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Fun Things To Entertain Yourself On A Train


Travelling by train is one of the best ways for you to spend your holiday. However, having such a long ride on train can be boring for some travelers, especially those who are usually on the active side. Sitting for so long without doing any activity can make you feel more exhausted. Hence, it is also important that you prepare your own essentials for entertainment prior the train ride. 

Shot of a young woman using her digital tablet and listening to music while on a train journey

Type of entertaining activities to do during a train ride

A long train journey can get boring regardless how excited you were before. Every traveler may have different ways to get ride of their boredom. And if you are also looking for one, here are some ideas of fun things to do to entertain yourself during a long train journey:

Stay connected to your loved ones

To reduce boredom, you can stay connected with your families, friends, or lovers by texting, phone calling, or video calling. The time will just pass by when you are busy responding to all your messages. If you tend to be a work-oriented person. You can also respond to some emails on your inbox and once you arrive, your inbox might be empty. 

Get some laugh

You can also keep yourself entertained by having some laugh through comedy podcast, video, or performance. There is such a wide range of content you can choose to make you laugh or at least smile from time to time. You can open your Youtube o Netflix to scroll through various options. 

Enhance your skills

You can also spend your time on a long train journey by enhancing your skills. For example, learning a new language. It can be the language used by the people in your destination. O, you can just learn any new language you prefer. Or, you can try enhancing other skills such as drawing or coloring. Bring your own essentials such as pocket dictionary, podcast, or coloring books.

Read some more

For some people, they cannot read while travelling because they get dizzy or something. However, there are also people who enjoy reading while on a train ride or flight. And if you consider yourself in the latter category, might as well bring your own reading essentials be it book, e-book, comic, etc. 

Try meditation

A trip is also a great opportunity for you to practice meditation and mindfulness. You can practice during a long train ride. It might not be inefficient especially if your cabin is full of passengers who tend to be loud. However, this is why you can practice mindfulness and improve your ability to stay focused even around inefficient circumstances. 

Organize your gallery

Check your phone and see if your gallery is organized. You might have snapped so many pictures that some of them turned out not very good to look at. You can organize your gallery by sorting the photos by dates or occasion. Also, you can clean unwanted pictures from your gallery to make it look more organized and aesthetically pleasing.