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Spring Flower Blooms That Are Travel-Worthy


At the end of winter in each year, we are always ready to welcome the spring. It is the time where we can appreciate the seas of colorful flowers. In some countries around the world, the spring flower blooms are even travel-worthy and have become touristy places to visit. Spring flower blooms make every spot look more whimsical and magical somehow. They can turn even ordinary place like park like something out of fairy-tale. 

Travel-worthy spring flower blooms around the world

If you are planning to have a vacation or trip during spring, might as well include spring flower blooms trip into your bucket list. The are the best places to take picture as well so you get the type of photos that look beyond beautiful. And here are some of the best spots to find spring flower blooms:

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji Japan

Of course Japan has one of the most whimsical spring flower blooms. Pink0hued flowers can be spotted every April and May in Japan. They blanket the meadows at the base of Mount Fuji. There is also The Shibazakura Festival to mark the occasion. People visiting this festival usually stroll through the park fields and snacks on variety of local foods such as ramens, buns, soup, etc. This spot is one of the best and photogenic places in Japan and the world. 

Keukenhof, Netherlands

Keukenhof, Netherlands

If Japan is known for their sakura, Netherlands is known for their tulip. Spring is the best time for you to witness beautiful flower blooms in Netherlands. The countryside is the better place to go hunting for the spring flower blooms. It usually takes place in May where you can see fields of bright tulips in Netherlands. Public garden like Keukenhof is the most favorite among so many spots in the country. It is in fact, one of the largest botanical gardens in the world as well as home to over seven million flowers. 

Death Valley, Southern California

Death Valley spring bloom

So contrast to the name, Death Valley is one of the best places to spot beautiful spring flower blooms. Parks in Southern California are home to many different types of flowers and Death Valley National Park as well as Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are famous for their purple and yellow desert flowers. They can be spotted as early as March. You can also spot a sea of yellow, red, and orange poppies blanketing The Antelope’s Valley’s California Poppy Reserve. As you may have known that orange poppy is the national flower of California indeed. 

Kew Gardens, England

Kew Gardens

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in London, England with standing at 300 acres housing 27,000 colorful plants, poppies, tulips, and cherry blossoms. In spring, they bloom so beautifully, making it looks more magical than ever. For those who are interested may join online educational horticulture courses to identify wide variety of species of many plants that the gardens offer. If you plan to visit London somewhere in the future, don’t skip this beautiful spot.