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Why Mexico City Is Worth Travelling For


When it comes to travelling, there’s a lot of destinations you can go to. However, it is true that Mexico City is one of underrated travel destinations due to many reasons. However, Mexico City is more than what the news show. It still a safe place for travelling. There’s a lot of positive tourism aspects in Mexico City that can make your trip enjoyable. The historical and cultural of Mexico City are still on points. That’s why it is just right to say that Mexico City is a great place for vacation.

Mexico City as travel destination

As mentioned earlier that there’s a lot of tourism aspects you can find in Mexico City. From foods, amazing arts, to world class museums, you can find them all in one place; Mexico City. This city is vibrant and can fit everyone’s expectation of fun travelling. You can bring your families, partners, or friends regardless of age. Here are some tourism points that make Mexico City worth travelling for:

  • Travelling to this city is affordable. That’s why this travel destination is for everyone. Lots of people are hesitant to travel to this city because they thought that only the wealth can afford it. However, Mexico City has great value at all price points. Even if you are backpacking to this city is possible. You don’t have to opt for luxury vacation to be able to enjoy the meal at one of city’s restaurants that is recognized among the world’s top 50.
  • If you are history enthusiast, Mexico City is the right destination to travel to. This city is built on the ruins of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. Therefore, you can find some archaeological sites and stunning historical architectures while travelling around this city. In addition, you can also explore more about the historical points by visiting museums because there are many of them. One of the most popular museums is National Anthropology Museum.
  • Speaking of tourism, you can’t separate food from it. Food is always one of the most attracting highlights in tourism. You can enjoy foods in one of the best restaurants in the world while travel around Mexico City. However, you can’t also miss the art of street foods hunting. Speaking of which, it provides casual eateries at various street stalls. You can enjoy authentic Mexican food or try other cuisines from all over the world.
  • Mexico City is also famous for its stunning architecture. There’s a lot of architectural sites that can leave your jaw hanging. There are ancient architectures, colonial era constructions, and of course there are also modern architectures. Not to mention you can go visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casa Luis Barragan.
  • Tourism can’t also separate with shopping agenda. Every trip is not complete without shopping something, be it souvenir or any authentic handicrafts. In Mexico City, you can go shopping at various places. Recommended places for shopping include San Juan Market, Ciudalela, San Angel Market, and designer boutiques such as Cartier, Gucci, Tiffany, Hermes, etc. Enjoy shopping to the content of your hearts.