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Komodo Liveaboard is the Best Holiday; Is It True?

Komodo Liveaboard is the Best Holiday; Is It True?

If you are looking for holiday inspiration, think of sailing journey to Indonesia’s exotic Flores “Land of Dragons” in a Phinisi style Komodo liveaboard. This might not be your usual summer holiday where you book beachfront villas or resort for staying. It’s one holiday package that ticks all the list; gorgeous destinations, sunny skies, blue ocean, and more beaches than you can count. And you can have it all—the summer adventures and lodging—in one booking. Here’s why Komodo liveaboard could be your best holiday.

Holiday in Komodo Liveaboard is Like Nothing Else

How many times you wake up in a sailing boat, looking up to the vast ocean that spreads before you? Mostly made in the tradition of Bugis’s wooden Phinisi schooner, Komodo liveaboard is the manifestation of far-flung adventures and a forgotten past which is filled with modern comfort. You can go sunbathing in the top deck’s loungers, chilling in the indoor saloon, and cradled in cozy cabins with hotel standard facilities. Do nothing except relaxing, enjoying the journey, and exploring the islands and the sea. Think nothing of the meals and accommodation. The liveaboard crews will prepare everything; from breakfast to dinner and housekeeping to preparing diving equipments, they’ll do everything you need. It’s time to immerse fully on the holiday—and how often you get to do that?

Interminable Skies, Ocean, and Deserted Islands

Interminable Skies, Ocean, and Deserted Islands

Never run out of ocean and gorgeous islands to explore in Komodo liveaboard holiday. You’ll get some of the most stunning panoramic landscape right in the doorstep. Well, right on the deck, to be precise. The surrounding islands also give equally beautiful sceneries once you reach their top hills. Views of never ending oceans, punctuated with small uninhibited islands lined with stark white beaches would definitely left you in awe!

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A Raw Adventure in Pristine Wilderness

This is the fuel of any Komodo liveaboard trip. A chance to have raw adventures in untouched islands, which kept pristine as how nature made it. No beach clubs, no man-made pools, no hotels scattered along the coastline. Everything is natural—and in this age, it’s the epitome of luxury travel. 

Freedom to Reach Remote Waters with Komodo Liveaboard 

Before this, liveaboard was mainly popular among divers. This mode of travelling allows them to reach some of the remotest waters to dive in. It also allows them to dive on dozens dive sites for several days straights. The Komodo liveaboard can give you the same things, definitely. You’ll be able to dive and snorkel on some of the remotest dive site in Komodo like the batu Bolong, Crystal Rock, China Town, and many else!