A Long Road Trip

Prepare yourself prior the trip

Before the trip, make sure that you are in good condition. At least, make sure that you have goo enough sleep the night prior. If you drive in an already exhausted condition, your trip will be so tough. In addition, it is also important to check up on your overall health if you have particular condition that need doctor’s attention. Hence, your doctor will give you some advice of what to do for you to have a safe road trip. 

Bring a buddy

It is recommended to bring a buddy for a long road trip so you can take turn behind the wheels. Or, if you don’t really have travel companion who can drive, it is okay to bring the one who don’t drive. Having a road companion is nice because you can chat with them throughout the ride, making everything is so much more bearable and exciting. It helps a lot in helping you to stay awake.

Pack healthy snacks in your car

Even if you are sure you will get to stop by a restaurant or food vendors on the road, it is necessary to pack your own snacks. Choose healthy snacks that don’t contain only empty calories. Choose snacks with less sugar and more protein to keep you energized at a more constant pace. Too sugary snacks often lead you to food coma which is bad when you are responsible for a safe ride. 

Drink something caffeinated

You can brew your own coffee at home before the trip. Or you can also buy it on the road. If you can tolerate it, drink it black. The caffeine in the coffee can help you stay awake for few hours. It gives you that quick jolt to feel awake and fresh for a long drive. If coffee is too strong for you, you may opt for tea. 

Set cool temperature in your car

When the inside of your car is warm, it is easier for you to feel too comfortable with your ride. Your body may send signal of sleepiness due to cozy temperature. Hence, it is recommended to keep your car few notches below ideal temperature but still comfortable for your body that you won’t end up freezing. Or, you can also crack your window opened a little bit to let in fresh air. 

Try some facial exercise

During your stops, you may try some facial exercise to keep yourself fresh and awake. You can find some techniques many people share on the internet through videos or tutorials. It may look silly but it helps a lot in keeping you awake even for awhile. 

5 Mistakes You Should Never Do in Nusa Dua Resorts

Mistakes You Should Never Do in Nusa Dua Resorts

Heading to Nusa Dua to enjoy some nice quiet time in Bali’s beach resorts? Secluded resort and Nusa Dua beaches are great combo for those who seek a nice hideout in Bali and enjoying the tropical weather away from hustle and bustles of touristy spots, but still having the convenience of a city within reach. But how can you enjoy your resort vacation to the most? Here are five things to not do when you are vacationing in Nusa Dua resort and hotels.

Thinking That Pricier Resorts Means Better Beach

Being one of the prime holiday destination, Bali is brimming with beach resorts and oceanfront hotels. From the biggest, most luxurious, and most expensive to the most affordable, everything is available in the market. Consider vacationing at a less expensive resort if you’re on a limited budget. Traveling to Bali is about the sun and the beach! Even while sharing the same stretch of beach, standard resorts are often 2 to 4 times less expensive than luxury resorts! If you don’t plan on spending much time in your room, you may discover amazing value and gorgeous beaches for considerably less.

Expecting Cheap Rates of Nusa Dua Resorts During Holiday Season 

Taking a resort vacation in Nusa Dua and Bali in general during spring break could be a bit expensive, but prices during the winter season will go beyond the roof. If you must travel over the holidays, consider scheduling a few days after Christmas. When compared to staying during the Christmas holiday, going to the beach over New Year’s can save you hundreds of dollars.

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Not Checking Rewards You Can Use for Cheaper Price

Ever wonder why some people can travel so often and seems like they don’t even have any financial struggle? Sometimes they are indeed part of the 1% stinky rich population of the world, sometimes it’s the travel rewards. Smart travelers can travel beyond their means using card perks and benefit. Travel rewards cards might help you save even more money on your next trip. Some cards, regardless of brand, enable you to redeem points as a statement credit for eligible travel costs. Most cards also offer significant signup bonuses, which adds even more value. Check out your cards and see how it might help you for the Nusa Dua trip!

Not Checking the Nusa Dua Beaches Outside the Resort

Not Checking the Nusa Dua Beaches Outside the Resort

Do not spend all your time curling up in the resort. We know; the Nusa Dua resorts offer everything you want; delicious food, big pools to soak in during the hot days, private spa, and empty beach in the backyard. What else can you possibly want? 

