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Trips To Labuan Bajo, Visiting A Village More Than A Port


Anyone who has visited Komodo National Park will know that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Labuan Bajo, a bustling port town on Flores’ northwestern tip, is best known as the starting point for visits to Komodo National Park. It is the location of Komodo Airport, which opened a new, modern terminal in 2015. Trips to Labuan Bajo are most commonly associated with liveaboard dive boats and leisurely cruises.

beautiful sunset at labuan bajo

Trips To Labuan Bajo, Visiting A Village More Than A Port 

Labuan Bajo has accommodations to suit all budgets. Ranging from private island beach bungalows to branded beachfront hotels, & homestays with a slew of new hotels set to open in 2022. Gua Rangko is a marine cave accessible by boat near Labuan Bajo. It is as beautiful as Capri’s famous Blue Grotto in the middle of the day when light floods through the hillside entrance and illuminates the turquoise waters below. 

Labuan Bajo tour package will take you to Cunca Wulang’s cascades and natural water slides are photogenic fun for adults and kids alike. Bukit Cinta offers sunset island views, while Batu Cermin cave, just a 15-minute drive from town, has gleaming walls that reflect sunlight.

Labuan Bajo Cruise Further Out on Flores

Travelers with extra time should venture further afield in Flores. This long, slender island, more than twice the size of Bali, is a place where rich tribal cultures coexist with lush volcanic landscapes. 

The tribal village of Wae Rebo’s conical thatched huts are perched in the sky and can only be reached on foot. An ancient matrilineal culture survives in Luba and Bena, amidst megalithic tombs and the skulls of sacrificed buffalo.

Traditional rituals and sports, such as armed boxing, are still practiced in the island’s lush green highlands, where women still weave ikat cloths and Flores coffee thrives.

Further east, the volcano Kelimutu beckons, its summit crowned by three dramatic crater lakes that gleam like slicks of oil paint in vivid mineral colors that change depending on the composition of the waters

Every August, the Lio people of the lakeshore gather to leave offerings to their ancestors and to honor them with dance. If you do a Komodo trip during August, you can see a unique moment. 

Labuan Bajo Tour, Meet The Dragon

The Labuan Bajo sailing trip destination that you definitely visit is Komodo island. Komodo Island is about a two-hour boat ride from Labuan Bajo. Its most famous feature is its large population of Komodo dragons. According to local legend, the Komodo dragon is born alongside humans from the same mother. 

Despite their drooping jowls and sluggish demeanor, Komodo dragons are formidable predators. Male dragons can grow to be three meters long and use their powerful jaws and venom to take down prey as large as buffaloes.

Rangers lead visitors into their hunting grounds, armed only with a forked stick. They use in extreme cases to pinion the lizards’ tails. 

Treks on Komodo Island range from short walks to nearby buildings where lazy lizards congregate in search of food. Hikes into the surrounding forests where their more active cousins hunt deer, wild boar, and other game amid the sounds of rare birds.

The Coral Triangle & Meet The Mantas

Scuba divers have long regarded Komodo National Park as one of Indonesia’s premier diving destinations. It is located in the Coral Triangle, the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity, and is washed by turbulent currents that seed lush corals and attract large ocean-going creatures ranging from sharks to manta rays and even dolphins.

Labuan Bajo cruise flock to places like Batu Bolong, an oceanic pinnacle so rich in life. You can see a turtle on one side of you and a reef shark on the other, and Manta Alley. 

You don’t have to be a certified diver to enjoy Komodo’s underwater wonders. Snorkelers can explore pristine coral gardens on overnight, two-night, and even one-day cruises. You can go to Manjarite or Pink Rock, or you can drift along the reef on fast currents like the ones near Karang Makassar.

Snorkelers can go in search of manta rays at Manta Point. Where the creatures circle over coral outcrops so smaller fish can clean them, or sea turtles that graze on Komodo’s seagrass.

Island hopping around Komodo National Park

Island-hopping is one of the great joys of any Labuan Bajo tour package to Komodo National Park. Padar island offers stunning sunrise views over sculpted ridges and sinuous bays from its slender spine. Tourists can reach by hundreds of steps. 

Kelor Island, a tiny cone with a lovely white sand beach, offers 360-degree views of the Flores Sea’s volcanic outcrops.

Karang Makassar, a low-lying white sand atoll surrounded by pale turquoise waters, is also magical for the perfect selfie.

Pink beaches are well-known in Komodo National Park. Scarlet coral fragments color the pale sands along the waterlines of several islands, creating a natural rainbow of beige, pink, and turquoise.

Labuan Bajo tour anchor off Kalong Island, which consists of mangrove forests and is populated by flying foxes. At dusk, the bats of Komodo, Rinca, and even Flores swoop out in a cloud of smoke to search for fruit on Komodo, Rinca, and Flores. Your day will get a dramatic end to a spectacular day.