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Revealing the Mysterious Landscapes in Japan


Japan is all about modernity, thick culture, wonderful nature, signature Anime (Japanese animation / cartoon), and its politeness in addition to its magnificent landscapes. In Japan everything is impressive, I advise you in this article the extraordinary of Japan that you can put them on your list of most visited.

How would you describe the mysterious landscapes in a country? Haunted places like there are a few things that normal people can’t logically describe? No, here we are far from that discussion. OK, let’s go then! Here are the mysterious landscapes in Japan:

Unkai (Hokkaido)

Mysterious Landscapes in Japan

Unkai means the sea of ​​clouds. A sea of ​​clouds is a layer of cloudy clouds which is the effect of the trade winds. This natural phenomenon is very rare to see, only during the beautiful day or for the precise one it is between the middle of May to October. Unkai Terrasse is located in the mountains of Hidaka and Tokachi which is at an altitude of 1,088 meters from sea level in Hokkaido.

In addition, there is new construction of a cloud walk which gives you a real feeling of walking on the cloud. From here you can take a gondola to take you to the dock at Tomamu resort. The gondola starts from 4.30 am until 7 am (last ride). But, if you don’t want to wake up in the morning, you can take a night in a hotel on the mountain so you can enjoy the sea of ​​cloud Unkai while having breakfast.

Kawachi Fuji-en (Fukuoka)

It’s one of the best wonderful places in the world. It is located in the Kitakyushu mountain of the south with its arbor decorated with a wisteria and a wisteria full of flower. This private garden is made up of 150 vines and some of them were already there a century ago. There are also large trellises and a pair of igloo-shaped domes in which you can walk and enjoy the 22 kinds of white, pink, purple and purple wisteria flowers hanging from above.

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Mifuneyama Rakuen (Saga)

Mysterious Landscapes in Japan

An authentic Japanese garden was created in 1854 by Lord Takeo Nabeshima Shigeyoshi. This promenade garden built on the huge plot of 150,000 square meters (10 times from Tokyo Domes). He is appointed by the professional painter from Kano to Kyoto and has been certified in the monuments registered in the country at the first prefecture. Flowers are like cherry trees and azaleas, wisteria flowers in spring, crimson dyed with maple and evergreen. They are created a perfect breathtaking landscape of Mifune Yama. In addition, you can enjoy this garden in all seasons in Japan! Magnificent !

Shirakomanoike (Nagano)

This very famous place for a Japanese Momiji event (enjoy the autumn leaves). It’s an impressive landscape with a lake that reflects another world, the native forest for a century on which moss springs like a carpet. We’re going to waste time there.