Well, you gonna miss a lot of great things if you spend the week just in the resort! The gated community complex of resorts and hotels in Nusa Dua is famous for luxury seaside walk. So, definitely check that out! You can also visit a beautiful manicured garden in Nusa Dua beach or take a surfing lesson for beginners. Do explore other beaches around Nusa Dua as well!

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Stuffing Your Suitcase with Bulky Towels

Packing towels is a such a pain. They take up a lot of important baggage space and are generally wet when you get them home. Instead of bringing your own towels, utilize the beach towels provided by the resort. Show the towel card you were given at check-in, get a towel, and then return it when you’re finished. That’s all there is to it!

Meaningful Travel In A Post-Covid World

The situation with the covid-19 has forced everyone to literally and figuratively stay inside. It affects everyone in many ways, including the travel industry that has changed a lot since the pandemic. Tourism is predicted to turn back to how it was in the old times. Instead of modern vacation, it seems that more people are interested in taking a pilgrimage. The reason is that it feels more meaningful somehow. Should pilgrimage be religious? 

Meaningful Travel In A Post-Covid World

Pilgrimage, Oldest form of travel

Pilgrimage is considered the oldest form of travel. Should it be religious? The answer is not always. When you think about pilgrimage, you may need to put in in the context. In the past before millennia, people joined a community and together they went to the shrines collectively or individually giving offerings. The places they visited were sacred sites they believed inhabited by a deity, creator, or ancestors. Pilgrimage can be considered as a hyper meaningful journey where people try to find connection with what they believe is something greater than mere humans. Along the journey, they find something meaningful to remember and more motivated to transform in a good way. 

Non-religious pilgrimage

Today, pilgrimage is not always about religious experience. There are also some non-religious pilgrimages where people visit their ancestral home, sport pilgrimage where they visit football field, or follow trails that lead to historic sites. Those can be called pilgrimage but in a different form. Meanwhile, religious pilgrimages are usually related to some faiths and beliefs. For example, Hajj pilgrimage is when moeslems visit Kaaba in Mecca and perform various religious activities as it is part of the Five Pillars of Islam. However, religious pilgrimages have been limited due to the pandemic. And now with vaccination, many hope that the pandemic will be contained fully soon, making everyone able to travel. 

Pilgrimage trip post covid

Pilgrimage trip post covid

And for the post-covid travel, it seems that people can’t wait to have religious trip such as pilgrimages that can make them find something more meaningful. With the impact of covid-19, many people start to pause and rethink of what truly matters in their lives. It is the moment where they are able to stop rushing around commuting. Many people start to think about the values they want to pursue once the quarantine is over. Hence, it is predicted that many people want to have an experience of meaningful travel after pandemic ends. 

Remember that many people are affected by the pandemic financially, physically, and mentally. The pandemic has increased anxiety, depression, and isolation. Hence, it makes senses if many people want to find a connection through meaningful travel. They can find the connection with other people as well as to their Gods. It also says that people will try to connect more with the nature after being cooped up over a year in isolation. It is predicted that some places will be more popular than others such as lakes, mountains, beaches, etc. You may want to prepare yourself for a meaningful travel like pilgrimage once the pandemic is over so you find back your value and purpose. 

Make Your Villa Jimbaran Bali Stand Out from the Rest


When you have a vacation rental home, you have to work twice as hard to satisfy your guests, especially if you want to keep getting good reviews and attracting new guests. And if you have villa property in Jimbaran Bali, there are numerous ways to create unique experience in your vacation rental. Here are some simple ways to create exclusive experience that your guests will love.

Collaborate with Luxury Brands for Your Villa Jimbaran Bali

In the luxury travel market, designers and brand names are important. You must carefully choose what you should spend money on and what you can live without. Two of the most prominent characteristics that leave room for name-brand products are comfort and beauty. Spending a little more on top-of-the-line soaps and toiletries will be well worth it. This is also an excellent opportunity to collaborate with local high-end businesses. You might gain also some free advertising from the small businesses you buy from because you and the local brands benefit from each other.

Create A Travel Guide to Explore Jimbaran Area

The best method to improve guests’ experience in your villa Jimbaran Bali is to give them a fantastic itinerary in the area. You are an expert in the region and can suggest the best things to do. You can produce a trip guide in a variety of ways, including a simple brochure, a digital presentation, or even a film. Walks and treks, viewing spots, beaches, events, and local shops and restaurants are among the most popular things to do and see in the area. You can also collaborate with local businesses and see if they’d like to cross-promote with you. It may be a fantastic chance for both of you.

