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Best Diving Places In Bali and How To Plan It


When is the best time to dive in Bali? Bali is very popular as a diving destination. Evidenced by the emergence of dive operators who offer exploration of the best diving places in Bali. Bali as a tropical island with warm weather is perfect for year-round diving. But there are some areas that really need a certain amount of time to be explored, given the underwater conditions are very easy to change. Certainly, diving needs careful planning.

best diving places in bali

What to do to explore the best diving places in Bali?

Planning is very important for diving holidays. Many divers look lightly without making good planning. As a result? Wasting time and money without achieving the desired holiday destination, without being able to explore the best diving in Bali.

Ticket Promo

Finding promo tickets is very possible because many airlines offer low prices at certain times. When airlines fair offers promo prices, then this is the right time to start planning your diving vacation. This is the best time to get a half-price ticket.


Choosing accommodation depends on your vacation destination. If you want a luxury vacation while diving, 5-star hotels are a perfect choice. But note, how many people will join in your vacation. If you exceed 5 people, then the villa is the best choice compared to 5-star hotels. Do not choose the location of accommodation because it will be very possible for you to be stuck in traffic, especially if you decide to vacation in the high season.

Reliable Diving Operator

Dive operators are the best when you are confused looking for the best diving places in Bali. Usually, dive operators will prepare all diving needs such as diving equipment, boats to dive spots to pick up and drop off from or to the hotel. Suggested travelers with diving destinations and have never been to Bali, looking for the best and most trusted dive operators for successful dives. If you are a beginner, dive operators also help you train the basics of diving correctly.

Best diving places in Bali are indeed interesting to explore. You will find large and rare species such as sunfish or manta rays. You will also be invited to trace the tracks of World War II shipwrecks belonging to America and Japan in 2 locations. Many interesting diving spots during your diving vacation. Don’t get the wrong one to enjoy the best diving places in Bali because it determines the success of your diving vacation.