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Why should go to Labuan Bajo to reach Komodo National Park?


Labuan Bajo is a hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia. For tourists who want to visit Komodo National Park, they may wonder, how to reach it? Labuan Bajo is one of the super-priority destinations developed in Indonesia. This destination is the gateway to Komodo National Park with its stunning natural beauty and a global icon of ancient animals. You can enjoy a row of exotic islands, and ancient animals on the island of Rinca and Komodo, all of which you can enjoy by starting your journey from Labuan Bajo.

Komodo national park - rinca island view

Gateway to Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park are inseparable entities. Both are interconnected so when in Labuan Bajo, it is necessary to visit Komodo National Park. To get to Komodo National Park, tourists must use a boat. While in Labuan Bajo, you can find many boat providers that will take you to enjoy island hopping. Get ready for price negotiations! 

The variety of boats is very diverse and if you are in Labuan Bajo, you can directly check the condition of the ship. There are positive and negative sides if you are looking for a boat to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo. The positive is that as mentioned above, you know firsthand the condition of the ship. The negative is that the price offered may be above the price if you are looking for a boat online.

If you are solo traveling and lucky, you can enjoy an open trip Labuan Bajo at a low price. Most Labuan Bajo open trip operators usually offer their packages online, if you have an empty slot, you can directly negotiate the price and join them. To fill the slots, it will be very possible for you to get the best price compared to online offers.

Even though you can get a sailing trip Labuan Bajo at a cheap price, you need to ask in detail about the facilities and destination destinations during the cruise. There will be many boats with different facilities and determine the comfort of your trip.

How long is the ideal Labuan Bajo trip?

If your time is limited, many travel providers offer 1-day trips. One day trip will be very tiring because you will visit several islands, swim, or snorkel in 1 day. The ideal sailing trip Labuan Bajo is 3 days 2 nights and stays on the boat.

The price for the Labuan Bajo liveaboard is definitely more expensive than 1-day trip budget. But you will really enjoy the cruise to reach remote islands that cannot be reached by standard boat. Labuan Bajo cruise 3D2N allows you to do trekking on Komodo island, as well as climb the evidence to see the amazing panorama on Padar island.

The decision to enjoy a 1-day trip or 3D2N depends on your wishes. The cost of the sailing trip Labuan Bajo will be very cheap if you can negotiate directly or join an open trip and enjoy premium liveaboard facilities.