Provide Outdoor Spaces in Villa Jimbaran Bali

Provide Outdoor Spaces in Villa Jimbaran Bali

Guests love to enjoy the beautiful surrounding view from your outdoor spaces. All of us are all enthralled by a lovely room with a stunning view, but being able to stroll outside and take in the scenery is even better. This add-on can be pricey, but it’s an investment that your guests will appreciate. Balconies allow visitors to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty without having to leave the house. To entice guests to the patio, provide a relaxing ambiance outside. Invest in beautiful cushions to cover any furniture made of hard materials like stone, concrete, or wood in your garden area to make it feel homey. Also, keep seating pads and furniture covered during inclement weather to keep them in good condition.

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Create A Mesmerising Outdoor Bath

Bali holiday villas bathtub 6

Nothing beats relaxing in a hot tub beneath the open sky after a long day of adventure in Bali to relax your fatigued body and mind. Outdoor bathing has grown increasingly popular for many people who want to appreciate and bring home something special from their holiday experience on the Island of Gods, thanks to Bali’s warm weather and tropical ambience.

Offer Freebies for Guests

Many “Superhosts” in AirBnB provide their visitors “freebies” that truly make guests feel valued if you visit some of the most highly rated vacation rental across the world. These freebies are frequently associated with the location. As a villa owner in Jimbaran Bali, you can give the guests Bali’s famous milk pie or Satay lilit (fish satay in lemongrass stalk) to give them a sample of Balinese authentic living.

Prevent Getting Sick While On A Flight

Prevent Getting Sick While On A Flight

Travel can put your body in more vulnerable position with temperature changes, spreading germs, etc. During a flight, there is high risk of you getting sick. Man people thought it was because of the recirculated air that passengers getting sick when flying. However, the study found that it was false. The major factor that can cause sickness to airplane passengers is the germs spread by human movement throughout the cabin. 

How to prevent yourself from getting sick on plane

The best thing to do to stay healthy and safe during a flight is to practice good hygiene. Avoiding in contact with germs is a must. However, it is probably too much for some travelers to keep themselves on guard to avoid any contact with germs in the cabin. Also, it is recommended that you choose window seat rather than aisle seat. Window seats are 

According to the studies, the risks of transmission of respiratory viruses in cabin of an airplane are still unknown. However, movements of crew and passengers may facilitate disease transmission. Hence, it makes sense if window seats are said to have lower risks of disease transmission. Window seats provide less chance for movements. Passengers and crew won’t pass by window seats but the aisle ones. Hence, aisle seat are more exposed to disease transmission. 

How to prevent yourself from getting sick on plane

Furthermore, thinking that you will get sick from using the air flowing through the nozzle above you is highly unlikely. You are more vulnerable to get sick from other people as well as items that pass through the cabin. By choosing the window seat, you can avoid germ traffic. It is also recommended that you sit in your window seat throughout the duration of the flight if it is a short one. If you have a long-haul flight, minimize your movement. You can stretch your body while going for a toilet break to minimize unnecessary movement. 

Avoid using blanket provided by the airline especially when you see it is dirty. Sometimes, the airline doesn’t have much time to wash or replace the blankets after the previous flight due to tight schedule. Hence, you don’t know if previous passengers might have been sicks or spread the germs to the blanket. It is more recommended to bring your own travel blanket if you take a long-haul flight. 

Be mindful of what you eat during the flight. If there is something off about the food, do not eat it. Hence, it is highly recommended to pack your own foods at least some snacks. So if the in-flight foods are not to your liking, you can always open your pack of foods. 

Avoid alcoholic, carbonated, and caffeinated beverages. It is important to stay hydrated to avoid getting sick while on a flight. However, those kind of beverages will increase your dehydration because the are diuretic. Stick to healthy beverages such as mineral water or fruit juice. Take a good nap during the flight so you can land feeling refreshed because lack of sleep can lower your immune system. 

