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Less Obvious Destinations For Your Next Trip


There are many popular destinations around the world that have become a little bit of everyone’s bucket list. Hence, it is highly recommended that you start going further in looking for less obvious destinations instead. Aside from visiting less known and less obvious destinations, you also contribute to reduce carbon footprint because you avoid places full of crowds. You may also get another memorable, meaningful experience by paying a visit to some hidden gems. And here are several recommendations of less obvious destinations for your next trip:

Little Tsaatan boy in traditional deel posing with a baby reindeer. Khuvsgul, Mongolia.


Bolivia might not be at the top list of destinations on travelers’ bucket list. However, this place is really worth a visit for. It is overlooked in favor of Brazil, its neighbor, but I also has variety of charms to hypnotize visitors, especially those who are into adventure. Recommended destinations in Bolivia include the wild main city, La Paz, Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni salt lake, as well as patches of Amazon jungle. 


Albania might not be as popular to many other tourist destinations but it is such a special place to visit for a memorable trip. Its geographical point is also a little strange because it is pretty close to places such as Montenegro and Serbia. It is also not far from some of the Eastern European hubs. However, it has completely different feel. It is also relatively less developed so you can see many natural charms during a visit. There are stunning beaches, fun capital city Tirana, and many more to visit. 


Namibia is such a huge place full of wildlife but it still has relatively small occupants living in the entire country. You will get to see most of the areas are wide-open space such as barren hills and desert plains. You can also enjoy beautiful and diverse wildlife at Etosha National Park. And if you crave more for adventure tourism, you can join a tour in the town of Swakopmund. 


Mongolia is such an interesting place to visit and not really on everyone’s bucket list. You can take a trip here without dealing with too much crowd. Thus country has only one major city, Ulan Baator. However, it is nor your main destination if you visit Mongolia. Instead, go further to a place where nomadic families living in yurts of rolling green hills. This place is for those who seek for the real adventure and fun.


Tunisia is such an exotic place to visit and far less obvious. It offers wide selections of stunning Mediterranean beaches. In addition, you will also get to visit various Roman ruins that you might think only exist in Rome. This place is a bit mix of everything in the matter of its cultural background. Its cultural background was influenced by Arab, Moorish, European and African. 

There are other recommendations of less obvious destinations you can consider for your next trip such as PNG, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, and Iran. Determine your destinations based on your travel style and preference, as well as the type of experience you want to have.