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Komodo island tour, Pamper Your Eyes in 6 Tourist Spots


Komodo Island, one of the main habitats for endangered animals. In fact, before this reptile was famous, the ancestors of the Komodo villagers had a very close relationship with the Komodo dragon. Until now, they believe that Komodo is their twin brother. Komodo island trip brings you closer to the life of the local community and Komodo. 

Komodo Island

komodo island tour - meet the dragon
Image Source: manta rhei

Komodo island, the habitat of the largest lizard in the world, of course, you will meet face to face with this rare animal. Komodo island tour and meet this big lizard, you have to do trekking. A ranger will guide you throughout your trekking journey. A unique spot that you must visit when joining the Komodo island tour is the pink beach. 

Pink Beach

komodo boat trip - pink beach

Did you know that there are only 7 types of rare beaches in the world? One of them is a pink beach? If you take the Komodo island tour liveaboard, your phinisi ship will definitely dock at the pink beach. If your point is from Labuan Bajo, it takes a 3.5-hour drive to see the beauty of this beach. 

Pulau Rinca

komodo island trip - rinca island

To see firsthand the presence of endangered Komodo dragons, not only on the island of Komodo, but you can also meet large rare animals on the island of Rinca. Uniquely, these two islands have different geographical conditions. You will see a view of the savanna or dry meadow on the island of Rinca and perfect for your photo background.

Padar Island

komodo island tour - pulau padar

If you are looking for a famous spot with spectacular views along the Komodo island tour, then Padar Island is the right destination. The shape of the island is very unique and the view from the highest point of Padar Island provides an iconic backdrop. Padar Island is similar to Rinca Island, full of savanna and grasslands. Komodo island tour to Padar island during the rainy season, you will see the green Padar island. During the dry season, the scenery of this island looks yellow.

Taka Makassar

komodo island trip - taka makassar

Taka Makassar is an area like an island but only in the form of sand that appears on the sea surface. You can see the turquoise green sea around it. You must visit Taka Makassar when taking the Komodo island tour. The beautiful view of Taka Makassar will be the perfect background for your vacation photos.

Pulau Kalong

komodo island tour - kalong isand

Following the Komodo island tour, then you will definitely visit the island of Kalong. A unique island without inhabitants. Unfortunately, you can’t get off and the boat that will take you will park not far from the island. Late-night visits are best. The view of the sunset and the extraordinary attraction of thousands of bats coming out of this beach and flying into a very spectacular sight.