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Tattoo Bali Advice: Where in Your Body Will Be Most Painful to Get Inked?


When it comes to tattoo placement, us at Tattoo Bali always suggest doing sufficient research when you’re planning to get a tattoo. There are numerous things at play that need to be considered, at aside from the tattoo design itself, the tattoo placement in your body is one of the most important things that needed to be carefully considered. So before you get your Bali tattoo here are some things to consider.

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Tattoo Bali emphasis on everybody experiences pain differently

The best tattoo studio in Bali will let you know during your consultation that the pain you’re going to experience will differ. Everyone’s threshold of pain tolerance is different; skin sensitivity and many other factors (such as genetics) are at play here.

So while your friend may say that getting tattooed simply feels if their skin simply felt like it was prickled, you may not feel that way. Another important thing to consider is the body parts you’re planning to get tattooed at. Some parts of your body are simply going to be so much more painful compared to others. If you want to get the best tattoo in Bali it’s highly advisable that you consider everything carefully.

Some things to consider

Some of the measurable factors that may affect pain tolerance are as follows:

  • Age and weight of the person who receive the tattoo. People with low body fat in some areas of their body may feel more pain when getting tattooed. However, it’s also true that heavier people may have stretched, thinner skin, which may affect their pain tolerance.
  • First-time tattoo collector and repeat collector. It’s pretty common feeling that your second time getting a tattoo may not feel as painful as the second one (again, this depends on many factors).

Some of the most painful body areas to get tattooed at

While it’s established that people experience pain differently, it’s worth noting that there are simply places that are going to be super painful no matter how high your pain tolerance is. Generally, areas in your body that have considerably less to no body fat that separates your skin from your bone. Some of the best tattoo places in Bali will warn you of these places.

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Ribcage Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on your ribcage is one of the most painful places you could pick. Definitely not recommended for first-timers. There is little to no fat insulating the area between your skin and your bones. The pain could be severe.

bali tattoo placement ribGroin tattoo

The groin area is filled with million nerves endings, more than most areas in your body. it can be very painful to get inked here.

Ankle tattoo

The ankle has a very thin layer of skin. And it’s can be super painful to get tattooed at. Your shin is another area where this is the case.

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Nipple tattoo and breast area

More areas that have lots of nerves endings near the surface of the skin making them very sensitive areas. Getting tattooed in the area is guaranteed to be painful.

The neck and spine tattoo

Undeniably one of the most painful areas to get tattooed at. The spine is extremely painful because of the lack of “padding” between the skin and your bones. The neck is an extremely sensitive area that holds a millions of sweat glands and other nerve endings; this is a similar case with armpits. This area is not recommended for people who just getting their first tattoo.

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