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Travelling with Basic Economy Flight more Comfortably


There is no wrong of being budget traveler. Every traveler has their own principle over their way of travelling. If you are also budget travelers, you may have been familiar with basic economy flight. Actually, it is not only budget travelers who often deal with the perks of basic economy flight. Even when you are going for luxury travel, you might end up getting basic economy flight for a reason or two. The point is, you can still fly comfortably even if you happen to seat in basic economy class. It is not as horrible as you thought. Besides, basic economy can be advantageous if you travel frequently, especially on shorter flights.

Travelling with Basic Economy Flight more Comfortably

How to stay comfortable with basic economy flight


There are many things about travelling that can make you feel elated or down. One of them is when you have your flight. Some travelers choose business class to feel more comfortable during their flight. However, some travelers get basic economy out of choice or luck. Here are tips to make you stay comfortable even when you are in basic economy flight:

  • It is important for you to read the fine print of basic economy beforehand. Every airline may have different standard on it. By reading all the information about privileges you will gain by having basic economy, you will be more prepared of what to expect. In most airlines, basic economy means you get a seat in the main cabin, free snacks and soft drinks, and in-flight entertainment. However, it comes with some restrictions such as no access to overhead bins, your seats are assigned, no flight changes or refunds, no access to upgrade privileges.
  • To make you fly more comfortably, make sure to pack light. Remember that most basic economy restrict personal items. You may suffer from hefty surcharges if you over-pack. There is limited weigh requirement for basic economy fares. Thus, make sure to only pack what you need and pack light to avoid being charged.
  • As mentioned before that basic economy means your seat is assigned when check in. Thus, it is highly advised to check-in early. Thus, you will have greater chance to get window or aisle eat you wanted. The early you come, the greater the chance for you to be friendly with the gate agent so you can pick the seat from what it’s available.
  • Some airlines restrict in-flight entertainment for basic economy fares. Thus, you might as well prepare your own entertainment. Bring your tablet to keep you entertained especially during long haul flight. You can also board with water bottles and snack packs to keep you from hunger during your flight.
  • You can also splurge on a lounge day or massage at the airport. You can use the money you have saved from booking basic economy flight. Besides, many airports lounge offer various perks that you can take with you on the flight such as headphones, coffee, snacks, etc. Therefore, you can survive your basic economy flight and your trip won’t be so bad after all.