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Five Reasons to Vacay at Nusa Dua Resorts!


The holiday season is just around the corner and you just cannot get enough of planning on your next sweet escapade. But why, out of all things, it has to be resorts, you think. For some people, the idea of staying in resort might not be as familiar as booking rooms in a hotel. You might think a resort is a bit crowded with large families with shouting children or something over the top, but that’s because you haven’t really experienced the true comfort of a resort. Especially a resort in an island as nice as Bali where it is synonymous with beaches, blue skies, relaxation, and tropical fun! Here is five reasons why staying at Bali resort, such as the Nusa Dua resorts, is perfect for your next trip to the Island of God.

Five Reasons to Vacay at Nusa Dua Resorts!

Being A VIP for A Weekend in Nusa Dua Resorts

On regular days you might be an office worker juggling with daily tasks, endless meetings and phone calls. On Nusa Dua resorts, however, you gonna feel like VIP all day long. You will get a taste of receiving special treatment and having all your needs met by the resort. Your fridge is stocked with all-time favourite snacks and drinks (no more late night trip to minimarkets!), you will have your own personal concierge, and having 24-hours room service ready. Having even your smallest wish granted is one of the best feeling you can have in a holiday.

Enjoying the Best of Gastronomy

Resorts know how to spoil your palate so much. From fuse of Italian foods, seafood, Japanese cuisine, to amazing interpretation of Balinese local food, everything taste just amazing. You will find your stomach growls in a minute.

Luxury Sunbathing at Best of Swimming Pools

Resort screams for multiple, large pools and that’s their pride. You can spend all your holiday time coated with sunscreen from head to toe and have the best, uninterrupted sunbathing session in one of the pools. The Holiday Inn Bali Benoa, one of the largest Nusa Dua resorts in the island for example, has four pools including an infinity pools facing right to the beach and a pool with bars where you’d love to hang out.

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Get the Best for Social Media

Five Reasons to Vacay at Nusa Dua Resorts!

For social media afficionado, here’s the real deal of staying at a resort. You got the best instagrammable backdrop, you can take a shot in every corners and result in stunning photos, and every assistants there are more than ready to help you take the picture. Nusa Dua resorts is ideal for taking the best holiday shots, really. Lines of palm trees, white sands, impressive pools, and endless blue waters, down to the beautifully designed decorations.

Everything You Need Right on Your Doorstep

You want to go surfing? They’ll book the best surf school for you. Want to experience a Balinese cultural excursion? Just look at the schedule. Need a rejuvenating spa for your tired body and soul? It’s just one call away and you don’t have to move anywhere. This, dear travellers, is the beauty of Nusa Dua resorts.