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Worry About Komodo Island Tour Price? Do These Things!


Komodo National Park is a travel phenomenon these days. Pictures of surreal scenes featuring rich savannah, rocky mountains, fine ribbons of sugary beaches, and bright aquamarine water scattered around the internet, inviting anyone who see it to immediately book a ticket and embark on an exploration.

But here’s the problem. You don’t know how much Komodo island tour price will cost you and neither will your wallet allow it. The first thing you need to do is making budget arrangements and see how much it probably cost.

Worry About Komodo Island Tour Price? Do These Things!Look for Fixed Prices for Attraction

Since prices of accommodation and transportation can greatly varied, you should start with fixed prices to start budget accommodation. It means prices of things that’s not affected by the change if seasons, operator regulations, time, or other factors. Some of the things in Komodo that apply fixed prices are government-ruled National Park attraction, which include Komodo National Park’s one-day entry fees, park rangers one-trip fees, and other activities.

Here’s the list of price:

  • One-time only entry fee: Rp 150.000.000,- (around USD $100)
  • Trekking: Rp 5.000,-
  • Wildlife Observation: Rp 10.000,-
  • Scuba Diving: Rp 25.000,-
  • Snorkelling: Rp 25.000,-
  • Cano and other boat-related sport: Rp 25.000,-
  • Fishing: Rp 25.000,-
  • One-trip Park rangers fee: Rp 80.000,- per group/ trip

Note that this article was made on the end of 2018 and prices may change times later. Knowing the fixed prices of every attractions and planning which activities to do in advance will make easier budgeting.

Look for Options and Alternatives

You might have know that travelling to Komodo Island require a trip with liveaboard. Know that they are not just one, but plenty of liveaboard operating in Labuan Bajo, Komodo’s only port town. They come in various type and class, too. Low budget to mid=-range liveaboard usually cost around Rp 1,5 million to 3 million for three-day trip. Top-range and more luxurious boats are offered around 3 – 5 million per night for a cruise cabin, 6 – 8 million for master/ ensuite cabins, and up to 30 million if you want to rent the whole boat. If you have tight budget issues related to Komodo Island tour price but still want some comfort creature, narrow down your search to mid-range liveaboard. They usually offer the best deals.

Tighten Your Belt and Save Up!

By any way, Komodo is not a luxury destination. What make it expensive is the choice of accommodation—your hotel in Labuan Bajo and the liveaboard ships to sail around the National Park. If you think that sleeping in a foam and mattresses on an open deck is not for you, better prepare from now and put that money in the piggy bank. 

Travel in Shoulder Season for Cheaper Komodo Island Tour Price

If you worry that Komodo Island tour price will drain your bank account, try to wait up and travel in shoulder season. A lot of hotel and liveaboard operator in Komodo offer lower price if you choose to travel around January to May or September to the middle of December (the end of December is considered as high season)

Now, are you ready to take the adventure?