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Recommended Destinations To Distract You From Post-Breakup Blues


Lots of people say that time can heal any wound. It is true to some extent. However, what you probably need right now during your post-breakup is distance instead. Hence, it can be a good idea to explore various places to distract yourself from post-breakup blues. Of course, travelling won’t mend your broken heart. However, at least it gives you another form of happiness you can savor during your difficult times, making them more bearable. 

Grand Teton National Park sign beside US 191 North, with the Teton range at left under a crisp blue September sky

Places to go to get away from post-breakup blues

It is probably impossible to mend your broken heart in a day but that doesn’t mean you should wallow in sadness for a long period. You can slowly build your happiness again by visiting beautiful places that give you a peaceful atmosphere or fun adventures. And here are some of recommended places you might consider to distract your post-breakup blues:

San Francisco, California

The Golden City may be the answer to overcome your post-breakup blues. It has mild climate year-round so you can wander around it anytime. You can just start your day welcoming the sunrise and snap some pictures of it. Then, head to Palace of Fine Arts to explore beautiful artworks. You may also consider hopping on a sightseeing cruise or even watching the San Francisco Giant play at Oracle Park. Find more literary inspiration nearby City Lights where you can visit various bookstores. 

Barcelona, Spain

Going to Barcelona, Spain, can be a great idea to overcome your blues. There are so many beautiful places you can explore by foot in Barcelona. You can start off with the Gothic Quarter and El Born where you can see historical buildings flanking the endless alleyways. Indulge your appetite by visiting one of the best restaurants in these little paths. You can also enjoy architectural beauty by strolling between the city’s many Antoni Gaudi-designed buildings. 

Jackson, Wyoming

Go grab your backpack and have your adventure in Jackson, Wyoming. This is where you will get surrounded by wildlife and some of the most amazing scenery in the U.S. You can have variety of outdoor activities while also enjoying the leisure it provides. Enjoy robust dining and nightlife scene during your stay in Jackson. If you consider yourself an avid hiker, consider spending your entire trip alone with your thoughts in Grand Teton National Park. End you day by warming up from the chilly mountain at The Rose where you can find a bar scene with a mix of locals as well as visitors. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a popular travel destination and pretty versatile for any type of travel. There are many places recommended to help you find your peace. Choose your own adventure and pick your own destinations from mountains, beaches, temples, to waterfalls. Also, don’t forget to enjoy local delicacies that will bring out the happiness in you. Bali never sleeps that you can find your own fun even at night by exploring the beach or enjoy a drink or two in one of the bars or clubs nearby.