10 Must Amenities to Make Your Villa Seminyak Standout

Making Your Villa Seminyak Standout with 10 Must Amenities

The facilities provided by your villa Seminyak vacation rental can be the difference between a one-time visitor and a frequent visitor. Your facilities should be tailored to the area of your rental property, the type of lodging you provide, and the kind of visitors you anticipate. According to AirBnb’s survey to US travelers, 97% holiday makers claims that amenities gives significant effect to their overall travel experience. You can improve the guest experience and increase reservations by providing all of the key amenities that guests may require throughout their stay.

A Complimentary Welcoming Basket 

If you want to go all out, give each guest a welcome basket when they arrive at your rental property. A modest collection of local delights – sweets, local snacks, coffee, wine, postcards – is a persuasive way to welcome your guests to the area and leave a lasting first impression.

Kitchen Appliance on Your Villa Seminyak

Kitchen Appliance on Your Villa Seminyak

Those guests who like to cook at home while on vacation will appreciate it if you supply a variety of cookware as well as kitchen necessities such as:

  • A good set of sharp knives, utensils for all invited guests, a complete set of pots, flatware, serving platters, and other eating/cooking essentials
  • A coffee maker and a kettle for delicious morning coffee
  • Rice cookers, crockpots, and blenders are all excellent additions to any kitchen.
  • Rice cookers, crock pots, processors, blenders, juicers, and other modern equipment
  • Filters, coffee pot, and coffee
  • Bottle openers and corkscrews

Think About Complimentary Breakfast

Travelers appreciate the flexibility of being able to check in whenever they choose. Especially if their journey does not go according to plan. That doesn’t mean you have to be available 24 hours a day; instead, make sure you have a mechanism in place for automated check-in. This amenity will make a terrific first impression on your guests, whether they acquire access to your property through lockbox, keyless entry, or any other method.

A 24 Hour Check-In for Convenient Booking

Travelers appreciate the flexibility of being able to check to your villa Seminyak in whenever they choose. Especially if their journey has many stops that cost late arrival to the accommodation. That doesn’t mean you have to be available 24 hours a day; instead, make sure you have a mechanism in place for automated check-in. This amenity will make a terrific first impression on your guests, whether they acquire access to your property through lockbox, keyless entry, or any other method.

A Fast Wifi Is A Must for Every Villa Seminyak

In any modern vacation rental, WiFi is perhaps the most important feature in any Seminyak villas. Your guests would expect WiFi as part of the rental package unless your rental is explicitly off-grid and catering to a “technology hideaway” crowd. In fact, if you don’t clearly state it, not having a fast wireless internet connection may dissuade customers from booking with you or result in a negative review.

Streaming Services on the TV

Streaming Services on the TV

Even if they don’t watch TV, most visitors consider television access to be a must-have feature in your villa Seminyak. Vacation rental owner in the past would subscribe to cable TV to provide wide-selection of entertainment to the guests. However, today you can swap the costly TV cable with relatively cheaper streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. 

Stock Some DVD and Books

If you don’t want to pay for cable or Netflix for your holiday rental, supplying guests with a selection of movies and books is a terrific alternative. Just make sure there’s enough for everyone, including something to keep tiny toddlers occupied on a wet afternoon!

Some Family Friendly Games Ready at Reach

Save families the trouble of packing their whole pack ‘n’ play for a vacation. Make crayons, novels, and bathing toys available for free to children.

You could also provide some board games and cards for additional family entertainment! All-time family favorites include Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Chutes & Ladders, Twister, and Uno

High-Quality Toiletries at Your Villa Seminyak

High-Quality Toiletries at Your Villa Seminyak

The most basic bathroom amenity you can provide in your Seminyak private villa Bali is toiletries. Guests anticipate travel-size toiletries in a hotel, but they are blown away when they receive the same service in a vacation rental.

Installing soap and shampoo dispensers on the shower wall is a good place to start, but you can go even farther by providing vacation rental essentials like: conditioner, lotion, and mouthwash and toothpaste. You can go even further with bath salts, bath bombs, and essential oils could to wow and impress your guests even more!

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Hairdryer and Personal Care Kits

Nothing beats a hairdryer in terms of return on investment. No one wants to lug around a cumbersome hair accessory. Hairdryers linked to the wall are sometimes provided by hotels as a solution to this problem. Travelers like dryers that allow them to go out the door quickly (and enjoy their holiday). You can also make simple personal care kits for your guests, including items like q-tips, cotton rounds, and a small sewing kit that are both practical and economical.