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Things To Know To Visit Walt Disney World During Pandemic

Things To Know To Visit Walt Disney World During Pandemic

Before deciding to travel to some places whether internationally or domestically, it is a must to check the update of guidelines provided by your local authorities. In some places around the world such as the Unite States, the coronavirus is still spreading and the case reported daily is still very high. Even The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still maintain that travel even within the U.S still increases the risk of contacting and spreading COVID-19. 

Visiting Walt Disney World on COVID-19

Despite high number of COVID-19, some travel destinations and tourists attraction are starting to reopen their business. However, there are still measurements taken to ensure the safety of everyone. New policies and guidelines are made as preventative action. 

Parks & attractions are opened, but resort is closed

Things To Know To Visit Walt Disney World During Pandemic

The resort itself has not been reopened everything. However, the parks and attractions can be visited. Although, you won’t find some features like it used to be. Visitors can enjoy Disney Springs, Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, The Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

Limitation in attendance

There are things to consider before visiting such as limitation in attendance. Also, Disney themselves are not selling new tickets rather giving priority for those who already bought the tickets and have not been able to visit due to the pandemic. Also, it is a must to make reservations online in advance. New system is applied to ensure the safety of everyone. You can also check for more information by downloading My Disney Experience App.

Take all the necessity precautions

Take all the necessity precautions

If you have made a reservation and got the date to visit, you need to take precautions to stay safe during your visit. For example, face covering is a must. The staff won’t let you enter the place if you don’t put on your face mask. There will be temperature screenings as well at the entrance. There is limitation to the period of your visit. The place itself operates from 09.00 a.m to 07.00 p.m. 

Social distancing as always

The guests have to follow social distancing rules by keeping distance within 6 feet with the others. In one day, the guest will be allowed to visit only one park so no park hopping this time. Also, do not expect for Minnie Van Service because it won’t be available. 

No dining at the restaurant

During your visit, you won’t be able to dine inside the building because the restaurants are still close for the time being. So, do not expect for dining experience like it used to be. The payments are also arranged contactless and cashless to minimize any physical or close contact between the staffs and the guests. 

It’s gonna be a different experience

The experience you will get by visiting Walt Disney World will be different due to the global pandemic. Therefore, some major perks and events won’t be available for the time being. This information helps you to know what to expect if you plan to pay a visit. You may consider another alternative for more fun travel experience during pandemic.