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Tips On Taking Your Dogs For Camping

Tips On Taking Your Dogs For Camping

Camping is fun activity you can do anytime. During camping, you get to enjoy many simple things with more wonderful feelings and vibes such as star gazing, making a bonfire, or simply listen to the nature. While these kind of joys can be experienced from camping, what about your dog? Should you leave them behind and have the fun all to yourself? Or take them with you and having fun together? The second option sound much better, doesn’t it?

How to take your dog for camping safely

More preparation is needed if you plan on taking your dog for camping. You need to prepare their foods, sleeping arrangement, etc. Your dogs need different gear to keep they comfortable and safe during their outdoor trip. And here are some useful tips for you if you plan to take your dog for camping next time:

Opt for lightweight items

Even if your camp is located not too far from your home, you sill need to pack for some logistics including for your dogs. Hence, leave all those ceramic bowls behind and opt for lightweight ones instead. Lugging around heavy items will torture you during your hike or walk to the location. Pack waterproof and collapsible bowl for your dog that is very light but still durable. 

Bring a leash and ID tag

Consider the campsite’s rules and restrictions about pets

Even if you are sure you won’t encounter any other humans during the trip,  always bring your dog’s leash and ID tag. In fact, an outdoor trip means you need to leash your dog all the time for safety purpose not only for other people but especially for your dogs. Also, ID tag will help alot if your dogs unknowingly wander around to other camps. It easier for other campers to help your dogs get back to you. 

Consider the campsite’s rules and restrictions about pets

It is necessary to confirm if your campsite indeed allows pets. It is best to confirm it prior so you will be able to make another plan or find another campground that allows pets. Even if the campground allows pets to tag along, you have to follow the rules because it often comes with several pet restrictions. Some areas may be protected which won’t allow your pet to wander around. 

Be considerate of your fellow campers

Even if you plan on solo camping, you may still have other fellow campers on the site. Hence, always be mindful and considerate of the people around you especially when you bring a pet. Your dog may get aggressive or stressed due to unfamiliar environment and it may worry other campers. Make sure to have your dogs under control while making them as comfortable as possible with new surroundings.

Pack first-aid kit

Always pack first-aid kit with you especially if you plan on a long hike as well. Your dog may also get injured from various things such as thorns, barbed wire, porcupines, etc. Also, bring a dog-carrying harness just in case your dog becomes sick or injured. Hence, you can carry them to get out of the woods safely.