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Which Card To Choose For Hassle-Free Travel


Carrying too much cash for your trip is not uncomfortable because it can make you feel like you have to be on guard in every second. Also, there is a risk that you lose it so if you don’t bring any back up, you might end up in trouble. You will also look too standout when exploring around travel destination carrying thick wallet full of cash. There is a risk of you being the target of the thieves. Hence, it is more recommended that you also bring your card to back up your cash. But which card is better to bring between credit card and debit card?

Which Card To Choose For Hassle-Free Travel

Reasons why credit card is a better option for travel

Paying via card over cash is considered more efficient, convenient, and safer. You also don’t have to prepare space in your wallet to store your cash. However between credit card and debit card, the former is considered better option for travel especially if you plan an international trip. And here are the reasons for it:

You get more rewards with credit card

With credit card, you have more opportunity to get many rewards since they are designed to offer lucrative rewards in the form of cash rebates or reward points. It entitles you to many kinds of exclusive promotions, deals, and other privileges either you use it locally or overseas. It is even more beneficial if you travel frequently during holiday since you will get rewards in the form of dining and overseas spends or air miles. 

Credits are are safer

As mentioned earlier that it is often for travelers and tourists alike to be a victim of robbery and pickpocketing due to their lack of knowledge about the city or country they visit. Hence, many travelers choose to not withdraw any cash for expenses they spend during travel. It is considered safer to go cashless. 

There is a limit for credit cards

There is a chance that you run out of money during travel and it will be a trouble if you bring only debit card that only has insufficient funds. You will not experience this kind of trouble if you bring your credit card since you have the option to exceed credit limit to your card. Hence, you don’t have to worry too much during the trip since you can buy anything. If you want to avoid excessive spending however, your credit card have its limit you can stick to. 

Larger networks worldwide

Credit cards are more universally accepted. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your card being rejected during payment overseas. There are also discounts and privileges you can get no matter what country you are travelling to. Meanwhile, it is different with how debit card works. Sometimes, local debit card payment networks are not accepted universally. Therefore, it is less risky for you to choose credit card over debit card. It offers more rewards and bonuses while also keeping you financially safe through worldwide network and easy access anywhere you go.