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Sushi Catering in Bali: Why Sushi is Excellent Menu Choice


Sushi and sashimi are Japanese food duo that are widely loved and even more popular than ever, especially with the rising awareness of health benefits associated with clean food. If you’re in for creating a memorable event that does not just feature food that you encounter just about anywhere, then you may want to look at the options of ordering sushi catering in Bali instead of the “ordinary” catering menu. And not very surprisingly, Japanese food catering and Japanese restaurants in general are quite popular and well-loved in Bali island.

Sushi catering in Bali: have splashes of color in your menu

Sushi is delightfully colorful. When it comes to aesthetics, few can rival the mere visual of sushi and sashimi by itself. The fresh slices of tuna and salmon are not just delicious and chock-full of nutritions, but also visually popped with their vibrant colors. And even the sushi rolls are abundant in its variety. Sushi and sashimi are food that easily looks gorgeous in itself.

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Sushi and sashimi are clean food

With more and more people becoming aware of their dietary intake and nutritional value, health is becoming even more important considerations when hosts plan their event, and more and more catering companies pay attention to the health value of dishes. You’ll find that very few dishes can rival sushi when it comes to being a “clean food” (eg. Food that is consumed with minimum processing and is eaten in its most natural way possible. Raw food among the most important concept of clean eating).

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Delightfully large variants of sushi

A sheer variety of sushi would also allow you to cater to the needs of all of your guests. Providing a dietary need for those who are vegetarian or vegan? Pick a makizushi (sushi roll) catering package that feature fruits and vegetables. Some of the most popular ones are the avocado sushi and the cucumber sushi roll (kappamaki).

Sushi rolls are especially popular in Bali island, and in fact, they can be found easier compared to nigirizushi. And the sheer variety of sushi rolls is quite astonishing, with more being made that are often a specialty of a restaurant or a sushi caterer. Make sure to ask your sushi catering in Bali all of the makizushi they have.

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Choosing a specialty Japanese food catering is essential

Take your time to browse caterers specializing in authentic Japanese sushi and sashimi. When it comes to foreign food, it’s best to pick a catering in Bali that has its own speciality, catering to a certain niche, instead of opting for a one size fits all general caterer.

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Few are as delightfully fresh as sushi catering Bali

You can’t have a one day old sushi, that’s just not how it works. This is unlike many catering companies’ pre-packaged food items, from appetizers to main dishes. Very few menu can rival sushi and sashimi when freshness is something important to feature in your event.

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The fun and exciting experience of eating something different

  • You and your guests will get to use chopsticks! How cool is that, that something like this is featured in your event, during your celebration. This can also be among the little details to impress your potential business partners or clients at a convention you’re holding.
  • You’ll also get to use your hand, if you so wished. The traditional way of eating sushi is by using your own hand, afterall. Just make sure to sit properly and provide easily accessible running water to wash off the food.