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Bali Tattoo Prices and How to Determine


What do most people think of when they have the intention to make a tattoo? Price! In fact, tattoos have been known to be quite expensive and can even reach thousands of dollars. This is the basic principle where you will get what you pay for. Tattoo prices vary depending on the country and region where you make a tattoo. Bali is one country, a place where tattoo artists gather and create many body artworks. Don’t be surprised if many people are very interested in making tattoos in Bali, where all art workers gather. How much is Bali tattoo prices?

bali tattoo prices

Tattoo artists charge fees with 2 types of categories, based on the time of work and the work is done. It should be noted, there is a minimum of Bali tattoo prices for every job done. In some tattoo studios, the average price is $75 – $150 per hour. But the leading tattoo artist costs a lot more than that.

Determinants of Bali Tattoo Prices

Actually, there are many factors that determine the price of a tattoo. Before deciding to make body art on the island of God, you should look for information on what determines the Bali tattoo price. Considerations that you need to know to determine the price of the tattoo that you want.

  • The location of the tattoo determines and affects the cost of manufacture. For some tattoo designs, it requires extra time and patience in the process. It is possible not all tattoo artists can work on a complex and perfect design in detail.
  • Specially designed tattoos will be more expensive than the copied designs. Custom tattoo designs will really take time for artists to create and adjust images before they are applied to the skin. So the tattoo design that you want determines the price that you will spend.
  • The color and size of the tattoo will greatly affect Bali tattoo prices. The use of more colors will take up the time the artist tattoos more and the cost will be more expensive. For the size, the bigger the size of the tattoo you want it will obviously be the greater the cost of the cost you have to pay.

Security and quality

Don’t be tempted by cheap tattoo offers. Since tattoos are images that are pinned on your body and are lifelong, you must really pay attention to their quality. This is closely related to the quality of the colors used, the professionalism of tattoo artists and tattoo designs. Security is definitely the main one. Using a disposable tattoo needle is to prevent viruses or other people’s diseases from entering your body. Cost is what you determine, but it is recommended not to compromise on quality.