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How to Have the Most Memorable Vacation in A Villa Ubud Bali


As the land of Balinese tradition, culture, art, and centre of healing, Ubud vibrates a very charismatic aura that significantly differ from the southern Bali beaches. This region nestled in Bali’s highland, surrounded by tropical rainforests and rice fields terraces that gives instant cool vibe to this little town. Spending some few weeks grounding in a villa Ubud Bali is the best to explore this charming region. And with so much things to do and see, you gonna need a little guidance to get the most of Ubud!

Choose A Villa Ubud Bali with A View

Choose A Villa Ubud Bali with A View
Image credit: Instagram @kibarerpropertybali

There are hundreds of villas, small hotels, and guesthouses you can find in Ubud, but we highly advise you to stay out of town. Move several kilometers away from the main Monkey Forest streets to near the outskirt. The hidden gems are usually a little bit out of reach. Do not settle until you find a good villa Ubud Bali that offers jungle or rice views from the balcony. Staying in a house with view will definitely be one of your biggest holiday highlights!

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Visiting the Temples

What is Ubud without its strong ties to the culture and religion? It’s time to take a visit to several Ubud’s famous temples.

Saraswati Temple

Saraswati Temple
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The Saraswati Temple, located in the center of Ubud, is a water temple with beautiful lotus blooms on either side! Follow the blooming walk to marvel at the stunning Balinese architecture and vibrantly colored doors.

Tirta Empul

Titra Empul is another shrine not to be missed! Locals and tourists alike queue up to immerse their heads under one of the nine holy spring fountains and leave an offering for cleansing. The pool area is frequently packed with people waiting in line just to get in. There are also beautiful gardens and a large Koi fish pond.

Give yourself some time here because it’s a huge temple with a lot to see, especially if you intend to participate in the ceremony.

Puri Saren Ubud

The Ubud Palace is located just across the street from Saraswati Temple (Ubud Water Palace). To say the least, this magnificent temple features ornate stone doors with flowers, monkeys, and “strange” faces. Wooden doors with golden etches of more exquisite Balinese art stand in that doorway. Ubud Palace is also free to see, so I recommend adding it to your itinerary.

Do Yoga Anytime

Do Yoga Anytime
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Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or sunset yoga, anytime is the best yoga time in Ubud.

Ask the Villa Ubud Bali to Rent You Motorbike

The easiest way to see the landscape around Ubud is to rent an automated motorcycle. You could walk or ride your bike, but riding on the back of a bike is much cooler. It’s also inexpensive—only 50,000 IDR ($3.70) each day, with no deposit or license required. However, renting a motorbike can be quite a hassle. Ask the owners or housekeepers in your villa Ubud Bali to arrange a motorbike for you. They usually get a good connection and can give you the best price! If you are new to motorbike, you can also ask them to teach you for few days.

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Go to the Monkey Forest

Go to the Monkey Forest
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No visit to Ubud is complete without a little trip to the land of the monkey, the sacred Monkey Forest. The Sacred Monkey Forest is a must-see on any Ubud tour. You don’t want to miss this place unless you’re terrified of monkeys. Over 700 highly cheeky monkeys and three temples may be found amid the thick jungle comprising 186 types of flora. You will be in awe to look at huge trees grow over the bridges and structures, giving it a ruin feel.

Join A Cooking Class

There are lots of cooking class in Ubud—your villa might actually hold one! The cooking lesson usually covers a market tour, preparing Canang Sari (offerings basket), and plenty of hands-on cooking. Some of them even had an unique vegetarian menu, and invite you for the final supper.