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What Makes Your Family Vacation Unenjoyable


Planning a family vacation is a great idea because it can be the moment for you to spend quality time with your family members. Besides, it is a great opportunity if you live separately from your families. Spending holiday to have a family trip can be fun. However, it can also turn into disaster. It is not a secret that family vacation can be so stressing. Family drama during vacation sometimes is inevitable. Of course, it is not always happening to all family vacation. If you plan everything thoroughly ahead of time, some unenjoyable moments can be prevented.

Things that can make your family vacation unenjoyable

There will always be few potential drawbacks for every trip you have with family. Family dynamics are unique and tricky at the same time. That’s why it is common to have chaotic family vacation. It can be good or bad type of chaotic. Here are things that can make your family vacation turn sour and unenjoyable:

        No boundary – This can be one of triggers for family vacation to turn unenjoyable. Since you are comfortable with your family members, it is easy to offend each other. With extreme closeness, it is easy to cause extreme bluntness as well. Simple tempers can turn into heavy arguments during a vacation which can ruin the mood. You have known each other well and instead of holding back, you may use it to push the wrong button.

        Different interest – Just because you are blood related doesn’t mean you shared common interest during family vacation. You and your family may have different agenda which can result in unenjoyable vacation.

        Treated like a kid – When you are with your family, it is common that you are back treated like a kid because they are your families after all. Sometimes, your parents forget that you are adults who can make your own decision and can take care of yourself. As the result, they want to keep you under their supervision throughout the trip. It can make you feel annoyed or uncomfortable.

        No privacy – Since you are already close with your family members, it is easy to invade each other’s personal space. When your personal space is invaded, it still feel uncomfortable even if they are your family. Sharing bedroom is one thing. Spending every second time with your family member can make you feel suffocated.

Those are things that can trigger your family vacation into unenjoyable activity despite being the only time you can have to be with your family. To have more enjoyable vacation with your family, it is highly recommended to plan everything ahead including where to stay, where to eat, and what activities to do together. If there is something that can be potential issue during the trip, you have to discuss it beforehand so you can prevent any conflict. It is also important to be more understanding to each other because every individual has differences family or not. Only then, you will get to have more enjoyable and memorable family vacation.