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How to Survive Early Morning Flight


Leaving for early morning flight is not pleasant to most travelers. It offers so many benefits such as lesser crowd, shorter line, and faster moves. However, it also bring inconveniences in some ways which make you feel heavier to leave the comfort of your bed for early morning flight. Even though there are also some people who are used to this type of schedule, not everyone is a morning person so early morning flight can be very exhilarating. However, you can make it if you make some planning beforehand. Therefore, your early morning flight will be more bearable.

Surviving early morning flight for non-early riser travelers

Here are some tips you can try to follow for more bearable and smooth early morning flight.

How to Survive Early Morning Flight

Pack early or the night before you go to bed

Thus, you don’t have to running here and there looking for essentials you need to pack in your bag. You also need to pack smartly. For example, don’t go to sleep until you make sure that everything is already packed especially your main essentials. If you are not really organized person, make a list beforehand so you know which items you have and have not put in the bag.

Carry-On vs Suitcase

If you have short flight and short trip, it is safe to bring only carry-on bag instead of a suitcase. It is more convenient to carry. You just need to pack main essentials to your bag and pack light. You can pack the night before your early flight so everything is ready when you wake up. You don’t have to deal with any hassles caused by half-awaken mind.

Quick Foodies

Pack your own foods if you are planning to have early morning flight. There is high possibility that the restaurants in your departure airports will still closed. You can check what time the restaurant open beforehand to make sure if you can make it. However, it is safer to pack your own food such as snacks or simple sandwich.

Advance Accommodation Bookings

Always arrange everything in advance including booking accommodation and transportation. This way, you don’t have to deal with many things with your half-awaken mind. Last minute booking for the transportation to the airport will only make you feel rush and hassled. Therefore, booking in advance can lessen the chance for you to get stressed in early morning.

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Think Something Comfy

Bring something that can make you feel more comfortable for the flight. Bring your own mask, headphone, or neck-pillow. Not to mention that you have to wear comfortable clothing so your moods won’t be dampened. Those can help you fall asleep easily. Even if you don’t intend to sleep, at least you can feel more rested. This can prevent you from having bad mood once you arrive in your destination.

Fighting off early morning flight is challenging for some travelers. There are many chances of making mistakes such as forgetting the essentials. It also can increase cranky moods during the flight. Therefore, making yourself prepared and more comfortable can help a lot to make the flight goes smoothly and more bearable.