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Komodo National Park Diving, How & Where to Start


Where the spot is an epic and popular diving destination in Indonesia? Then you can say the Komodo National Park Diving spot is included in one of the world’s dive destinations. Scuba diving Komodo is very popular because of the Manta Rays and the life of a variety of colorful marine life. Most diving lovers know that Komodo diving spots should be included on their bucket list.

Komodo National Park Diving, How & Where to Start

Komodo National Park Diving Liveaboard

There are many Komodo diving spots that you can explore. The best way to reach dozens of spots is by liveaboard. For the best diving experience, you can take the 5D4N or 4D3N packages. You will not only find many of the best dive spots but also see legendary ancient animals. Padar, Rinca, Gili Lawa, and others offer their own charm that you should not miss.

If you ask the experience of those who have enjoyed a cruise to Komodo National Park, they will answer that it is an epic cruise experience. What you should know when you want to enjoy the Komodo sailing trip, the routine during the cruise is wake up, eat, dive, eat, dive. It is possible if you want to enjoy the scenery on the big islands by trekking.

How to start Komodo National Park diving?

To start Komodo liveaboard diving, you can use a domestic plane from Bali. If your location is in Jakarta, there are direct flights from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo was originally a fishing village that has now turned into a port and gateway to start a Komodo diving cruise. 

Komodo liveaboard diving from Labuan Bajo helps you take advantage of every moment to get to hidden dive spots. You will just have to do activities and stay on the boat for days where in the morning you can directly enjoy the diving spots. 

Komodo liveaboard is also perfect for those who want to enjoy night dives. Imagine how much trouble it would be if you stayed at a hotel and had to do a night dive. It takes time to reach the dive spot from the hotel and guess the weather conditions in Komodo National Park.

Ordering Komodo liveaboard can be offline and online. There are many liveaboard operators you can find online and it can take you weeks or months to find the right one. Detailed information that you should ask about is the type of liveaboard, open or private trip, the type of cabin available, and whether it is a shared or private cabin. If your goal is focused on diving, ask if they provide free diving equipment or you will be charged an additional fee.

There is also the option of chartering a liveaboard from Bali. Before heading to Komodo, you’ll do some diving in the Lombok area. The best way is to compare all Komodo liveaboard diving and check availability and pricing for the Komodo region. 

Komodo liveaboard budget

Depending on your route and the level of luxury of your Komodo Liveaboard, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $600 per night. This price includes food, transportation, dives, hiking, and other activities. If you do not have your own equipment, there is usually a small daily rental fee. It is unquestionably the most cost-effective way to travel in this remote part of Indonesia.

The Komodo diving sites are insane, and the region is filled with raw natural beauty both above and below the surface. The more difficult it is to reach something, the more beautiful it is.